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October Drabble Fest

if you’re ready to jump head first into the death month say ‘aye!’

…i’m going to have to change all of these links tomorrow fml

it’s october so you know what that means; time to embrace the death of everyone’s favourite fictional couple, JILY!

(let me use humour to cover up my pain ok let me cope like this)


  • there are none
  • okay maybe a few, but there’s only like one major rule?
  • you could follow this dramatic hoe i guess but it doesn’t really matter
  • share this post to get more people to join in the deathday fun
  • send me a prompt (my general guidelines for that is here) (this is the only rule that matter tbh)
  • this is mostly for jily but i don’t really mind doing any of the other ships i have listed under my guidelines
  • both aus and in-verse fics are welcome
  • only one fic per person sorry! this is to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of receiving their drabble

some notes!:

  • prompt fills will be between 500- 1000 words because a) i want to do as much of these as i can and b) i have to do these while working on my other long fics/ other prompts that i’ve neglected because i’m a bad person
  • pretty much any rating is fine (general to explicit)
  • and pretty much any genre is fine (angst! fluff! humour! more angst!) seriously i’m cool with everything
  • if you don’t include a ship name in the prompt i’m just gonna assume it’s for jily
  • this is open for the entire month of october. all 31 days.

i think that’s it idk I’M TERRIBLE AT INSTRUCTIONS AND I’M WRITING THIS UP HALF ASLEEP BEFORE ADDING IT TO MY QUEUE if you’re confused after my mindless blathering (which. i totally wouldn’t blame you if you were) then my prompt guidelines should clear things up.

okay. now that’s it. go forth and prompt me.

oikq >>> syukihira

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Woo vent maybe??

Do you ever feel like you aren’t you
You’re playing this role
You’re acting as this character you’ve created
A persona
Not you
It’s not you
It’s never been you
It’s them
You aren’t them
Who are you
You don’t know
Because you’ve fooled yourself into being them
And it’s scary
Because you don’t even know who you are

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This drawing is a thank you for everyone who like/reblog/comment on the Day of the Dead Undertale post.  I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it! :D

This could an AU! Maybe I’ll call it “Dead Tale”? Set around the late 1800s. It would be about Frisk finding the skeleton bros, Papyrus and Sans, and bringing them to visited Frisk’s home on Day of the dead (how convenient). Perhaps the history of the brother’s death will sort of be the main focus for this AU? Or just them having fun partying with everyone? Maybe everyone who was a monster are humans for this AU and Frisk introduces Papyrus and Sans to everyone before the brothers have to return back to their graves once the holiday is over.  Aw, I made myself sad now.  :(