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Voltron characters as quotes from my friends
  • Shiro: wait, how many existential crisis was that just now? Three?
  • Allura: -stabbing her food with a fork- VIRGINITY IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT
  • Keith: I...forgot that eggs exist
  • Lance: Apparently a duck was more important than me falling into the lake!
  • Hunk: I'm not a rocket scientist- I have a degree in astrophysics...fuck
  • Pidge: Ye olde fuck you
  • Coran: I can almost taste the nihilism you brewed into this coffee
  • Matt: omg buddy. Do it. Vore the phone

For anyone interested by the way, the Tales of formal wear straps are up on sites like Yahoo Japan Auctions and Otamart, though they are a bit pricey depending on the character!

I crave physical contact, but at the same time I feel so uncomfortable with it. I tense up and just get awkward. It honestly depends if I like you or not. I can like someone but not want to hug them, but I can’t tell them that and then I get so uncomfortable and let them hug me and I hate it. I hate not being able to set boundaries without feeling like a selfish piece of shit

I am very very fed up with my irl friends sometimes. I often find there’s a lot of underlying misinterpretations and misunderstandings of what “asexual” as a term is strictly defined as. Particularly in the LGBTQ+ community, even a lot of my friends who are in the community don’t quite get the gist of what it means to be asexual. And I want to set the record straight but often find that the wrong statements are said by those I don’t feel comfortable correcting because I am very bad at confrontation, even in minor amount so I never set the record straight. But for those wondering- here’s simple tips on what not to say to your asexual friends:
• “Oh you wouldn’t understand because you’re ace”- I’m ace but I’m not dumb. I live my life on the internet do you really think I haven’t urban dictionaried everything out there
• “You won’t have kids because you’re ace”- Some ace people have kids. And whatever method they choose, that is a totally valid thing for them to do
• “You’re asexual so you don’t have sex right?”- WRONG. There’s a multitude of reasons explained on the post I reblogged before this as to why this is SUCH A WRONG THING TO SAY
• “Awww (insert name here)- You’re so innocent”- Some ace people want to be innocent. But if we want to come across as adult, mature, maybe even flirtatious or sexy- we totally can. And don’t patronise us for it because that’s an awful thing to do, belittle someone like that in such a subtle mean way

TL;DR: Don’t be a dick. Treat your ace and aro friends with respect. Talk to them in a grown up way about what they feel comfortable discussing around or with you.

hello again everyone!! the lovely @lil-sea-salt suggested i do a little promo of sorts for small studyblrs and i thought it’d be nice as well so please go check out the newbies in this post!! 

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I’m trying to prove a point to my mom because she thinks y'all are 55 year old men in Germany named Gunther


First of all, thanks for participating even if you didn’t win I love every single one of you! (except the porn blogs, please go away) 

The winners are

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me: i won’t act too affectionate
also me: im going to tousle their hair and try and hold their hand and im going to sit so obnoxiously close to them so i can put my head close to their chest and hear their heartbeat and i’m going to stare at them admiringly for way too long and i’ll fling my arms around them at random times without any explanation whatsoever haha i love being affectionate

I’ve always been told that what comes around goes around. Even though we’ve had a lot of downs this school semester, there have been a ton of ups. We’re about to start our first real jobs and we will finally be able to support ourselves and not have to rely on anyone else. It’s nice to be able to look back on the things that have happened and to say yeah you know what I deserve this. Because we both know that we do. “Sit down. Be humble.”-Kendrick Lamar @orthus

I love how whenever I make internet friends who are so pure and funny and just great all-around start to lose contact and I can *feel* us drifting apart and communication becoming less and less, struggling with new topics to talk about as they move on and forget about me, making new friends and being happier than ever.

I don’t blame them though.

I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either.

sometimes i feel like other mentally ill people in my life don’t take me seriously bc i get up at the first alarm, do all my homework on time, and seem very “high functioning” in general, but the truth is, thats just how my illnesses affect me. 

my parents neglect and abuse me if i don’t excel (not just do ok- excel) in school, so an absolute fear of failure is part of my trauma. 

i wake up at the first alarm bc my debilitating anxiety forces me awake, which causes me to crash soon after if i didn’t get enough sleep (which for me is at least 9 hrs).

i push myself past the breaking point on a regular basis. my functionality is not healthy. im mentally ill too.


“I love plants” -thea actionables

“go ryplant a tree” -rylan officialwhitegirls

“kayo is a plant. i hate plants” -nicole attract

“follow jelle @hijerking and send him nudes” -jelle hijerking