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full offense but how can someone think karamel is better than supercorp after that iconic fucking lunch date opening. how can someone think mon-el “what do you call ugly women on this planet? is it cats?” prince of daxam, slave owning motherfucker, is better than lena “you’re worth the extra effort” luthor, occupational genius and ceo at 25???? honestly how?????? 

Episode 10 of WYNONNA!!!

After seeing some gifs online I decided that me and my emotionally disturbed sandwich would watch the new episode of WE and recap it as best as I could, so here goes:

Nicole gets jumped by Black Widow Mercedes who thinks that she has the third seal, even though Nicole says she does not have it.

But Waverly ‘Pissed off’ Earp turns up to rescue her

and brings the pain!

While rearranging the Black Widows face, Waverly end’s up on the floor and nearly breath bombed.

But Nicole ‘Screw the gun, I will break your neck with my bares hands’ Haught takes the Black Widow down!

Nicole gets bitten by the vicious harpy who then realises Nicole was telling the truth

Waverly calls for help while Nicole starts to lose consciousness 

Hold in there Haught, we- I mean Waverly’s got you.

Wynonna is in hospital checking on the real Mercedes when she hears her sister shout “She can’t breath” and goes to find out what is going on.

Nicole is going into intensive care and Waverly is told she can not go in with her, but she sees what she thinks is Mattie but is actually Mattie’s twin, Gretta.

I wish it was Mattie though

Wynonna turns up to see Waverly is distraught and so she comfits her 

Wynonna, Waverly and Dolls talk while waiting to find out how Nicole is doing

Waverly is worried that the last thing she and Nicole did was fight and thinks that one drunken kiss with Rosita is cheating which Wynonna blows of as nothing important but listens when she mentions the Rosita is a revenant.

Waverly goes outside for some air and meets Black Widow Beth, who not only wants to eat Waverly (No, not like that you pervs) she offers her a deal, give her the third seal and she will give Waverly the antidote to save Nicole

Waverly says no but keeps the offer in mind. when she goes inside Dolls tells her that Wynonna is with Nicole and that the doctors will put her (Nicole, not Wynonna) in an induced coma to slow down the spread of the poison, and that Nicole is refusing to go under until she sees Waverly first.

Nicole asks Wynonna to do something extremely difficult

But Nicole says to her that she’s the only one she can ask, because Waverly will always forgive Wynonna.

Waverly comes in and Nicole start apologising about lying about the test, but to Waverly that does not matter now, she just wants Nicole to get better so they can have an old sorry party and Waverly will even make hats.

Waverly promises that they will find a way to get rid of the toxins.

And with that, the doctor puts Nicole into a coma

I am not…Oh to hell with it, Yes I cried, a lot, I cried like a big baby and even had to pause the episode because  all I could see is double images that were fuzzy. I have not been this sad since the last episode of XWP aired.

Waverly and co discuss about how to get more venom to create a cure,and while Wynonna does not seem to know the difference between Harry Potter and Star Trek, Jeremy puts his foot in his mouth again

Waverly asks them to stop walking on eggshells and even though there’s a “piss poor chance of winning” could they act like they have a chance. but when she accidently knocks over and breaks Jeremy’s Opti-mug Prime mug she breaks down, Wynonna calms her down, Dolls and Jeremy go to get Juan Carlos body to extract the venom from it, Wynonna asks Waverly to stay with Nicole and keep updating them as to what is happening while Wynonna goes to get Doc and one of the Black Widow bitches herself

Remind me to never piss you off

While outside Black Widow Beth nearly give Waverly a heart attack 

Black Widow Beth asks her if she has got the third seal but Waverly says she does not know where it is, Beth says she is a smart girl and she can figure it out, Waverly doubts that she will help until Beth shows her the antidote.

As Beth walks of Waverly try’s to catch up with her only to get distracted by Nedley asks her if she has a key to Nicole’s place because he needs to pick up her cat Calamity Jane, he try’s to reassure her with a hug, telling her Officer Haught is the strongest Deputy he has ever had.

And than comes the awkward stuff

We so need to know more about that

When Waverly goes back to Nicole’s room she sees a stranger there who tells her that her name is Shay and she’s a doctor, when Waverly asks about Nicole’s condition she tells Waverly that she’s not Nicole’s doctor.

I will admit, my first reaction was not at all kind “I wanted to throw this ‘Shay’ into a pit full of revenants and then Emily too for daring to use an outwore storyline that has ruined many good shows  in the past” But I’m over it now. :) 

Dolls finds out that Juan Carlo’s body and any other potentials to get the venom from have been burnt by the Order, but they do give him the plate to use.

Back at the hospital Waverly is worried about Nicole

Shay walks in and the two start talking, Waverly asks how she met Nicole and Shay tells her it was while rock climbing in Nevada near Vegas where the got hitched after watching Britney live and winning at a slot machine, but things quickly cooled off between them.

Nicole starts to wake up from her coma with a high temperature and when a doctor asks her can she hear him and she says “it’s burning” he then asked the two women if there was any known allergies to anaesthetics , Waverly says no but Shay says yes, Thiopental could kill her.

Waverly just looks at her and Shay says, rock climbing incident, Nicole needed surgery and it kind of ruined their honeymoon.

Waverly feels like she does not belong there and thinks she’s just making things worse by being there and so leaves.

Wynonna is at Shorty’s waiting for Doc and while Doc is at the back of the bar she talks to Rosita by first putting Peacemaker on the bar, Rosita now knows that Wynonna knows what she is, Wynonna says she won’t put her down, yet, and that Jeremy need her to help him with the formula since she can not died

Rosita tells her that she would have done it is for Nicole anyway, so all she had to do was ask, not threaten her, Wynonna tell her that she really does like her, so she will be the last one to be put down.

At the hospital Dolls asks Waverly how is Nicole doing, Waverly is lost for words

seeing Shay, Dolls asks Waverly does she know who she is, Waverly just tells him that she’s a doctor.

While Rosita is with Jeremy testing out the serum Wynonna and Doc are at Nicole’s home, the find fresh blood and hear something in a cupboard

And find Calamity Jane! they find Neldey’s hat and realise one of the Black Widow’s took him.

Black Widow Mercedes has Nedley tied up, but breaking him won’t be so easy

Dolls tell Waverly maybe she should do the trade with the Black Widow to help Nicole, after all they need the demon to rise in order to defeat it, Dolls takes Rosita’s place, because every last one of them want Nicole back, Waverly thanks him and says “I will never forget this” and goes of to do what is right and stop the ones she loves from suffering

Black Widow Mercedes is getting nothing from Sheriff Nedley

This man survived Wynonna, he can survive anything!

At the hospital Shay and Waverly are talking, Shay does not understand what the tox screens are saying and wonders what Waverly means by she has people working on it, and that she keeps trying to keep Nicole out of trouble to which Shay replies that she must not know her at all, Waverly looks down so Shay tell her that what she and Nicole was fun and all but it was not real

[I like you now, you can stay] Shay says the doctor told her that if Nicole wakes up, she should say her goodbyes, but a determined Waverly is at the door and says “I’m not saying goodbye”

Waverly finds Gretta and tells her she knew her sister and that she know she is the Iron Witch  and begs her to help

Gretta agrees to make a deal and gives Waverly a note as to where she can find the thing that can help her

And in Nedley’s mug too who would of thought it.

Wynonna and Doc have found where Black Widow Mercedes and Nedley are, Doc is worried about Wynonna, so she says she’ll stay put, in the drivers seat.

Aww, she looks so innocent when stuff is about to get blown up

Black Widow Mercedes is screaming at Nedley that Wynonna does not care for anyone but herself!

And then she gets hit by a vehicle

Yeah! Nobody tortures Nedley except Wynonna!

With 12 shots in her and a butt of a gun to the face from one spectacular Doc ‘Henry’ Holliday and a shot from Peacemaker from one super pissed off Wynonna Earp

They have caught their very own Black Widow!

And one highly chipper Wynonna is off to tell Waverly the good news

But when she gets there she sees Nicole alive and kicking!

If Wynonna ‘I’ve got a big shiny gun’ Earp is happy you’re alive, that means you’re family for life

But as usual all good things come to and end when Wynonna notices that Waverly is still unhappy, putting one and one together Wynonna realises that Waverly has done something

Waverly leaves the room before she can be questioned

At Shorty’s Gretta turns up to see Waverly there and comments that she looks in happy so maybe she did not love Nicole after all 

Waverly calls her out on her dirty trick she pulled and says that Wynonna will never forgive her

At the office Wynonna’s not find and says Waverly is in deep shit when she finds her

Back at Shorty’s the Iron Witch says that she can name her price and it is the trophy with the Wish Demon stuck inside

Wynonna finds out that Dolls has the Earp plates and questions as to what metel it’s made of.

With Doc by her Waverly tells the Iron Witch that she’s changed her mind and as Doc try’s to grab the trophy he disappears, the Iron Witch has made her wish, now all changes must commence, 

She blames the Earp sisters for Mattie’s death and will punish them for it

“One will disappear,

and the other will have to live with it”

With the sister she so dearly loved gone from her life, so to are her memories 

and so to, her very existence

Wait wedding?! I have a very important question then:

Will you play Billy Idol’s song White Wedding?

So that was eventful wasn’t it

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If anybody needs me I’ll be in the cupboard with Calamity Jane…

@whatever company picks up the sonic comics

hello! i have been a fan of the archie sonic comics for quite some time. there’s been one thing in the fandom that’s been pressed for a while. one im very dedicated to. i absolutely loved the archie sonic comics, and im sad to see them go, but im also excited to see what you bring us!

onto one small thing the fandom has been thinking about.

for the longest time, sally and sonic were dating. this dates back to the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (SatAM) where they were also a couple. This has led to much debate before, people who wanted Amy to be Sonic’s lover were fighting those who liked Sally. Sadly, while Sally had her own interesting traits, as both a strong princess and the true leader of the Freedom Fighters, she was mainly seen as “Sonic’s Girlfriend” and nothing more.

Then, SEGA, trying to stop these shipping wars, told all the companies working with them one small rule: Don’t have Sonic officially have a girlfriend.

So, the soft reboot in the Archie Sonic comics happen, and Sally and Sonic aren’t dating anymore. Cool, alright. However, despite this, people STILL just saw Sally as Sonic’s girlfriend.

You’re probably starting with a fresh, clean slate. I BEG you to keep big characters who were comic-exclusive afloat (Sally Acorn, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Bunnie D’Coolete, Antoine D’Coolete, etc.} as many people DO love these characters, and the thought of never seeing them again is quite disheartening.

And with Sally, you’ll have her as a semi-new character. Still with all her traits, although she’s not dating Sonic anymore. So, if you guys DID want to have a big couple Sally could be in, its a challenging thought. But you guys have the ABILITY to give her another partner, try to detach from the concept of Sally just being Sonic’s girlfriend. Maybe even do new, giant, radical things that would change the perspective of your guys’ comics in a big way.

And there’s one character, Sally’s best friend, who has so many small hints to being in love with this now-single Sally.

These two’s connection, Sally’s and Nicole’s, have been connected heavily, especially after the soft reboot. You can say that I’m just a shipper, but there’s a lot more than that. I myself am a lesbian, and there’s so little representation for girls like me in comics and other sources. It’s getting better, yes, but it’s still disappointing to see how little I can relate to characters and their experiences with love.

I see myself in Nicole’s and Sally’s interactions, and many other girls who are lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc. do too. There’s already lots of things that connect them in a way that’s more than “just friends”, and you guys are the one thing that could possibly remove Sally’s stigma of “Just Sonic’s Girlfriend” away, while making many comic industries also consider adding more LGBT+ representation in their comics.

And if you want more, Ian Flynn, in his podcast, has stated that Sally and Nicole being in a romantic relationship could be a good idea, if it weren’t for the fanbase and their stigma towards Sally.

You don’t have to make her attracted to Nicole, but she’d be an easy and plausible choice, but if you guys add new characters, there could sure be more things to see and come by. I hope you take this into consideration, if you see this.

Signed, your local desperate lesbian.


here’s samples of the main 4 kid’s skin tones, color-sampled from screenshots. Star, a white person, is left in for reference and in a line for comparison. Notice how significantly darker Janna, Jackie and Marco are

here are skin tones from fanart. uncredited, unsourced for just this once because i’m not trying to call any one person out in specific or shame. 

the blobs on the right are the color-sampled tones from canon. the left are from the art, again w star’s canon skin color as an anchor. It’s far too similar.

no one’s editing marco and janna to have blonde hair and blue eyes, all i’ve seen are victims of pastel filters and genuine mistakes. Often people give them peachy or golden undertones; try to keep in mind brown skin has less saturated/reddish undertones. 

y’all need to be careful. I do too, in what i produce and reblog; most importantly, we should not be stripping these brown-skinned characters of their color!! Thank you for listening, stay vigilant, and if you see a mistake, help the artist/editor fix it! :D


Can love travel back in time and heal a broken heart? Was it our joined hands that finally lifted Maria’s curse? I’d like to think so. There’s some things, though, I know for certain. Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Plant lavender for luck. And fall in love whenever you can.


Wynonna Earp

This show is the shit awesome and incredibly amazing. Especially with the Earp sisters! Please anyone reading my post watch this this show. You will love this modern western supernatural drama where Wyatt Earp’s descendants take on demonic threats. Amazing ships such as Wayhaught! And the amazing strong female characters this tv show possesses. Support this and watch it anywhere, wherever you are: Television, computer, phones, mobile apps, ect. Reblog and Like this post please. Thank You!