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The pros and cons of dating NCT 127



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Anon: Hey! Love your blog and your writing style! I think this is a bit of a tough request, but I request it to you because I believe you’re the one who can answer it the best. To safe you some time and stress, this is for NCT127 :) What are the pros and cons of dating each member? Like what would be the good things and what would be the difficulties? Good luck on your exams! Love Anon️

Thank you for the request! This is literally the fastest I’ve done a request because I literally loved this request! And thank you for thinking that I’m the best for this! I just hope that I’ve answered it correctly and that toy enjoy reading it!

The rest of the members are under the cut because this is a very long post lol. But sorry about the length of Mark and Haechan’s, I was in a rush to finish them so I didn’t get to spell check them!

Please request more units/members if you’re interested!

You can find the pros and cons of dating Ten here!


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  • Chivalrous - Taeil, being the oldest member, is probably going to know how to treat his girlfriend/boyfriend. He’d be well-mannered and considerate, always making sure to open doors for you, pull your chair out before you sit to eat, having a hand at the palm of your spine to reassure you of his presence. Everything about him seems so traditional and gentlemanly and no doubt he’d be a total sweetheart in a relationship. He’d make you feel like a princess/prince in your relationship, as he’d always be putting you first and making sure to be polite as to not make you uncomfortable.
  • Stable - This one, again, I think comes with age and experience. He’s not like the younger members who might suddenly decide to change everything in their life and be totally unpredictable. He knows what he wants from life, he knows how to get there and he knows that there’s no point in committing to something pointless. At least in a relationship, you’d know that Taeil was in in for the long-haul; he’s not here for some petty fling or a couple months. He’d want the whole marriage and kids and growing old together kind of thing, and that would provide reassurance and stability in the relationship, knowing he’ll be completely faithful and loving.
  • Passionate - Although Taeil is slightly more on the introverted side and therefore probably wouldn’t show much skinship or physical affection to his S/O, he’d still be a very passionate person. He’d yearn for the physical affection in private, loving the skin contact and intimate moments. That being said, he’d probably also be quite passionate in bed and have a side to him that most people would not expect. It’d be comforting knowing only you got to see this side of him. The fact that he’d open himself up to you, physically and emotionally, would be a honour.


  • Often distant - Being an introvert, would mean communication in a relationship would come harder to Taeil than someone more open. He’d like his quiet time and being by himself. He’d be used to not opening up and so keeping it to himself. Sometimes he’d subconsciously close himself off you, not speaking or texting you for a few hours or even days at a time. It’d be hard. You’d think he wasn’t interested in you anymore or that you had done something wrong, even though you hadn’t. He wouldn’t realise this though, which would always cause a few arguments and complaints from you when he decided to speak to you again.
  • People-pleaser - Maybe this is just a trait of introverted people, but I think he’s the type to want to please everyone. He doesn’t enemies or grudges held against him. If someone asks him for something, no doubt he’ll do it. This would be quite irritating in a relationship. At the start of your relationship, you’d find out that he was still close with his exes, which you didn’t really like. It wasn’t because he was still interested them, but because he literally couldn’t bring himself to tell them that he wanted to be left alone. Although you’d love his big, warm heart, sometimes people would take advantage of it and he’d continue people to keep hurting him because he wanted to please them - and that would pain you a lot, to see the love of your life getting hurt time and time again.
  • Easily provoked - Again, maybe this is just a trait of quiet people, but Taeil, I see, as having a short temper. I know this kind of contradicts my point above, but hear me out lol. With people he really loves and cares about, he only wants the best for them. Therefore if they make a decision or do something he disagrees with because he thinks it’s going to backfire on them, he’d get angry very quickly. He’d be snappy and sarcastic, and find it hard to understand why they would make just a “daft” decision. Likewise, if someone criticised his life, he’d get angry. It’d be quite annoying for you as you’d always have to be careful with your choice of words.

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top three placements and cardinal/fixed/mutable majorities

mutable signs are: gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces

cardinal signs are: aries, cancer, capricorn, libra

fixed signs are: taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius

your top three placements are your sun sign, moon sign and rising/ascendant sign

if you have 2 or more mutable signs in your top three…

* a great fluidity of identity. working on things as if walking down three different parallel roads at once. sometimes a lack of consistency but always a focus on change and growth. you want to do better.

> if your third sign is cardinal… you curse yourself for your lack of consistency. you wish you could improve everything at the same time at the same pace.
> if your third sign is fixed… sometimes you love your inconsistencies and embrace them. sometimes you hate them and it really gets you down.
> if your third sign is mutable… this is who you are. it’s just more intense.

if you have 2 or more cardinal signs in your top three…
* a strong outer face disturbed by anxieties underneath, you might not take the lead in all things but often you are an unofficial leader. your opinion is valued because you give off strength of character. you have the power to start something and finish it.

> if your third sign is mutable… in the placement of the mutable sign, you feel a flexibility. your hard shell of chocolate on the outside has an elastic caramel centre. if it is your sun, your ego and sense of self stretches, bends. if it is your moon you are protecting a flexible, easily excited core of emotions. if it is your rising, people interpret you differently constantly. you struggle more with completion. youre the ideas guy.
> if your third sign is fixed… you aren’t stubborn, but you’re often comfortable in your foundations. you like comfort and the things you know. you start a process to develop your status quo and when you develop it you work to keep it as it is. watch out for “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” rhetoric
> if your third sign is cardinal… this is who you are. it’s just more intense

if you have 2 or more fixed signs in your top three…
* you like things a certain way. you will always struggle to keep them that way. you want to protect whatever is integral to your fixed signs - taurus wants to protect or stabilise its material status. scorpio wants to protect or stabilise the knowledge it has (of others and self). aqua wants to protect or stabilise its beliefs. leo wants to protect or stabilise its personal power - the opinions others have of it.

> if your third sign is cardinal… you probably had to work really hard in whatever placement your cardinal sign is in to get ‘stability’. you needed the ability to spark a motivation and keep it going. if you have a cardinal moon, maybe you had to work hard to get a stable family life and/or emotional state or are on the process of doing so. if you have a cardinal rising, you need to carve out and find your identity. if it is your sun, your confidence.
> if your third sign is mutable… your mutable placement is more flexible and unstable. this scares you. your fixed placements balance out your mutable placement if you let them. your mutability is powerful if you use it well.
> if your third sign is fixed…  this is who you are. it’s just more intense

if you have one of each…
you’re a jack of all trades, but you often feel like you have no great strengths in any particular direction. your most dominant placement 'takes charge’ here and helps filter your chart and sense of self. if your most dominant placement is cardinal, you like to lead or have passion in one particular area. if it is mutable, your strength is your flexibility of self and willingness to change. learning comes easy to you. if it is fixed, your dreams for your life are important to you. you probably had a conception of what you aspired to have/be/do with your life early.

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Hey!! I just saw your reblog of the story of Florida's first black state attorney Aramis Ayala being pulled over by police (very obviously just bc she's black). I just wanted to say that I used to work for her and while she is incredibly kind and quiet, she is one of the most intense and hard-working attorneys I have ever worked for, she's amazing and she definitely has goals to move FL forward. So I just want to ask that any other FL followers pls support her, she's gonna do amazing things!!

she has my support 💚



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pygmy tyrant / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Blue was a hurricane lurking just offshore”

safe as life / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Boys like him didn’t die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries”

unknowable / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“Adam was not always alone, but he was always lonesome”

kerah / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer”

the smudgy one / [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“I was more when I was alive” 


02. MELANCHOLIC - The Four Temperaments + 

↳ “The melancholic temperament is traditionally associated with the element of earth. People with this temperament may appear serious, introverted, cautious or even suspicious. They can become preoccupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world and are susceptible to depression and moodiness.” 

[L I S T E N]

how to survive waiting in line at concerts: a guide

so i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do while you wait in line at shows so i made a big ol post about it! all this applies no matter if you get there an hour early or six hours early or 12+ hours early. this is leaning more towards a longer wait tho so use your discretion. also this is such a long post so its under a cut! thank you to anyone who gave their suggestions!!! 

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// roses are red, violets are blue, we’re twenty one pilots, and so are you //

happy valentines day <3 i know this is super cheesy but i love it. hope u all have a great day 



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the “i own a car” masterpost

HEY EVERYONE so i’m poor and i have a lot of experience dealing with shitty cars and how to maintain them SO i thought i would impart some of my wisdom upon you all!!

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15 YEARS LATER: betty mansnoozie, now 35 years old ( sandra oh )

after completing her bachelor’s degree, betty immediately began her duties as the next sandman. there was no space or time to think about any other future than this one; she’d been preparing to be the sandman for as long as she could remember. with the ‘passing on of the torch’ by her father, betty received the full powers of dreamsand and was henceforth THE sandman. 

being the sandman was easier than she had anticipated. by herself in auradon, betty had needed to visit children herself, to bring dreams and good sleep. but with the isle of sleepy sands connected to her energy, the island was able to act as a beacon so she could extend her reach to the rest of the world. yet every night betty still chose a city or town to watch over, so she would never lose her connection with the children. 

as the years went by, betty strayed from the precedent set by her father, and she created a new beacon on the mainland. set in the mountains, betty’s new home was large and cosey – a place any of her friends and family were welcome to stay in. her fireplace became the new point of concentration for her energy. locals of the mountain town swear that there’s some sort of new phenomenon on their mountain: a sort of golden borealis. 

when she turned 33, betty decided she had room for some more adventures in her life and she opened up a cafe in the local town. she also married the same year.

Wolf gif hunt

Under the cut is 60+ gifs of various colored wolves! All the gifs are small/medium and the majority are HQ. Most are of real wolves and there are only a few CGI wolves from Game of Thrones. Some were made by me and some I found through my years of roleplaying. If you see one of your gifs and want it taken down, let me know! Please like or reblog if you use this, I worked hard on it.

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(I actually meant to draw other fanarts for my precious sweet cinnamon roll’s birthday but…my grapfic tablet got brroken and…I had this one sitting in the drafts for ages and was the only one who fits the birthday aura, so….)

Happy Birthday, Rin ⭐  01/11/2015