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*UPDATE* Jacksepticeye Please Read! RE:Dangerous Fake Account!

****UPDATE**** After reporting the account to Facebook last night i can very happily say the account was DELETED! Yay! So the account no longer exists! Thank you to everyone who rebloged this you were a big help. This now no longer needs to be rebloged. Again thank you to everyone who rebloged this you were all a big help! 🙂💜💜💜💜💜

@therealjacksepticeye Please read this post! There is an account on Facebook pretending to be you! Its to the point that its bordering on identity theft! One post in particular has me very worried. As soon as i saw it the drama with Yamimash came to mind. If any media outlet saw that and they thought it was really you it could very well kill your career. I have a screenshot of the post so you can see what it says. Please reblog this so @therealjacksepticeye sees this as its urgent he gets this! Thank you 😕😠😡😠😡

Reblog if you

- Are a Sherlock or Benedict blog (very very minimal multifandom pls!!)
- are a POSITIVE Sherlock blog

Do NOT reblog if you do any of the following:
- participate/encourage/condone online harassment towards the cast and crew (such harassment includes: tagging and spamming the crew in sarcastic or mean-spirited tweets, actively participating in petitions or movements to deliberately bring down the writer’s career, any action with intention to “drag them”)
- participate in cult-like activities like recruiting people (taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and emotional dependency to recruit them) and encouraging blind faith and “punishing” the writers when it turns out that their blind faith did not pan out as expected

I need some positivity, I love Sherlock, I love the positive aspects of the fandom community and I want to surround myself with that. I know I’m picky but I’m just trying to protect myself, I don’t want the negativity to get me triggered back into depression. No offence, I know lots of people have every right to feel angry and I still love you and you’re my friends 💜 but right now with all the negativity, I’m just trying all I can to prevent myself from slipping back into a full blown depression. I know it’s selfish, and I’m sorry. I know I’m problematic and I’m not anyone’s fave anything, but I’d really appreciate it so much if you could help out by reblogging if your blog is indeed more focused on positivity. Thank you 💕

Tagging the only two positive neutral blogs I can think of right now @cumberbuddy @duskybatfishgirl

gonna delete this soon don’t worries but basically:

My dash has gotten pretty repetitive (no offense to anyone it’s just that I follow people that follow each other so I see the same post 5 times) and I was just wanting to get some new blogs to follow so,

-if you post bandom (MCR and/or their solo careers, FOB, P!ATD, etc.) doesn’t have to be those bands 

-if you post aesthetic

-if you post poetry or text of the like

please reblog I am in need of a bigger dash (I might just get a new side blog and follow from there, so if I don’t follow you from this account don’t feel bad)


Taylor writing for other people is both really exciting and scary. I’m proud of this direction her career is moving but I think I recall her saying she would do this when she retires and um! she’s not allowed to retire

—{ gina rodriguez gif hunt. }

Under the cut you will find #184 small/medium HQ gifs of Gina Rodriguez, who is best known for her acting career. None of these gifs are mine and all credit goes to their original creators. If you see you gif and you would want it removed please message me. There should be no repeats but if there is I apologize. It’d be hella rad if you’d want to give this a like or even a reblog if this helped you. Have fun!

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A to the U to the G to the STD Sentence Starters!!
  • "Fuck you, I don't give a shit"
  • "You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy"
  • "I'm sorry watch the anger"
  • "It's me who took your shit sorry boy."
  • "I'm sorry change your career."
  • "Some say I made it too easy."
  • "Fuck you, I'm a pain in yo'ass too far from the sugar."
  • "This k-pop category ain't enough size for me."
  • "I'm sorry, I mean it, I am."
  • "Y'all get turned on by ma tongue technology."
  • "I always get to fat dick 'em."
  • "My seat is business, you economy always behind me kissing my ass"
  • "I'm d boy because I am from D"
  • "I’m a freak lunatic on the beat"
  • "You could be my new thang, nothing like those lazy bros."
  • "Damn, only the strong can mess with me."
  • "Now I sell half a million a year."
  • "If you wanna go faster then make a reservation for a first class."
  • "Brazil to New York, I'm about to burn this passport."
  • "I haunt down those who copy the copiers get 'em down no matter who the fuck they are."
  • "I fack and I carve the history on this ground."
  • "Me so fly bros are sick of me."
  • "Jealousy and whining making all this noise."
  • "Hey ho, I don't give a fuck when you fuck around."
  • "You simply dig a hole to bury yourself alive."
  • "Hey ho, you can't take me."
  • "All ya fried rappers should be thankful for I am an idol."
  • "Cause I'm busy, I'm busy 24/7.. uh uh don't need no break."
  • "Go have some fun among you latecomers."
  • "Jealous and childish you scream, yet you don't know shit."
  • "Paris to New York, damn ain't got no empty slot in my calendar."
  • "Good health is all you got now, mom's gonna be upset when you lose it."
  • "The way you fucked up things up got some class there boy."
  • Parents: get your life together.
  • Me: Not to worry, because according to Buzzfeed, I will have a lucrative career as a model for Shutterstock, a physical trainer husband who is somewhere between 5'11-6'2 whose name will begin with a J, and is 80% Ravenclaw, 15% Hufflepuff and 5% Gryffindor. We will live in a 2 story townhouse in St. Thomas with our 3 children.

I know so many girls who are ashamed of their bodies. Because they are told they don’t fit a certain mold. And I have been made to think a lot through my career that I don’t quite fit that mold because (shock horror!!!) I’m a size medium. Well guess what? I love my body, I feel like a woman in this body. This body fits me. It feels right. And I don’t need or want to change it. Love your lumps ladies! They are fabulous and so are you - Eliza Taylor

Emergency $5 Commissions!!

Come and get ‘em while they’re hot!!

In all seriousness, our local economy is hitting harder and faster, and in the next couple of weeks, I will absolutely NEED a regular job again to support my family.  I want so much to focus on my stories here and chasing down my animation career, but it’s not happening while bills keep coming.

I am now offering busts AND full body character drawings for $5!

Please go to this link for payment information, art samples, and regular rates for full-colour and animation work.  If you don’t want any art but have a couple of dollars to spare, my family and I would be so grateful!  If nothing else, please reblog this post to share with your friends.

Thank you all for your help!  I wouldn’t be here without you!

using my small bit of power for good


so i’ve got a small favor to ask of you guys. i have a friend that i’d really like to help out but since i don’t have any money, i figured i’d do the next best thing.

if you don’t mind, i’d really appreciate it if you’d check out that facebook page. the person running it is a trans man who is using it to both hopefully make a career out of making art and to hopefully get enough money to transition. he’s posted a bunch of pictures already and wow, does he make some gorgeous stuff. 👌 and i promise i’m not just saying that. he’s really dang talented.

so uh. yeah. not saying i need you to donate or anything, though that would be freaking great! just checking it out and maybe liking it if you want is more than enough! heck, i’ll love you even if you just reblog this! it would seriously make my year if you did this for me!

Harry Styles gif hunt;

Beneath the cut, you will find approximately #309 small to medium gifs of the adorable HARRY STYLES, who is best known for his music career.  I apologize for any repeats and I do not take credit for these gifs, though I did resize several. If you see your gif here and would like it removed or to be credited for it, just let me know. If you are using this gif hunt or found it helpful, a like or reblog would be appreciated!

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Q: I think of ‘strength’ when you mention being confident in who you are. You seem like someone born with that confidence.
A: Does it seem like so. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to think about this as I work in this career path. Since I’m so different from everyone else. When I debuted around 17 years old, I hear a lot about how I was ugly and that I come off too strong. I’ve had severe internal conflicts and moments of weakness as I had to reconcile the need to protect myself and the need to match the standards imposed by others. I’ve increasingly realised that the right thing to do is to like myself, to feel pretty and to remain faithful to my emotions and feelings. To be honest, this is difficult to do. When everyone else is saying ‘no’ and you’re saying ‘yes’ by yourself. However, since everyone is different, I think that if you invest your passion and time into the strong point that you have, that aspect will become your own charm.


Trabslated by :

Petition to have staff change the account deletion function of tumblr

Ever since Tumblr changed their Settings layout, I’ve heard of numerous cases (myself included) of people who tried deleting side blogs, but due to Tumblr defaulting the delete button to their account, ended up deleting their entire account on accident.

This is a major design flaw that have ruined people’s blogs and even careers and it needs to be fixed.

Please reblog this if you think Tumblr should implement a Deletion Verification Email so this doesn’t happen again.

I entered a competition at work and all I need to win is views on this post

If you could click that link (just let the page load, you don’t need to read if you don’t wanna) you will make me extremely happy, it’s a good deed that only takes you 2 seconds!

If you could also reblog it so your followers could click it that would be even better but I appreciate even just the view thank you!!!!!