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mac’s dream but toxic is playing and keeps getting faster

hello peeps. bc my dash has been dead af lately and i’m following like five people, i need more blogs to follow. so if you:

have some sort of a tagging system or just tag your posts

reblog/post a bunch of sh stuff, especially malec, magnus, alec

also reblog/post melissa benoist or kara danvers

do not reblog/post any of the previously mentioned real life relationships: so like girlfriends, boyfriends, ect. i mean it’s not a deal breaker i would just prefer not to bc i don’t have patience or any interest for that (except sarah hyland bc i love her sm)

also reblog/post star wars

tbh basically just be a just fandom blog with a tagging system lmao

so like this post and i’ll check your blog out and maybe follow you and who knows maybe become bffs too (dooo it pls)

for all of you upset about the upd8/ homestuck ending: i used to be a really avid homestuck fic writer. two of my most well-known works are all kats are grey in the dark and i can make you love me. im currently open for commission, and would be more than willing to write anything homestuck related! i really need the money for school fees and am willing to write in any other verse/fandom/genre too. my commission info is here and my other posted ao3 works are here. thank you for your consideration!

hiii !!! :^) omg so here it is !!! my (first ever) giveaway in celebration of hitting 10k a few months ago !!! <3 i decided to make it a little more personal so i’ll be giving a care package inside a litol, cute envelope (no idea how i can fit all of these) to one lucky winner which includes:

  • a hand written letter from me <3
  • my fave dream catcher (pls take care of it oh dear heckles)
  • nice & cute !! ART !! socks (just a pair ok) :^)
  • heaps of handmade cute oogle doodles roodles !!
  • sum pressed flowers, leaves, etc from my country bohoo :^)
  • a couple of cute, artsy pens (one or two) !!
  • candies (and tea bags ?? hopefully)
  • cute stickers & stationery stuff (sum cute notepads, sticky notes, etc)
  • some of my watercolor art (which is much much larger) <3
  • a drawing of you (doodle) :**)
  • handmade bookmarks (2 or more) & a short zine (idek what abt)
  • poem specially dedicated to you + a cute playlist
  • in case i get to buy some real cute charms i’ll add it yeps !!!
  • and prolly more if i plan to look for other stuff in cute shops :^)

!! rules !!

  • mbf me (im sorry if this makes me look thirsty just wanna be ur friend ok)
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry !! reblog as much as u want my smol peaches !! likes are also for bookmarking, not an entry 💕
  • also pls dont delete the cap bc it wont show up on your blog pls !!! :^)
  • and yeees i will be shipping worldwide (first time to send a letter ever pls forgive me if it will be delayed or something) !!
  • winner will be randomly picked using an online generator :-)
  • i’ll be sending u a message if u win, u have 24 hrs to respond— if u didn’t, i’ll pick another one sorry bees !! :^(

!! greater chances !!

  • follow me on instagram (@flower.kid you’ll have one more entry if u followed me!! mssg me ur user so i can add it to you!!)
  • tag me on some of ur posts?? idek #peachisty
  • i’ll be posting updates about this under the tag: #peachistygiveaway
  • send me stuff, cute questions, a little about your day and cute messages bc i find it really cute and lovely to be receiving those things they make me happy !! :^)
  • winners will be announced once this gets a p decent amount notes or perhaps on or before 4th of August (i might change it idek) !!!!

im excited and pumped !!!!! good luck my sunshines, keep rebloggin !! 🌻


Hey y’all! 

My name is Flex-Maxim Dalit, a San Francisco based Artist. Opening up some commissions! <3
Email me what you’d like me to paint along with references if necessary as well! If I’ve too many requests, I’ll email you back mentioning your request is put on hold, you’ll be put on a waiting list, and if slots open up, I will contact you if you still wish for me to continue with the piece! If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me via Tumblr or the email provided!

Send all commission requests to:
You will be paying via paypal:

* A payment of half of the selling price is required upfront before work commences. This does not include any extra additional fees based on excess hours worked due to potential complexity of the work.

Without further a do, the pricing:


$15 for a Sketch
$35 for Lineart + Flat B/W
$50* for Lineless B/W
$65** for Lineless Full Color
$??*** for Animations.

*For the following work, after spending three hours working on it, I will charge an additional $10 per hour.

**For the following work, after spending four hours working on it, I will charge an additional $10 per hour.

***If you want the final piece to be an animated GIF, we can negotiate an additional fee based on the simplicity or complexity of the additional animation. i.e. +$5 for glowing eyes, or +$8 for glitch animation, etc. 


$15* for each Head
$5 for Color for each head
$5 for Background for each head
$1 for each Accessory on each head
$5* for different hairstyles or facial expression

*an entirely new character is considered One Head, whereas a duplication of a character for a new hairstyle is considered a different hairstyle and would be a fee of an addition $5 instead of $15


happy birthday, bonnie elizabeth parker | oct 1st 1910 - may 23rd 1934

 a man can break every commandment,
and the world will still lend him a hand;
yet a girl who has loved, but unwisely
is an outcast all over the land.
                                           —  bonnie’s poem, ‘the street girl’