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So basically my coworker and I basically make bets, or should I say me.  I’ve lost…twice.  First one I just gave up on.  The second one I was really really close to winning, but I screwed up my final opportunity to win it.  So now we’re on our third bet (I gotta win at least one before I leave for the school year!)

He teased me so badly after I botched that final attempt on our second bet.  I literally had to deal with his teasing for like the last 10 minutes of my shift.  I wanted to melt into the floor from embarrassment.

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A letter to Phil

Summary: Phil’s gone but he was wrong - Dan misses him like hell so now it’s Dan’s time to try and get him back
Word count: 1,344
Warnings: Brief mention of alcohol
A/N: This is a sequel to A letter to Dan so please read that first! I hope this brings a happier light upon that fic, I kind of suck at writing happy stuff but this was the best I could do; enjoy!

Wishing he could take it all back, Dan wiped the tears from his eyes. The letter Phil had written him was heartbreaking and watching Phil’s last video was just as crushing. His world was crumbling down and come to think of it, Phil was wrong. It was Dan’s fault.

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