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Does anyone still do this? ah, whatever. Tumblr crushes! a.k.a. little shout outs to awesome people who make my dash(and my life) so much better! 

@warmvanillasuga - DIANNA! I love you with all my heart you are so precious ♡
follow her for anime manga content she is amazing!

star trek, amazing art, absolutely awesome person? 10/10 would reccomend

@anatolekurragin - Angelika i would use this opportunity to thank you for all the vine compilaions you’ve ever rebloged, makes my days every time. from the bottom of my heart - thank
also musical theater, harry potter and awesome edits? go

as i am still a wfkbj hell and miss my bbs a lot this blog is a huge help

basically tfc fandom mum? like every fandom needs her, we as a smallest fandom yet are so lucky to have her

the queen™ . no need to say anything else.

an angel and absolutely amazing person? also anime and manga edits queen so yeah

kat makes my old poor heart beats again with all those ranma posts, i’m so so so greatfull 

ruined my life on so many levels, forever and always one of my favourite people on this site

i need more of this on my dash!

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  •  shadowhunters (love for malec,clizzy,SAPHAEL
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  •  the walking dead (i’m still bitter about the season premier
  •  eyewitness!! 
  •  if your a studyblr (i love them!) 
  •  bbott!! (i have an obsession)
  •  cats I LOVE CATS
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  •  full house/fuller house
  •  gilmore girls!!
  •  friends 
  •  brooklyn nine nine 

i’m super open to new fandoms!! so like/reblog this even if ur blog isn’t about one of these!! ill check out any new fandoms/otp’s. i’ll look at all of ur blogs and follow them! 


How many lives does a kitty get? As many as your reblogs can give her.

Hi, I’m Princess Buttercup, and my friends here at Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco helped save one of my nine lives already after my human died. Now I need your help to start a new life by getting adopted!

I’m a good sweet kitty, just 5 years old, who gets along with other cats (although it’s okay if you’d rather it was just us!).

You can email to talk to my friends about me. In the meantime, please spread me far and wide!

Love always,

Princess Buttercup

~Samurai Love Ballad Fanfic Masterpost~

I just want to thank everyone who reads, comments, reblogs, and leaves hearts on what I do. I might not talk often, but I’m just so grateful for all the support and appreciation you give me. *sends you all my loveeee*

A link to this page on my navi

Koi No Yokan Oneshots:

Nine Mornings Oneshots:

His Name Series : Parts One, Two, Three

Oda Nobunaga, since I mostly write about him

The Lords

9/9 is chara’s birthday! 

… at least, it’s a feasible birthday for them! as it happens, chara could have been born on 9/9/99 and still remain a child in 201X. coupled with chara’s love for nines, it seems like the perfect date to celebrate a wonderful character!

whether they’re a lonely child on the path to redemption, a stoic and calculated killer, or anything in between, show chara you care by dedicating one day to creating fanworks starring them! music, pictures, prose – you name it – of anything that involves canon, AU, or whatever topics you can think of.

we’ll be pumping out some original content, too! if you’d like to join us, just post some birthday fanworks and we’ll reblog it on sept 9.

thedenimofrose  asked:

After this episode, I am going to need a lot of fellow Sherlollians and fanfics to sate this hunger for all things Sherlolly right now. I am on CLOUD NINE THOUSAND. High as a kite on feels. Therefore, if it is not an inconvenience, can you recommend any other Sherlolly blogs, including ones whose stories you love to read?

@lilsherlockian1975 @mae-jones @howterrifying @mrsmcrieff @writingwife-83 @likingthistoomuch  @hobbitsdoitbetter @allthebellsinvenice @sincerelydayyy @mollyandherjumper are some of the many, many sherlolly bloggers and fic writers I enjoy. There are plenty more out there, just check out who I reblog from and you’ll see them!

shaneduskwolf  asked:

I really enjoy reading DW fics revolving around telepathy, and when they fall in love and explore a telepathic connection. Are there any fics you know of that illustrate that romantic connection really well? I love how close they become because of it

Sorry for how long this has taken! I always end up overthinking when it comes to finding recs. There are SO MANY good fics involving telepathy, and if I do too many, Tumblr will break the links, so I’ll try to rein it in!

See also: @thedalektables Telepathy Rec List, Bonding Rec List,  and telepathy tag,  the telepathy tag on @tardisbibliothek, and telepathic bond on @readingroomrose (I’ll try not to duplicate too much but we’ll see :P.) ETA: and this @dwficrec (and I always assume everybody knows about @allegoricalrose’s lists but I should add for completeness)

These I have read and loved, so they’re going to skew to my personal taste! :P I’ve listed just one per author, but I rec all these authors in general!

Lists under the cut!

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Please if you post about any of these things: 

  • The 100 (Im a bellarke shipper)
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl
  • Criminal Minds
  • Teen Wolf
  • MTV Scream
  • 5sos
  • Halsey

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hey y’all! I made another glittery garak watermelon collage since y’all love them so much! it’s up on my etsy for $15 + shipping costs (for shipping outside of the US & canada, send me an etsy message!) 

this collage is on an 5x7 inch wooden panel. the panel is very sturdy, ready to hang, and is ¾ of an inch thick. it’s very glittery and has a thick glossy finish.

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message me on etsy if you have any questions or want your own custom collage!

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I need more blogs to follow!

I just made my blog in early January and I’m having trouble finding people to follow. If you reblog any of the things listed below, please reblog/like this post so I can check out your blog. Thank you!

-Games (PS4, Nintendo. Zelda & Kingdom Hearts are my favorites!)
-Music (I love just about every genre, especially pop punk)
-Art (including tattoos and such)
-Aesthetic (nature, glitter)
-Quotes (all kinds are alright with me, even the sad stuff)
-Series (Bobs Burgers, IASIP, Supernatural.. a lot more, I can’t think)
-Virtually ANYTHING but spam (no pun intended… this really has nothing to do with the last bullet lmao)
-Also!! I don’t wanna see any racism/sexism. I ain’t having none of that.

Anyway, yeah. Please help! :)


Being best friends with Taehyung lead you to meet Jimin, and fall in love with him. You confessed, but he rejected you… How are things gonna go from there? 

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Three.Five | Part Four | Part Five | Part six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Masterlist |

A/N:  a lot of emotions right now…  i’ve been kinda busy… i might not upload so soon(as in before Friday), but i’ll try.  take care, &  remember you can always tell me what you think

Sorry if there are some mistakes.

                       Reaver was the most DANGEROUS pirate that the nine seas of Albion ever saw. He could destroy entire ships using nothing but his pistol, he could snipe their captains from unbelievable distances. The more impossible the shot seemed, the faster the crews would surrender to him. And when the old Pirate King ( and most feared/dangerous at the time ), Captain Dread, decided that every other pirate was to pay him a portion of their riches, Reaver completely rebelled. Killing ever envoy he came across, the young pirate would then proceed to send their severed heads back to Captain Dread in bags. Naturally, this struck fear in the hearts of every man at sea– All except for Dread himself, of course. Though, at first, he wasn’t taken the least bit seriously. He was new to the lifestyle, he liked to run his mouth, and who in their right mind would listen to a man who, at the time, wasn’t really anybody? Up until his rebellion, no one had even really heard the name “Reaver” before. However, it didn’t exactly take too long for his name to get out.

                       When Dread finally had the opportunity to confront Reaver, he was shocked to see the defiant pirate surrendering. Reaver made no attempt to shoot at Dread and made no attempt to take his ship or his crew over. Of course, Dread wasn’t simply going to just let him go, not after what he had done to his envoys, so he elected to lock Reaver away instead. However, THIS WAS A MISTAKE. Reaver was never stripped of his most prized pistol upon being imprisoned, so the moment he got the chance, Reaver fired his weapon in an attempt to kill Dread. However, he did not strike the old King directly. Rather, he shot an oil lantern that happened to be next to him; causing it to spill onto his head and giving him a slow and down right agonizing death.

                       With Dread dead and gone, Reaver promtly made himself the King of all pirates. He kept the “law” that Dread had made in regards to the other pirates sharing their wealth with him and would frequently ignore the concerns of the rest of the court. Though no one was pleased with it, they dared not confront him. After all, if he had been ruthless enough to destroy entire ships for no other reason than because he could and to decapitate people rather than simply shooting them, imagine what he could do to someone merely speaking out against him.

                       One would never be able to miss his ship on the waters, either. It was one of the largest ships to set sail on Albion’s seas, which allowed essentially anyone to see it, but it also had his name in big, fancy, and almost sparkly letters right on it’s side. Though it was an incredibly beautiful ship, most saw it as an OMEN. For if you saw it while you were on the water, he WOULD shoot you down. It didn’t matter who you were, whether or not you sided with the court, or where you came from. If Reaver laid eyes upon your vessel, you were as good as dead.

scarletocean-cosplay  asked:

It's me again, my second favourite mom(The one who carried me around for nine months is my favourite one, sorry)! Thank you so much for reblogging my cosplay photo. My friends and I love the veterans and are planning a veteran-cosplay-pyjama party. So my question is: how would they react if they really had one? Also, what would the 104th and vets favourite sweets be? Lots of hugs and kisses.

They’d drink lots of alcohol in payamas, watch awful movies and around two am they’d have a 180 degree turn and talk about real deep stuff and end up crying in each other’s arms. 

As for the sweets

Mikasa: Chocolate
Reiner:  cream pies
Bertholdt: wine gums
Annie: Chocolate covered chocolate with chocolate on top
Eren: caramel
Jean: sour gummy drops
Marco: Baklava
Sasha: Does Nutella count?
Connie: marshmallows
Historia: the souls of her enemies Jawbreakers
Ymir: Minty stuff
Armin: Bubble gum, that’s calming
Levi: raisins
Hanji: skittles
Erwin: those things that pull out your teeth
Nanaba: No candy, her diet!
Mike: Black licorice

Blank Space

Originally posted by ygnj

A/N: Hi! My name’s Jungdae and I really contemplating whether or not to post any of my work at all. It was just going to be reblogs and what not but, having a few close friends read my work they gave me the confidience to do so. I hope you guys like it as much a they do. Feel free to drop by my ask box with some feedback :) In honor of my @ here’s my first fic. Special thanks to @happilyxinvisible @sk8llington and @got7exobtsfluffyfiction for supporting me and helping me with my thinking process! Stay lovely :)

P.s it’s a bit long. I apologize in advance! :)





Once again, the clock struck nine and Yoongi was still sleeping soundly. The light beaming through the window angled perfectly into your cup of tea. Allowing you to see the clear colored brown soaking. You sighed and you dipped the tea bag a more few times. Your body shivered as a cool breeze sent goosebumps to appear on your arms.

Usually, Yoongi would have is warm arms wraped around your waist tightly. It was all you needed to stay warm on mornings like this. It hasn’t been that way lately. He would stay out late and sleep in longer than usual. 

It all started with the death of your father. Though, It should be effecting you the most it was affecting him more. They weren’t close but, perhaps there was a special bond between the two that you didn’t know about.

The clock now said 10:30am and soft but heavily footsteps echoed through the halls. This was your cue to place his freshly made coffee on the counter for him. “Gamsahapnida (thank you)” he mumbled before taking a seat at the kitchen island. You only nodded and continued attending to your tea.

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Tumblr Memes
  • Nine: *flips a tray of brownies* FIGHT ME HELEN
  • Six: "and now the weather"
  • Adam: *stares into the camera like i'm on the office*
  • Marina: "Did anyone else have the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely!"
  • Five: *judging you if you don't reblog*
  • One: "Honestly I came out to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked right now"
  • RA: "What did you fucking say to me you fucking piece of shit?" monologue
  • John: Dad jokes.
  • Ella: "yall need jesus"

Rules: Using only songs from one artist, answer these nine questions and tag 10 people!! Re-post Do not Reblog.

Tagged by: @foolishquestions

Artist: Mason Jennings, because Minnesooooooota 

Gender: Fighter Girl

Describe Yourself: Witches Dream

How Do You Feel?: Sorry Signs on Cash Machines

If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?: Wilderness

Favourite Mode of Transportation: Rainboots

Your Best Friend: Michael’s Song

Favourite Time of Day: Darkness Between the Fireflies

Your Life is a TV Show, What is it Called: Be Here Now

Relationship Status: Well of Love

Tagging: I thought this one was pretty fun, so if you want to do it, consider this your tag, and feel free to tag me so I can see your answers!

Q &A

Q & A Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.
 Thank you @wannabepunkprincess for tagging me!

Nickname: I have a couple of nick names

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5′3″

Time right now: 3:13 p.m.

Favorite music artist(s): Joy Division, AFI, Nine Inch Nails, La Dispute, Rudimentary Peni, Modern Baseball, Tigers Jaw, Neck Deep, The Cure, Nirvana, Misfits, there’s a lot more

Last movie I watched: Nightmare on Elm Street

Last tv show watched: does Tokyo Ghoul count?

What are you wearing right now?: A Joy Division shirt

When did you make your blog?: February 2015

What kind of stuff do you post/reblog: Disposable camera photos, music, love, feelings 

Do you have any other blogs?: I have a personal one

Do you get asks regularly?: kind of it’s more sometimes than often

Why did you choose your URL?: I chose this URL because I think many people felt like this when growing up into adult hood or transitioning from high school and after whether it’s college or not or even just living life. Are we actually losing our minds not really but it feels like it though. Or even feeling emotions and love. I’m thinking about changing it but I like this URL though. Also as a kind of bonus  it’s a Blondie lyric in the song “Heart of Glass”

Gender: Male

Hogwarts house: Slytherin! 

Pokemon team: I haven’t played this game

Favorite color: Blue, grey, black

Average hours of sleep: I don’t know

Lucky numbers: 23

Favorite characters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissor Hands, Allison Reynolds (Breakfast Club), Alice and Cheshire cat, Peter Pan, I think there’s more but can’t think of any right now

How many blankets do you sleep with?: 3

Dream job: psychology. or music

I don’t know who to tag so if you’re reading this and want to do it i tag you!