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I crave physical contact, but at the same time I feel so uncomfortable with it. I tense up and just get awkward. It honestly depends if I like you or not. I can like someone but not want to hug them, but I can’t tell them that and then I get so uncomfortable and let them hug me and I hate it. I hate not being able to set boundaries without feeling like a selfish piece of shit

me: i won’t act too affectionate
also me: im going to tousle their hair and try and hold their hand and im going to sit so obnoxiously close to them so i can put my head close to their chest and hear their heartbeat and i’m going to stare at them admiringly for way too long and i’ll fling my arms around them at random times without any explanation whatsoever haha i love being affectionate

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“I love plants” -thea actionables

“go ryplant a tree” -rylan officialwhitegirls

“kayo is a plant. i hate plants” -nicole attract

“follow jelle @hijerking and send him nudes” -jelle hijerking


Hey taylorswift!! My friend Thomas (the cutie pictured above) is seeing you July 14th at nationals stadium!! He’s one of the nicest people I know and he REALLY wants to be picked for loft 89 and meet you. I don’t have a lot of friends at school so he really means a lot to me and is always there for me. He’s on the newspaper staff and no joke someone once described him as the taylor swift of our newspaper staff you’d LOVE him pls have your people come find him!!! 

He’s in  Floor 3, Row 6, seats 1 and 2 PLEASE FIND HIM ON JULY 14TH!!! :)