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support ppl who’s mental illnesses may never go away or get better

support ppl for whom recovery may never be something they get to experience and have to learn to live with their illness/es

support ppl who’s hard times may never come to an end and who may not get thru it eventually

shoutout to ppl who do think of violence & vile things because of their mental illness, but arent disgusted by it

shoutout to ppl who dont have a knee-jerk emotional reaction to ensure they wont push their friend off that ledge, or kill their cat with that brick, or swerve their car into that family. who have to dig up reasons & consequences manually because their brain wont give them the chemicals to be an intrinsically good person

shoutout to ppl who have to manage their intrusive thoughts with laws & rules & restrictions at every turn. to whom “right and wrong” is only ever an external guideline, never an internal compass, never something they can blindly trust. who show compassion out of self-preservation & so are told all their good acts are lies, even if theyve done more for the world than the ones calling them monsters

shoutout to ppl who act like good ppl despite everything telling them not to

“It’s getting bad again” aesthetic
  • Bruises you don’t remember getting
  • Laughing wildly at 3am when you can’t sleep
  • Watching the blood run down your thighs
  • Hunger pains from forgetting to eat
  • “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine”
  • Promises you can’t keep
  • Anxiety that gnaws at your insides
  • Weights in your limbs and emptiness where you organs should be
  • Guilt
  • So much guilt
  • “I was doing so well”
  • Tablets you should probably take, but don’t
  • Tablets that you shouldn’t take, but want to so bad
  • Not being sure when time stopped existing
  • Not being sure when everything stopped existing

nonbinary people shouldn’t be forced into having to pretend that they’re binary trans just because people cannot wrap their head around nonbinary genders. i see this too often and i feel this MYSELF too often. the fact that nonbinary people are literally subjected to so much shit that they would rather choose a life of severe unhappiness and pretending to be something they’re not just to stop dealing with people misgendering them is vile and it needs to be cut the fuck out

how many times do y'all have to be told not to steal Greg’s photos. they’re his work, his product, his service and you don’t have the right to post them if you’ve seen them UNLESS he’s put them out into the public himself. it’s hurting his business to steal them and y'all need to stop. it’s just the same as reposting art and edits except worse because he fucking makes money off of this.


i still don’t understand how people like chuck bass ?? i mean ?? he sexually assaulted 2 girls ?? he traded his girlfriend for a hotel ?? he manipulates everyone around him ?? he mentally abused his girlfriend and punched a wall next to her face ?? someone explain this to me please

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susie back on her feminist bullshit this is sad



Still baffled at how j/onsa shippers say they love Jon and Sansa, but they :

1. Want Jon, an honorable man, to prey on his little sister and

2. Have no qualms with Sansa, who already had to endure abuse at the hands of Geoffrey, Ramsay and Littlefinger, and who is finally feeling safe with her brother, being the victim of yet another disgusting man? Cause yeah if you want to bone your sister you have a problem and you should get away from her.

But tbh if you don’t see anything wrong with a dude wanting to bone with his little sister as soon as she’s legal (and who was 13 when he last saw her) then there’s nothing i can tell you to change your mind, it’s already rotten. Just don’t act as if your ship is a normal thing… oh and get out of my face with your “they aren’t really siblings” speech cuz yeah they are first cousins lmao thats not a big difference. And even if they werent related by blood at all, they grew up as brother and sister and believe they are siblings. If you think its normal to want to bone your siblings, adopted or not… then once again you have a problem.


recently luke and calum have been seen with these 2 men

another had also been seen getting very touchy with ashton 

theyve even gone far enough to start a ‘furries’ band dedicated to them

this blatant act of disrespect must be stopped

you can see the burning fire in his eyes

conclusion: this stupid furry band is fucking hot and i forgot why i made this post