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Hey everyone, Lazy Town Memes admin here! Just letting you know an official link has been made for the live performance of We are Number! Its going to be on December 11th. It’s going to be streamed via Facebook so if you have an account don’t miss out!

Please if its alright with you could you maybe reblog and invite your friends to let them know of this historic event, its gonna be loads of fun

Flip Flap Asks
  • 1: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Flip Flappers?
  • 2: Who is your ideal person to Flip Flap with?
  • 3: Which trip to Pure Illusion is your favorite and why?
  • 4: Was there any part of the show that made you cry?
  • 5: Was there any part of the show that made you laugh?
  • 6: Flip or flap?
  • 7: Who is your favorite character?
  • 8: Who is your least favorite character?
  • 9: Who in Flip Flappers would you most want to befriend?
  • 10: The opening song or the ending song?
  • 11: What would your ideal world in Pure Illusion be like?
  • 12: Toto or Yuyu?
  • 13: Which character in the show do you relate to most?
  • 14: Which character would you trust with your life?
  • 15: If offered the chance would you go Flip Flapping with someone?
  • 16: If so, on a scale of Yayaka to Papika how embarrassed would you be to scream "Flip Flapping!!" every time?
  • 17: What would be your special object that you wave?
  • 18: Who in the show would you most like to be your Flip Flapping partner?
  • 19: In episode 7, which Papika was your favorite?
  • 20: Do you like the Flip Flappers art style?
  • 21: Any ships?
  • 22: Any NOTPs?
  • 23: Find and post your favorite Flip Flappers gif.
  • 24: Who in the series would you most like to punch in the face?
  • 25: What would you want your magical girl outfit to look like?
  • 26: Have you ever drawn any Flip Flappers art?
  • 27: Which character do you most want to reach through the screen to and comfort?
  • 28: Post your favorite Flip Flappers gif.
  • 29: Any Flip Flappers headcannons?
  • 30: What did you really like about Flip Flappers?
  • 31: What did you really not like about Flip Flappers?
  • 32: If you could change one thing about the show what would it be?
  • 33: Who's outfit do you like best?
  • 34: Has your opinion of a character changed over the course of the show?
  • 35: Has your opinion of the show changed?
  • 36: Favorite character design?
  • 37: If you collected all the gems from Pure Illusion, what would you wish for?
  • 38: Has watching Flip Flappers altered your life in any way?
  • 39: Do you have a crush on any of the characters?
  • 40: What is your biggest question about Flip Flappers right now?
Countdown to 2017

So 2016 is almost over finally. And 2016 hasn’t been the best year but at least we had Niall and Niall certainly made it a lot better. I think for him personally, 2016 was definitely a good year. So what better way to close off this year with a tribute to Niall. From the 6th on, I’ll start with the countdown to 2017 in the form of a Niall Alphabet (so 26 days). I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to do this and if anyone wants to join then please feel free to do so, and definitely feel free to do it in your own way (with fics, graphics, edits, gifs- idk) The more love for Niall we can show together, the better this year will end!! He really deserves it.

hey my guys so if you’ve been following for the past few months you know ive been working on a project for awhile now.

it’s called basements and basilisks and its a dungeons and dragons podcast thats currently only on youtube (we’re working on getting it up on itunes) BUT to have the fancy youtube url we want, we need 200 subscribers. if you could maybe give us a subscribe here it would be super appreciated. if not, could you maybe reblog this?

ive just been planning this for awhile now and actually putting it into action for the past few months and we just would really appreciate having the url. thank you for everything guys, the first episode will be coming out 12/5/16!

tldr; basements and basilisks is a dungeons and dragons podcast and we need 200 subscribers to get the url we want! subscribe here


~12 Days of Christmas Special~

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Since Zedz’ was busy today, y’all gonna be treated to another one of my YCHs. This time, its a struggle against nature herself, as this brave OC tries to reach their destination. And thanks so much to everyone who reblogs this one / reblogged the entries before! Its really great to see so many people liking this little special :D

All you gotta do to have a chance to win it, is reblog this post! And maybe let me know if you like scarfs, and if yes, whats your scarf?

i just realized it’s been more than a year since i turned off notes/notifications/follower count on tumblr and honestly that was the best decision i’ve ever made

however now that i’m used to it, i’m going to turn notifications back because i definitely missed reading comments/replies and being able to respond.