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local gays flirt nonstop, more at seven


This is Cozmo, he’s a 9 year old Golden Lab and my baby.  He was sent to the emergency room and the bill is looking to be almost $1k.  I can’t even be with him right now because my mom’s landlord does not want dogs in the apartment and I have to stay with her due to school, Cozmo is currently living with my dad in NY.  I have to help my dad pay off my school loans and now this on top of it and I really can’t do it myself.  I hate asking for help, I hate asking for money, but please every little bit helps. You can contact me from here, or on twitter @/lunarmagi.  Even if you cannot buy anything, every reblog helps. If not for me, then for my pup. Please I am desperate for anything right now.

hey whatsup my guys!!! i’ve noticed my dash is pretty slow lately (probably due to the fact that i’m only following 200 blogs) and i wanted to fill it up again so please reblog this or follow me if you post any of the following:

  • star wars (original, prequels, sequels, comics, etc)
  • star trek (reboot/tos)
  • hamilton
  • non-fandom aesthetic pictures
  • anything that is soft and gay

and i will check out your blog and possibly follow you!!! i’m super thirsty for more content on my dash so this is me begging and you can use this to find other blogs to follow for yourself too!!! amazing!!! thank u in advance :’)

I’ve decided to make a tag titled “my future lover and I” and anytime I reblog any couple type posts I will tag them as such because I am desperate for a tall and handsome classy man with a cute crooked smile and dark hair and some good fashioned manners where are these type of men

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okay so i know these posts are really annoying when they take up space in tags but this is a sideblog so im really looking for new blogs!! so feel free to reblog (or like too) this is you post:

-boys republic
….or look at my about section for other groups! ill check out every blog that reblogs and/or likes this.


we currently have 7 feral cats that I am trying to find homes for by the winter. 2 are adults, the rest kittens. they are all friendly (the tabby and the tortie are still a little skittish) and loving. we also have 2 of our own indoor cats that we care for, and taking care of 9 has become expensive and tiring. if you live in the central Pennsylvania area and are looking to adopt a cat, please let me know. I am not asking a fee for them, just the promise that they will be taken to good homes where they can be loved and cared for.


I’m never done drawing pearls