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Heyyy I need more blogs to follow.

So here’s a list of things I like!

I’m going to start this with saying I like a lot of Anime, Manga, Video Games, and Art! I can’t list EVERYTHING but these are the main ones I can think of right now!

  • FMA (preferably the manga or Brotherhood. but any FMA really! I haven’t seen the original anime though. So some references would be lost on me.)
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Kuroko No Basuke
  • Free!
  • Romance anime in general??
  • Vocaloid
  • Pandora Hearts (haven’t read the manga here either. I’m too poor to buy mangas aha.)
  • Boku No Hero Academia (I haven’t read the manga so I’d prefer just anime?? but honestly spoilers aren’t too big of a deal so! either works.)
  • Tales Of Zestiria (PREFERABLY no Beseria spoilers because I REALLY wanna play it but I can’t afford to buy the game right now ;;)
  • ART BLOGS! Art supplies/tips, Original art or fan art of ANYTHING I MENTION HERE is very welcome!!! I have an art blog my self and I LOVE following other artists!
  • Akatsuki No Yona (please for the love of everything, I NEED more of this!!)
  • Mob Psycho / One Punch (Anything by ONE basically.)
  • Video games in general. I like being updated on video game stuff!
  • Animation!! I’m getting into doing animation and I’d love to follow others doing the same. Or who have already been into animation for a long time!
  • Owls!! I love owls. Any birds and animals really. But Owls, Cats, and Cockatoos are my favorites!

If I find any other things I want, I’ll reblog this and add them! Thank you if you suggest your blog or someone elses! ^^ 

heart-soul-mind  asked:

I have a question that I should have asked a long time ago so I'm sorry I'm asking so late, but is it okay to reblog your art?? Is just I love it and I like sharing what I love with the world. Of course all credit stays with you, just wondering and thank you for the wonderful art ^-^

Yea of course go for it! :) just letting u kno tho not all is my art only the ones #soupsane are. But all sources r posted along with art :)

    happy holidays everybody!!!! :)))) it is currently 03:18 AM and I am finishing this off as my eyes shut because I really wanted to get this up today and not have to worry tomorrow with sense8 and that. I know the header’s crappy but it’s prison mike and the office has taken over my whole year and I love it so much and it’s not very christmassy and it’s quite ugly (i tried to get the picture of the whole office trying to jump for the christmas picture, if u know the office you’ll know, but that was impossible so prison mike will do) and if you don’t know prison mike i think it’s well worth your time a quick google. I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or if I’ve left anyone out, I know I fucked up somewhere in the S section but I’m too droopy to fix it (no matter how many times I sing the alphabet in my head I’m still somehow doomed to fail). I love everyone here, all my mutuals, feel free to message me any time I’d be delighted to talk to any of you, your posts never leave me without anything to reblog and ur all so amazing so happy holidays everyone, I love you all and enough rambling here’s the frickin list of people (holy bejeezus ming-na that was a long ramble, I’m tired okay. I think I’ve reached the delirious phase) I LOVE U ALLLL !!!!! :)))))

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     you  are  trying .  you  are  moving  forward  despite  all  odds  and  all  the  negative  thoughts .  even  if  you’re  hurting ,  you’re  persevering .  and  that’s  what  matters .  you  may  feel  weak  at  times ,  but  you  are  so  strong .  you’re  here ,  you’re  alive ,  you’re  loved .  your  thoughts  are  not  you ,  and  it’s  okay  to  fall  apart  a  little  as  long  as  you  push  yourself  to  get  up  again .   ♥

aapzai  asked:

Aunty Asy! I'd like some help from you and your followers, if that's okay. I'm looking for a post with a link to a ~40min (it's fairly long, that's all i remember) youtube (maybe) video that addresses issues with the Doctor Who show. I can't for the life of me remember who I follow that has reblogged it, but I know I wanted to check it out. Thanks for your time Aunty! ♥ love your blog ♥

Can anyone help this person out? :3

So here’s the thing: I really love bottom!sam. So much so that I changed my blog title a few months ago to something in relation to my love for this glorious bottom boy. And now, I would really love for there to be a group of people that shares this love together. A place to celebrate the joy that is sammy winchester taking it in the ass… So I present to you, the bottom!sam appreciation squad.


  • Mbf this bottom!sam enthusiast 
  • Reblog this (likes to bookmark only)
  • No survey bc who’s got time for that
  • If you want, you can put why you think bottom!sam is great in the tags

What I’m looking for:

  • Must love bottom!sam (any ship is okay)
  • Friendly positive bloggers
  • Hate free!! (zero tolerance for ship hate of any kind)(that shit ain’t cool)
  • Multifandom is cool and long as supernatural is one of the fandoms
  • Some sort of tagging system

What you’ll get out of this:

  • A place to talk about the bottom!sam and post bottom!sam for all to see
  • Meeting new people that love bottom!sam
  • Advice from other members on original work, themes, polls, basically whatever
  • Exposure on your original work and posts (art/graphics/fanfics etc.)

If you’re chosen:

  • Check out the other members in the network
  • Have your ask/submit open
  • Track the tag #bottomsamsquad
  • Have the link to the network page somewhere on your blog

Other Info:

  • You’ll be sent a message for the things needed after being accepted
  • 15-20 members will be chosen first when this gets enough notes
  • New members will be added every couple weeks until!

Feel free to message me If you have any questions!!

polychromaticdragon  asked:

you reblogged something that reminded me of another headcannon omfg. mako obvs loves to climb all over gamagoori and at first he's like all annoyed by it like omfg mankanshoku stop that now! (and thats another thing he sticks to calling her mankanshoku for a long time) and finally after so long he just gives up and she climbs on top of him and he's like sigh okay fine and then she loses interest and he's like NO PLS ITS FINE YOU CAN SIT ON MY SHOULDERS /BLUSH/


Thank you for sending these in. They really made my night!

(((shitty gif bc I don’t have any talent yay)))

So as you guys may know, I recently hit 2,000 followers (holyshitfuckhowwhydoyouguyslikeme). So to show my appreciation, I’m gonna do a Follow Forever because why not

First, my Internet Squad (aka fam)

Jaiden - @thepunkpizzaroll - god fuck I love you so much. You’re a major reason I am at where I am, for you were the one who got me into MCR and FIATC. For that I am forever grateful. You are so so important to me, words can’t even express it. Thank you so much.

Connor - @screaminggaskarth​ - Conn there is so much I have to say to you that I won’t even be able to fit it all into a paragraph. I am so grateful for everyday and I couldn’t ask for a better bffl. You give me confidence and are there for me when I’m down. ILYSM.

Ellen - @itscoolillbeokay - Ellen you’ve helped me so much godd. You helped me deal with the fact that it’s perfectly okay to be ace and you’re there to laugh and scream about All Time Low. Godd ILY.

Ollie - @wayprince​ - Ollie we haven’t known each other for too long but god I love you. You always make me laugh and I love your face. You always put really cute tags in the selfies of mine that you reblog and you make me blush. You’re understanding and I do love you even tho you think Frank bottoms and you like McCrackPipe :^)

Sara - @yer-a-lizard-harry​ - Sara you are so sweet and nice to me and I don’t even deserve it. You get concerned for me and I love it because it feels nice to have someone actually caring about me (not that anyone else above doesn’t) ILYSM Sara.

My IRL Friends 

love u guys

Ava - @cellconnection, Sarah - @frenchhorb, Mae - @stanleesbian // @larrystylinsinning, Grace - @spagoti, Addie - @spoom, Haley - @royalrigby, Paige - @trustmeimpaige, Gillian - @thealphabagel, Taylor - @bakakarat

Fave Mutuals/Friends

this is not in a particular order 

@cinderblxckprincess // @jackbarakut // @ughzackmerrick // @flyzlk // @raytorofucker69 // @flowerchildbrendon // @cardinalnation52 // @jackalltimelow // @rianalltimelow // @jacksmissingyou // @notbadhurley // @cinderblockedgardens // @thejackbakarat // @champagnebarakat // @burritofuckingbarakat // @pouronemorechaserforme // @uunderapapermoon // @marianastrench-alltimelow // @drunkbrendonurie // @jacksguitar // @iamsofestivelike // @boydxvision // @daizychainsandflowercrownz // @jackoffbaratwat // @killjoybillie // @slierhv // @holztoons // @dirttywork // @satanspixieprincess // @divltones // @forbaltiimore // @mrbarakitten // @drummnist // @lmloser // @wonderlandfrank // @alexalltimeloww // @alexgasxarth // @alexbailmeout // @alexsbluehair // @alexsmissingyou //  @surferzack // @frerardsucks // @kidxinthedark // @bandsmademebroke // @heavyglooms // @heavydrtydun // @hesitantdanger // @ohcalmtitty // @jackbarakatjunkie // @jackbarakatsbutt // @meganonthemurderscene // @baratkat // @atllimelow // @barasmurf // @ufogaskarth // @whatthegaskarth // @tha-fak-its-brown // @transboyfrnkiero // @zacksbf // @jack-all-time-low // @dark-side-of-a-paper-moon // @alexmemeskarth // @alexsmangina // @sup-barakat // @dxnt-you-go // @poppunkpizzarollparty // @lost-in-alltimelow // 


Best Friend Code (I)

Characters: Namjoon (Rap Monster) & Reader ft. Park Jimin

Genre: Angst /Fluff

Series: Intro, Chapter 1Chapter 2 

Summary: “We are to never like or date the same guy.” It was that simple. One rule. That’s it. Or so you thought it was, until you met Namjoon, who made you question the one rule that you had once made up with your best friends, and had tried so hard to keep.

Helllo :) Okay… I’m sorry that this took so long. I’ve been having a really hard time writing the One Last Time series and this one. I promise that I’ll get the chapters out as soon as I can. For anyone waiting on the next chapter of the One Last Times series, I’ll get it out within the next couple of days. I’m half way there. 🎉 I hope you have all liked the series so far? I always love to hear that you guys think. ❤️ Until next time, remember to like, reblog and share. Happy Reading~

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Stupid. Stupid. STUPID. Why couldn’t I even keep my mouth shut for just one minute?

You kept repeating the same question as you ran towards your dorm. It was no surprise that you tripped on your own two feet while running in complete darkness.

Fuck. Great Y/N. Not only are you stupid but you always have two left feet. Great. Just. Perfect.

You didn’t know what was more embarrassing to fall flat on your face or hear someone behind you ask if you were okay.

Standing in almost complete darkness, you couldn’t see the stranger’s face, but you were thankful, because that meant that the stranger also wouldn’t be able to see yours, since you were certain that you looked like a complete mess.

“Are you okay?” The stranger repeated again.

“I.. uh.. Yeah sure.”

“Here let me help you.” The stranger said.

You didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was the sound of the stranger’s voice or it was the sudden warm gesture that made you feel shy.

“Thanks.” You mumbled as you felt a sudden warm hand pull you up.

As you are struggling to see who this stranger was, you didn’t noticed that you were slowly inching your face closer and closer, until you practically felt their breath against your face.

“You can’t tell who I am?” They asked as they continued to witness you struggling to see.

“Do I know you?” You asked.

“I’m Jimin. Park Jimin.” He said.

“Park… Jimin..” You repeated as you tried to think of where you had heard such a name, but nothing popped into your head.

“We’re in the same economics lecture? Does that ring a bell?”

“OH. Park Jimin. Ahh. Now I remember.” You said.

How could you forget? Park Jimin was basically one of the most popular first year student in your university. You had often heard his name being thrown throughout your classes, but you rarely ever got the chance to actually see him since he was always surrounded by a group of admirers.

“Ahh. So you do remember me.” He laughed.

“Wait. But you see me right now?” You confusingly asked.

“Yeah. I see you.”

“But… I can’t see anything.”

You tried everything. You tried rubbing your eyes. You tried squinted your eyes, but you saw nothing but a dark shadow in front of you.

Laughing at you, Jimin asked,

“What are you doing out so late?”

“I.. uh.. just came back from a party. Wait… if you see me… that means….” You stopped as you gasped in complete horror.

If he sees me then that means he can see what a complete mess I am. Oh my god. What if he saw me crying just minutes ago. Shit.

“Yes. That means I saw you running just minutes ago.”

“Great…” You groaned.

“We’re all ugly criers it’s fine.” He laughed.

“Okay. Sure… just laugh at the injured one.” You said as you attempted to glare at who you think is Jimin.

“Are you actually hurt?” He worriedly asked.

“If it makes you stop laughing at me, yes I’m very hurt.”

“Sorry. It’s just you’re funny.” He awkwardly said.

“I’m glad I’m making someone’s day.” You bitterly smiled.

Just as Jimin was about to ask what happened, his phone suddenly rang.

After the call ended, Jimin said,

“Hey. Sorry I have to go. My friends are waiting for me. I’ll see you around.”

After giving you a pat on your shoulder, you were once again left alone in the complete darkness of the night.

After about an hour of bumping into countless objects and people, you finally reached your dorm.

Checking the time, you saw that it was already one in the morning. Thanks to your little encounter with Jimin, you were feeling a lot better. So after taking a long shower, you were ready to settle into bed with a happier mood.

Before falling asleep, you sent Jennifer a quick text message saying,

Hey. In case you didn’t know by now, I went back to my dorm first. If you’re coming back, I kept the door unlock. I’ll call you in the morning.

And with that, you drifted into a long long sleep.

Shit. I’m late.

It was the first day of the long awaited volleyball tryouts, and although you were thinking about this since the beginning of the school year, you were running late because apparently your art teacher didn’t like that you were using the paint brushes too hard.

“Fuck.. fuck fuck..” You mumbled as you started running towards gym doors, only to trip on your own feet and fall flat on your face.

“Shit. Are you okay?” You heard someone asked.

At that moment, you were so embarrassed that you would have greatly wished that the floor would have just swallowed you whole.

“I… uh… Yeah. I’m fine.” You mumbled while getting up

Being so embarrassed, you found it hard to meet eyes with the person standing in front of you.

“Going to the volleyball tryout?”

“Yeah.. although I think I’m probably going to be late by now.” You sighed.

“You should get going then Y/N.”


Looking up, you were amazed by the face of the boy standing right in front of you. From his tall lean figure, to his tan skin, to the dimples on his face, you were completely drawn in.

“You… Y-You know my name?” You asked.

“Of course. You don’t know mine?” He asked.


“I’m Namjoon. Kim Namjoon.”


“You really don’t remember me? We’re in the same art class.”

“I’m sorry… I have a bad memory.” You awkwardly smiled.

“Ah I see. I guess that just means I’ll have to see you more often for you to remember me.” He chuckle.

Uh… what?

“Uh.. um…”

“Anyways get going Y/N. I’ll see you around.” He waved.

What.. just happened..

Ring. Ring. Ring.

You groaned at the sound of your phone awakening you from your sleep.

“Hello?” You answered without even bothering to check who called.

“Y/N! Where are you?” Jennifer asked.

Great… Even while I’m dreaming she has to take him away from me.

“I’m at home. I texted you last night.” You bluntly answered.

Of course you love your best friend. She’s practically your sister, but Namjoon has always been a sensitive topic between the two of you, especially when you’ve once told her that you liked him, and that the two of you knew that he likes her.

“Oh. Oops. Sorry. I’m coming over now. I have something to tell you.” She said.

“Yeah okay.” You answered before hanging up.

Letting out a loud sigh, you were about to get up, when you phone alerted you of a new text message.

You groaned at the sight of Namjoon’s name of your phone.

Hey. Did you get home safely last night? Text me when you see this.

Yeah right.. as if I’m going to text you after I just spilled my guts out to you last night.


Suddenly you phone alerts you of another message, only this time it wasn’t Namjoon, but instead an unknown number.

Hey. It’s Jimin. I got your number from a friend, I just wanted to ask did you get home safely last night?

Wait… how did he get my number? Which friend?

You quickly sent a message back that said,

Should I be worried that you got my number behind my back?

He then quickly replied by saying,

HA. Okay that was my bad. I should have asked you for it last night, but I forgot. Would it be better if I pretend to ask you for your phone number now?

Laughing at the text message, you texted back,

Aha. I’ll be a kind person and let this slide.

Seconds later, you received a text message from Jimin saying,

Why thank you. I’m honoured to have received such kindness from you. What are you doing today? Let’s go out for lunch. :)

Is he… asking me out?

Just as you were about to answer him, you heard someone knock at the door.

Knowing it was Jennifer, you shouted,

“It’s unlocked!”

Putting down your phone, you finally got out of your bed and greeted your best friend.

“Y/N! Sit down I need to tell you something.” She smiled.

After taking a seat at your study desk, you turned to Jennifer and asked,

“What do you have to tell me?”

“I… I think I lik-“

Before Jennifer could continue, the sound of your phone ringing had cut her off. Running to get your phone, you saw Namjoon’s name and hesitated to answer. After seconds of debating whether or not to answer, you quietly said,


“Fuck. Finally you answered me. Are you okay?” He worriedly asked.

“Why do you care?”

You knew that it was rude of you to ask him with such a bitter tone, but in order to forget Namjoon, you had to isolate yourself from him.

“Of course I care. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Right. Now that you know I got home safely I’m going to hang u-“

“How do you know Jimin?” Namjoon asked as he cut you off.


“Park Jimin. How do you know him?”

“We’re in the same lecture for economy. Why?”

“There’s four hundred people in that class Y/N. You’ve never brought him up before. Don’t tell me you remember every single classmate in the class.”

Feeling a little taken back by how mad Namjoon sounded, you answered back in a more stern tone.

“What the fuck is it to you?”

Just as you were about to end the call, Jennifer walked up to you and asked,

“Hey. Is everything okay?”

“Jennifer is at your house?” Namjoon asked the moment he hear your best friend’s voice.

“I’m going to go. Bye.”

As you hung up, you heard Namjoon protest, but it was too late, the line had already ended.

Just by the look at your face, she knew something was wrong, so Jennifer asked,

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Namjoon called.” You sighed.

“But you sound so angry. What happened?”

“Nothing. Forget about it. What were you going to tell me?” You asked.


Your phone alerted you of yet another text message. Thinking that it was Namjoon, you let out a frustrated sigh before you turned your attention to your phone, which to your surprise showed a brand new message form Jimin.

I’m sorry did I make it too obvious that I wanted to ask you out?

He wants to ask me out..?

On a date? Or as a girlfriend?

“Y/N. Are you alright?” Jennifer asked.

“I’m so sorry. Yeah. Come sit down.” You smiled as you pointed to the bed.

After taking the seat beside Jennifer, you said,

“Okay. Now tell me what you were going to say.”

“I.. I think I like someone.” She quietly said.

“Really? Oh my god. That’s great. Who is it?” You asked.

It’s been a year since your best friend has last dated, so you were happy to hear that someone has captured her attention.

“It’s someone you know.”

Someone I know?

“Someone I know? Who? Just tell me.” You whined.

“Y/N…. it’s… it’s…” She stuttered.


Seconds went by without another answer. You could physically feel the anticipation build up instead Jennifer finally said,

“I.. I like Namjoon.”

At that very second, you felt everything around you freeze, leaving you in complete silence. The moment Namjoon’s name came out of your best friend’s mouth, you could have sworn that your heart had broken into millions of pieces, because you knew, by the definition of the best friend code, you had no other option then to give him up even if it means that you’ll be left in tears.

anonymous asked:

We all know you're using whit just to get back at your ex. And I think that's pretty fucking gross. You stay stalking your ex and reblogging her shit and liking her questions. Grow the fuck up, karma is real. If you don't really love someone then leave. Don't break another soul. Don't turn into what broke you.

Okay you stay writing long ass paragraphs. I know you’re the same person every fucking time because you’re the only dumb ass who thinks this. I rebloged ONE fucking thing bc it was on my newsfeed. I like the shit she writes that has to do w me and my gf? Which was one fucking thing.
I bet on my own life that you WILL NOT tell me who you are. Stay on anonymous you scared fucking bitch. Get your facts straight. I am NOT leaving Whitney, don’t worry I got her cuffed as fuck

I often get asks “how can i make it so people will see my edits/gifs” or “how can i get them reblogged” and “can i tag you in gifs?” and I wanted to make a post to make things clear and easy. 

Before everything I want to make clear: only the first FIVE TAGS count . use them wisely. 

FIRST TAG: the fandom edit tags. Use the fandom tags. each fandom has it’s own edits tag, and it’s super easy ‘spnedit’ for supernatural, ‘gotedit’ for game of thrones, and so on. it will usually be the fandom+edit, you can always ask blogers what tag the fandom uses for edits, or jsut find it going to ‘source’ in most gifsets you see. 

SECOND TAG: the character /ship EDIT tags: in spn, it will be ‘spndeanwinchester’ and ‘spnsamwinchester’ and ‘spncastiel’ and so on. for ships it’ll be ‘destieledit’ ‘wincestedit’ usually.  

(those are THE MOST IMPORTANT. now to the optionals:) 

THIRD TAG: the character/ship name: ‘bobby singer’ , ‘sam winchester’ “sastiel” and so on. 

FOURTH TAG: the general fandom tag : ‘supernatural’ / ‘got’ / ‘orphan black’ 

FIFTH TAG: whoever you want to tag, it can be a friend or a blogger you think would like it, or if you asked someone to tag them and you want to. 

Now some general rules i would like to suggest: 

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In the coming weeks/months: Reblog more fanart, comment on every fic you read, appreciate your friends vocally

We are heartbroken and hurt. Let’s fill our community with love and gratitude for each other. We deserve that. 

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***Don’t delete text, okay? Seriously, just don’t…***

I haven’t done Awards since pretty long time and since I’m rooting for my beautiful student in UBNetwork and I’d really love to get back on my feet with being more active here, interacting with you guys, bc I miss you all, I prepared something special for you! ♡

The Rules:

  • mbf me (wistfulic) & Bardha (polaraise)
  • reblog this once please, likes won’t count, so no bother
  • must be any kind of vintage blog
  • it’s running till will get a decent amount of notes (60+)

The Awards:

☂ Best Icon : Regretful
☂ Best URL : Mawkish
☂ Best Title :  Corny
☂ Best Theme : Sentimental
☂ Best Background Image : Mushy
☂ Best Sidebar Image : Emotional
☂ Best Blog Quote : Weepy
☂ Best Posts : Homesick
☂ Best Personality : Wistful
☂ Best Overall : Lonely

  • Everyone will be promoted by me and Bardha with X Solos | X Screenies | Rest in Lists

ily, you matter, never forget that! ♡  。 ◕‿◕。

spring is here so it's time to shower you all with love!

it’s my first day of spring break and the weather is finally getting warmer where i live so i thought why not give people compliments?

  • don’t have to be following me, i just wanna spread happiness to as many people as possible
  • reblogs only; you can like to bookmark
  • must reach at least 30 notes, i’ll stop whenever i feel like it
  • if you reblog this you’ll get: a cute compliment/message from me, a long anon message from me, and a url-inspired spring graphic
  • okay that’s it GO
okay wow i did not expect this many notes so i’m capping this at 300


spot the difference

Okay, so since 2013 was an amazing year and I also reached my goal before New Years, I thought it was about time to do my very first follow forever. Thank you to all you beautiful people for putting up with me for as long as you have and I hope you stick around, you all really do mean the absolute world to me. You all have a very special place in my heart okay.


- must be following me

- reblog this at least once

- no likes bc likes are for losers


- an endless supply of my love 

- my friendship because I have no friends and if you’re in it, I’m basically telling you to love me

- a link to it will be on my blog for eternity


- reblog this before the 10th of December

- is that it idk I suck at this okay

Good luck you little nuggets, remember that even if you aren’t put into it I still love the absolute shit out of you and your blog is hella rad okay xxx

I love you all

credit to Lala for making the edit for me

                                    Well, hello ( * u * )

I follow so many people and I’ve decided that I should let at least some of them know that I love their blogs. I noticed that mostly big blogs do Follow Forever’s (idk why tbh), and I might not have that many followers but letting other people know that you appreciate them is important no matter how ‘popular’ you are, right? Plus it has nothing to do with how many followers I have anyway, as it’s to do with people who I follow myself, so..

I won’t be able to do it for everyone that I follow, as I follow +500 people and I’m still quite limited with time that I can spend sitting on Tumblr, so I’ll have to pick these blogs which I can recognize as soon as I see their URL’s. You might not see me in your Activity all of the time, or not get messages off me, however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about your blog and that I don’t love it as much as any other blog that I follow.

I will keep it simple, without pointing out mutuals and stuff, because tbh I get upset sometimes when I see many people highlighted in people’s Follow Forever’s except from me, so I’m doing it not only to save time, but also to make sure that everyone listed here feels equally loved!

19940106 // 2jaepg // 5uho // 94lounge // 95kv // applejimin // asdfghjiyong // asdfghobi // astrohobi // awksxuce // awkwardbun // baek-my-day // baekyhns // baexiian // biaswreckernamjoon // bts // btsthough // bwiyomi // cowjimin // cumbaek // daebakashell // dawnlus // defsouljb // dimplay // exo-love-in-my-shineeworld // exofriedbaekon // fiftyshadesoftaehyung // flamingdinopuppy // flamingpuppy // forjimin // fuckhaja // got7europe // gwiyo-min // hehooh // hhhoseok // hobilu // hobiscuits // hobseok // hoseokpdf // hoseoksunbae // hosikii // hostoria // how-to-bangtan // hugkookie // hugtae // igot7lemons // ikon-ssi // ikonfess // imjaesbum  // inspiritddww // j-hobit // j-nopeshi // jackosnwang // jaebumiie // jaemijaems // jaksonwang // jams-free // jeonjungkool // jeonxguk // jhoemygod // jhopies // jhsoek // jihobis // jimins-jam // jiminsthighs // jinkooks // jinmint // jinned // jinsmacchiato // jomjjeoreo // jonghyunslisterine // joonmyunworld // jung-koook // kaimins // kim-donqhyuks // kkaebbaeksong // krismehard // kunpimuak // leader-jb // lets-eat-kim-bobby // lhoe // littlesyub // lizardm0n // luhoe // luhwn // marktuan // markjin // michibabo // miniyoongay // minyoongiss // mminseok // mommyeol // mrkimm // mtuantastic // myungbabes // namjamless // namtaenabi // namteas // nawhyun // notyoongi // park-jizzmin // parkthejimin // pocketlay // prince-myung // pyojamas // q-tae // rap-son // raptorce // reindeer-hannie // sallysayz // sebeauty // seduce-me-with-satoori // sehunsmile // seokjohn // seoulxnamjas // seunqyoun // shewaslikethemoon4 // snowmons // soekjins // softwoozi // spearjimint // squishy-taehyung // suga-k00kie // syuub // taeguk // taehyun-galaxy // taekkul // taohuns-ass // tivoglio // v-dyo // ventainun // vipshawoloneofakind // vkrscnlv // vrotic // vtribute // wangjckson // wetjongin // winningikon // winteryeol // wuyifancy // wuyifanxing // xiumins-buttcrack // xiuminsbutttho // xiuminsdreams // yg-boys // your-faceu // yourpocketmonster // z-co //

This is a list of many, many beautiful, amazing and fabulous blogs. We might have talked before, we might have not (sadly!), but all of you have a special place in my heart! I know it’s a lot, but it’s still not everyone. If I do follow you and haven’t put you down on this list, it doesn’t mean that you don’t matter to me! I love you too! I just didn’t have enough time to include you on this long list OTL

Thank you to all of you guys, that you run these great blogs from which I have the pleasure of reblogging everyday. I love you guys! \( ^ u ^ )/

guess who just hit 500 followers? meee c: i want to thank you all by creating my very own faves page so keep reading if you’re interested.what you have to do:

- mbf me (there’s literally .000001% chance you’ll make it if you aren’t)

- reblog this as many times as you want

- likes count as long as you reblogged 

- be a nice person 

- have a cute blog (you already do xx)

what do you get?

- a new friend (yay)

- promo’s whenever you’d like

- a spot on my faves page

- selfie reblogs okay

how to have more of a chance:

- talk to me 

- reblog me posts a lot

-be a plant/indie blog

Choosing when i’m happy with the notes, you’re all cute lil sprouts and i love every single one of you xx

also don’t delete text pls