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Hey guys! Commissions are back open again, so I figured why not make a quick simple post and make it easier. I’m not offering as much as I used to because I’m focusing more on my personal works but still pinching pennies.

For more information about highly detailed paintings please contact me since I have a variety of styles~!

Sorry It’s really plain usually people just message me and I give them a quote! 

I don’t really have a problem drawing anything really….the only things I wont draw are:

  • incest
  • shotacon/lolicon/pedophilia
  • heavily nsfw things
  • heavy gore
  • anything that dehumanizes or demeans a race,minority, gender,or identity

…that’s about it??? Like I said you can always ask for a quote, time can change depending on style, detail, complexity o3o

I accept money mostly through paypal or venmo and money transfers, but I’m open to other forms of USD payment!!

Just thought it’d be  helpful to reblog this every sunday to let people know.

 Reblog if you can and to spread the word, trying to get some last minute gifts for the holidays!

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Member and Featured Blog Applications are always open, if you’re not sure if you fit the criteria apply anyway, it can’t hurt :)


Finally, spring is here. And finally I have the opportunity to say “Thank You!

Thank you, Fern @qbn-scholar and Pete @tvoom for the amazing review of “Super Trouper” in your last “Photo Critique” video and for the reblog and the kind words at @photosworthseeing.

Thank you, all curators, rebloggers and supporters! I’m always happy about every reblog and/or little red heart.

Have a nice sunday!


Bucky x T’Challa

backpack, backpack (t’challa rips bucky’s backpack in two. once he reads the notes that fly out, he won’t fight him. he can’t.) [on AO3]

sparring, cuddles, dinner

sex in a kitchen 

t’challa wants buck to call him daddy 

what you deserve (bucky has a crush, only steve can see it) [on AO3]

bucky and t’challa babysit cassie lang

they claim they aren’t dating, but sam and steve catch them out for dinner

t’challa brings buck to wakanda for a visit 

trying out a new toy

bucky catches t’challa singing in the shower

bucky tries to learn wakandan

bucky is overprotective of t’challa during missions

t’challa gets a text from bucky during a meeting

glass windows, steel blues (t’challa is the ceo of a fortune 500 company. bucky is his new assistant.) [on AO3]

t’challa braids bucky’s hair

soulmate au

bucky and t’challa fight over who gets to ask who out first

t’challa and bucky meet their son

sometimes t’challa just needs to take it

t’challa discovers that bucky is ticklish 

bucky befriends the dora milage

coffee shop au

bucky and t’challa meet their son

t’challa purrs

t’challa talks to bucky while he’s in cryro. bucky hears every word

worthy(bucky doesn’t believe he’s good enough for t’challa, who proves him wrong) [on AO3]

bucky and t’challa try to get their son to walk. uncle steve helps


sleeping bucky 

t’challa headcanons

high school au

honeymoon headcanons

bucky shows t’challa the lion king

nat and steve give t’challa the shovel talk

bucky is very messy, it annoys t’challa. a lot. 

bucky gets his wisdom teeth out 

warmth(bucky and t’challa like to spar. bucky likes to let him win) [on AO3]

cat au

Bucky x Steve x T’Challa

steve and bucky like t’challa. a lot. 

steve and bucky struggle with the washer and dryer 



Rivalry runs thick between the two groups. In this game of tug of war, one has to pull lest they be pulled. Neither of the masterminds are willing to give up. Neither of the masterminds are willing to cave.

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anonymous asked:

Literally asking you to be less fucking biased with your posting. Don't expect people to find your views impartial if what you mostly post about is in defense of him. I am not for people making bullshit stories to take down people, so I do agree with you on that. But I also remember when you were complaining about how all you heard was sunshine and roses about the Obama group. Look up what every news cast media had to say about Obama being president in the first year.

Yeah, and look at every newscast except Fox about Obama during the rest of his presidency.

I wasn’t HERE during Obama’s first term.

And of COURSE I’m going to criticize the left and the media when they’re in power.  Even when they’re not.  Christ.  Its because I want the left to be fucking better.

This seems to be boiling down to the complaint that I dared not to stick with the team.  Guess what?  When your team fucking sucks and can’t score goals, maybe you should be criticizing the players and telling them to shut the fuck up when they complain about the OTHER teams.

Literally look at it that way.  The left is pointing all their fingers at fucking Trump and NOT looking inward.  Trump’s own bullshit is irrelevant to the success of the left and allowing the left and the media to jerk itself off about how evil Trump is does NOTHING to help it.

Literally what the fuck do you want me to do?  Make a list of all the stupid shit Trump does in a week and reblog it every Sunday like a sermon?  What the fuck good does that do for my actual agenda of trying to fix the left?

THIS IS MY PROBLEM with these kinds of anons.

You don’t seem to get that I’m not doing this for fucking Trump’s benefit.  And you’re so goddamn obsessed with ‘teams’ than you can’t see what I’m actually goddamn doing.

And it pisses me off.

Komachi here and this is my permanent starter call for those mutuals with me~ so feel free to like this post meaning i can send you random shenanigans, asks and other fun things around!

Here are some nice things i am taking about.

  • Message you with no tensions and shyness
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  • hypothetical verse ideas (au’s)
  • MORE OROCHIVERSES (non-koei muses and others are invited too)
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  • and more random nanojas

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CCG’s Jason

its sunday (maybe not) so bring the popcorn + some of these to the sleepover!!

  • a funny story
  • confessions 
  • about your day
  • ships
  • !!! advice !!!
  • a dumb boy 
  • people who are making your heart go doki doki
  • something you are excited about
  • romantic stories
  • how your parents meet
  • any concert experiences
  • secrets
  • unpopular opinions
  • music thats been stuck in your head all weeK  
  • clothing looks youve been into lately
  • puns
  • this or that
  • theories
  • would you rather
  • anything else you want!! 

Man, I was so hyped about Samurai Jack just a little over a month ago, I spammed my own blog with reblogs about it every sunday when I woke up to a new episode, and now it’s just – nothing. I think I’ve only commented or reblogged something related to the show two or three times since the finale. Like I’m not even talking much about how the direction it took disappointed me, which was something I actually expected myself to do.