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The Sunshine Club™ is a network that mainly aims to promote positivity, self-love, and equality where you can share your love for animals, plants, art, poetry, and literally whatever the heck you want. You can ask for advices, develop friendships, and relationships with people from all over the world! This network will most likely be facebook-based (I will create a facebook group) so please before entering the club, make sure to have an fb account!


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🌻 things to expect on The Sunshine Club™

  • friendships! new pals with similar interests
  • positivity because that is the main goal of this club
  • the buddy project: every week you will be paired with a different member of the club that you have to befriend and converse with!
  • share your stuff: may it be art, your doggos, cats, pets, selfies, your works, stories, etc! every day, we will be sharing some of our stuff depending on the theme
  • help, advice (fashion, life, love)
  • place to grow because together we will aim to become better versions of ourselves and learn new things: culture, good stuff, music, language, learning styles etc!!
  • group of nice ppl who may follow you!
  • people who can rebloop/like your stuff under the tag that is: #sunshineclub
  • people who can do q4qs, reblog your stuff, send u messages, be ur #1 fan, etc

🌻 things to remember:

  • this network is created for positivity and love! strictly no trolls, rude people around!
  • if you’re just joining this club because you want followers… please… don’t. :(
  • this is the first time I’m doing this so please don’t expect too much! i will try my very best to keep this together tho!
  • pease make sure to have a facebook account before joining the club

🌻 other notes:

  • i will be choosing the members once this post gets a legit amount of entries or notes!
  • announcement of members will be on a separate post
  • most likely gunna rebloop this with the deadline some time soon (im still uncertain)
  • will only be picking max 20 bc i don’t think i  can handle so many ppl
  • i will add more ppl over time so yeppo, dont you worry this is 100% open to everyone but im just trying my best to keep it a little controlled right now wohoo

Hey guys! Here is the long-promised giveaway for 10k followers…which kinda failed since I’m at 12.3k right now, but I guess it can be for that as well!!

here are the rules:
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- no giveaway blogs
- winner will be selected randomly
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I am shipping worldwide (rip my wallet) so everyone can enter!
The giveaway ends two weeks before high school graduation, the 6th of September 2017.

Good luck!

voltron crew and tumblr

Shiro: Surprisingly has a space theme because obviously. Reblogs whatever he finds funny. Occasionally posts a selfie which has like 20k notes. His selfie with Keith got over 100k with tags like #who are these people omg #hot stuff Tumblr Famous but isn’t aware of it. Has nice anons. Gives advice on physical fitness. Admitted to hating P.E. back in school—his followers think it’s a lie. It isn’t. Organized tagger. #funny #meme #space #cat #my face #bae

Keith: Has a default theme, he ain’t got no time to fancy shit up. Reblogs anime and whatever shows he’s into. Posts art, meta and heaps of personal ones like “Got free ice cream today.” and tags it as #shiro #wtf man thank you? #finals is killing me but the ice cream made it bearable. Has rude anons because he tends to have a lot of unpopular opinions. Tags what he feels #this is bullshit, but is organized with his shows. #Free! #Deadpool #Voltes V

Pidge: Has a very complicated theme she coded herself. It has a pop-up that asks you a “password” which is a lie, you just type whatever and it will show you her blog. Has 50+ side blogs. She has one for every fandom she’s in. Has a blog for all her salt. Keith stumbled upon it and sent an ask “Pidge, why are you so angry?” She replied with “You spelled Keith wrong.” Queues all the time. Tags all her hate. #ugly shit #fucking stupid it doesn’t make sense

Lance: Changes themes way too many times because he likes keeping it fresh! One time got a theme coded by Hunk as a gift. He kept it for a year. His blog is a mix of… everything. Doesn’t believe in sideblogs, because he couldn’t keep up with them. One is enough. Tumblr Famous and knows it. Answers all asks in public—anon or not. One time was the root of a Tumblr War. It was with Keith, but they became friends, oddly enough. Doesn’t tag. At. All.

Hunk: Coded his own theme and hasn’t changed it ever since. Reblogs a lot of cute animals and tags it as #awwww #this is lance lol #cat Posts a lot of his photography which usually features Lance because they’re always together. Definitely the complimenter #beautiful #the most gorgeous boy #i love you Posts his bake goods WITH recipe and procedure. The Most Tumblr Famous of them all because he’s overall lovable. No hate anons. Not even once.

this is a secret santa gift for @megatraven <3333 I was told she enjoys some Alyanette, and thats actually my favourite ship from the show, so how could i not?

Anyways, I’m not gonna watermark this because it’s a gift. But please don’t be an asshole and post this to your instagram, or pinterest, or weheartit or any of those horrible places. Reblog and directly link people if you wanna share my art, please and thank you.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year Miraculers!

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Hi! You reblogged my picture of Tater with kittens, and tagged it with GIVE TATER A CAT, and other such beautiful things. I wanted to thank you, because honestly that was the purest addition to that post I've seen yet. Tater definitely has a cat that will play fetch and will attack ankles for affection, I completely agree. Incredible.

Okay so I’ve been keeping this in my asks, hoping I’d have time to fic it because the world NEEDS fic of Tater and his cat, but I simply do not have the time.

Instead, have a list of other awesome/cute things about Tater and his cat.

  • Whenever Tater’s putting food in his dish on the counter, he will climb up his legs–pants or no.
  • Whenever Tater gets back home, he runs around his feet/ankles in search of attention, tripping him up.
  • Tater’s biggest fear in these moments is stepping on his cat (he’s too big and the cat is too small!!!)
  • Tater has indeed tripped and fallen because of this and he has done it in front of some of the team. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and comments about David and Goliath are chirps Tater has had to get used to.
  • His cat is a rescue; an abandoned, feral runt of the litter that was picked up by someone and brought in.
  • His cat has a very particular diet because of digestive issues.  It was one of the reasons he had not been adopted before.  It’s a good thing Tater has a big paycheck.
  • When Tater is away on roadies, he has a cat sitter come by daily–a vet student he pays really well to just be there and give attention to his cat and study.  It’s a super sweet gig.
  • When Tater is home, he and his cat are always cuddling together.
  • A little cat curled up in the small of his back when Tater is on his stomach or sprawled out, pressed against his leg when Tater’s chilling on the couch.  When he spreads his legs out along it, the cat sleeps between his legs or between his legs and the back of the sofa.  In bed, he crawls under the covers and presses against Tater’s side.
  • Tater has cat hair on everything.
  • When angry at him, his cat pees on his hockey bag.  Tater has been through so many hockey bags.
  • One time, his cat curled up in his hockey bag and he didnt’ know until he was at the rink.  Falcs Twitter blew up when they featured the little guy with the rest of the team.
  • The cat plays goalie with his cat toys.  The team does a competition between Snowy and Tater’s cat.  Tater’s cat wins and Snowy throws a fit.
  • Teeth marks on all of Tater’s gear at home because oh goodness does this cat love to chew on things.  RIP any of Tater’s pucks.
  • Tater copying his cat when he bleps.
  • Tater and his cat meowing back and forth at each other.
  • Tater tucking the cat into his sweats and walking around with a warm furry lump down by his ankle.
  • Leash-trained cats get to go on walks.

Just…Tater with a cat.  So good.  So soft.

anonymous asked:

What are some author recommendations

i don’t read actual books as much, but i consider tumblr writers as authors too!

i’ve reblogged post just now with an infinite list of writers being mentioned, you can check that out!

also as for my personal recs here goes:

the squad’s writing will always be my top faves. 

cat’s @taesthetes style leans towards the cringe fluff that makes you wanna scream because of how cute it is, as proven by the list of fluff on her masterlist. but beware, once cat writes angst, it’s going to hit you hard and you’ll be left with that feeling of… incomplete.

 rys @dreamscript tends to write angst quite a lot. one minute you’ll be reading a romantic comedy and the next, you’ll be weeping over the heart wrenching ending. but also, like i said, she writes great rom-com as well!

here’s to my mutuals who are talented asf writers. (6473829 yrs later and here i am still spazzing over the fact that they’re following me):

@an-exotic-writer [who doesn’t know the fluff queen of all time? missy’s writing always leaves me feeling all fluffed up and happy. the extra conversations of characters at the end of her fics always cracks me up.]

@floofyeol [i think it’s safe to say i’ve read most of sasha’s bts fics on here. she has this easy flowing style that keeps you reading]

@gguked [you don’t need me telling u why she’s good, she just is. ;D]

@hobibliophile [jules’ fics are always a must-read. she has the characterization down in each and every fic. and personally her plots are one of my faves, there’s suspense, anticipation and everything that keeps you on the edge of your seat]

@inktae [all hail the queen. mari writes the most beautiful pieces as most might already know. i’m lowkey afraid of reading her new works bc i know they’re gonna wreck me]

@noir0neko [cait’s writing always has me shook. have u seen her masterlist? it shouldn’t even be called masterlist, it’s like the hall of fame!]

 @jeonseok [my fluff bean who writes the cutest, fluffiest fics with a slice of wit and sometimes angst.]

@jungblue [every time i read her fics, it feels like i’m in a whole new world. it’s like reading a published book and you just have to keep reading to know what happens. her style does that to you]

 @jungkxook [where do i start? alyssa’s style is simple yet capturing at the same time, which btw still has me shook]

@kainks [her writing is so great, it’s like even though you’re reading smut you’re not. what you’re really reading is art all the way]

@yoonminnings [viv’s works are always so breathtaking. her descriptions of the scene and surroundings draws you in and before you know it, you’ll be wanting more]

@taechubs [erin’s masterlist is on my to-read list. i don’t know her writing style per se but she’s good, i can feel it in my bones and through the messages u can see on her blog. *eyes star crossed*]

@taegonia [i haven’t read any of her fics yet but syndromes is on top of my list! also a great writer i can feel in my boneees]

@triptaech [ sam’s writing is so fulfilling. i gotta thank her for giving great endings to the fics she writes]

and moving on, other writers who i’ve had the pleasure of indulging in their works:

@/seokvie is the to-go writer every time i’m craving some hoseok fics. i might have gone over to her blog more times than i can count. what can i say? she’s a great writer. :D

@/tayegi has the style of a goddess, as many know. i particularly like the way she writes the reader. and A1 smut!

@/yoongguksx i don’t know how to explain this but her style is beautifully realistic (for me at least). there’s conflict, drama and a great ending that leaves you wondering wtf was life before her fics.


@/writing-prompt-s not exactly an author but he might as well be one with the way he comes up with unique, interesting ideas

@/caffeinewitchcraft not in the bts fandom, in fact far from it! but she’s so talented that i cannot help but keep up with her works.

there are plenty more great writers on here but i can’t seem to remember. but all in all, just because you’re not in a rec list, doesn’t mean you’re any less of a writer. :D have a great day everyone!

Meeting Taylor

SO everyone’s been asking me for my story of how this amazing picture came into my life:

and so I thought I’d finally get round to sharing my story!! Sorry that it’s taken so long (almost a week - oops!) it’s just been totally crazy with me and I just want to take this chance to first of all thank you for all the reblogs, likes and support you guys gave me, and for being so kind and lovely after it finally happened!!

My 1989 tour story starts at the Glasgow date on 23rd June 2015 (although my story with @taylorswift starts way back). At the Glasgow date, I camped out with some lovely gals from @thescotlandsquad - @forever-dreaming-0f-you, @we-found-wonderland-in-1989, @taylorfreakinswiftt and @tayloralis0nswift! I was actually in Paris the weekend before at a convention, and was due to come home on the 23rd, but wouldn’t have made the concert so I swapped my flights over just so I could go. I wore my big white prom dress and camped all night (literally) with some of the best people - and something wonderful happened!! @taylorswift followed @forever-dreaming-0f-you and @tayloralis0nswift while we were on tumblr trying to let her know that we were already camping out for her!! We freaked out and it was the best. During the day of the concert we met up with a bunch of other fab people from @thescotlandsquad AND I FINALLY GOT TO MEET @panicatthetaylorswiftconcert!! This was all seriously cool and she brought Taylor’s coat that she got given in her valentines day package and she let me try it on and then Gaby said she was meeting Taylor and she took my scrapbook that I made for her in for me (which I will forver be grateful for and you are the best and I miss you) - side note THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR MAKING GABY SO HAPPY BECAUSE SHE IS THE SWEETEST - and then it was time for the show. I was in block 11, and it was the closest I had ever gotten to Taylor during a show (more on that later). I had the time of my life, although my dress was a bit too hot and it was hard to move but I really loved wearing it and people kept coming up to me to say how beautiful I looked and some people even asked for pictures with me, which was lovely. I got to speak to Sierra at the Taylor Nation booth and she was so so lovely. I bumped into @goodgirlwhoshopeful at the TN booth and we talked and then we had a picture of us taken (which would later end up on Taylor’s website!!) I then went to my seat and not long after, I see @nowthat-imclean and her mum being upgraded to pit!! Just after, I see @goodgirlwhoshopeful get upgraded too which is super cool. About halfway through the show, there was a message on the Scotland Squad facebook chat and it said that @oohiremember, @screaminggcolourr and @oohmymymyy had GOTTEN LOFT ‘89! Everyone really really wanted them to get it so we were all really really happy. And then I started to wonder if it was going to happen to me, since Taylor had been following me since May and had noticed my posts before. When it didn’t happen to me, I got so sad (I don’t even want to talk about how sad I was but if anyone saw me at the date after the concert was over you’ll know what I’m talking about.) But now I understand that it wasn’t meant to happen then, and that’s totally totally okay. 

Flash forward to 26th June 2015. Initially, I was only planning on attending the Glasgow date of the 1989 tour, but this was the day it all changed. I was just browsing tumblr when I saw that @xomol  was giving away a free ticket to the london show!! I quickly messaged to see if it was still available, and when she told me it was, I booked my train down without question. I had nowhere to stay or anything, I just hoped I would be able to stay in the train station overnight or something. I didn’t really care, all that mattered to me was seeing Taylor again. I narrowly missed my train the next day, and had to cry my way out of a £60 fine for getting on a later train (as technically my tickets weren’t valid). I got there eventually around 2pm and waited for Molly to arrive with my ticket. Around this time is when I bumped into @showyouincrediblethings who was an absolute darling and we queued for ages together! I got to meet up with my best friend @partyinhannahsroom and her sister while I was there too which was so great! I managed to find the (well hidden) Taylor Nation booth and Sierra was there again, and she recognised me from Glasgow! I said hi and I told her that it was a split decision and that I was just here because I kind of threw caution to the wind and emptied my bank account for the train down. She said she hoped I enjoyed the show and then I wandered off and managed to find @partyinhannahsroom by chance (since it was such a big place and it was all standing!) and then the concert started and Ellie Goulding was incredible and then Taylor came on and I stopped being able to cope with my life when she brought out the squad during Style - seriously Taylor OH MY GOD!! and then I wasn’t fussed about not being noticed by Andrea or anyone that night because I knew chances were really slim anyway and I just wanted to see Taylor again. I was so grateful to see the show a second time because this is the first tour where I’ve been able to go to multiple dates.

A week or so after that, I began to miss Taylor and the 1989 concert terribly, and I wondered about the idea of travelling to Asia to see the tour - since one of my ultimate goals is to see Taylor on every continent that she tours in. I put it out of my head and decided I couldn’t afford it, but when I started making money from my redbubble account I knew that seeing Taylor again was what I wanted to do with the money. I booked my hotel and invited @southwesteros to come to Singapore with me, since she studied it for her graded unit at college and she’d always wanted to visit there. I hadn’t bought my ticket by this point and the show was actually sold out, so I had to buy my ticket from viagogo. I was really worried about it being fake, but it wasn’t so that was good 

As everyone who follows me knows, I made this post about me attending 1989 Singapore this year after I found out where I would be sitting, and I reblogged it from August right through to just days before the concert. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make any other dates this tour, so this was my last chance. I queued the post to post when I was sleeping, I constantly reblogged it whenever @taylorswift was online and started tweeting it to Taylor Nation on twitter and tagging them in posts about it on instagram. We flew out on November 6th and I didn’t hear anything for ages and ages and I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen, so I just got on my flight to Singapore. We were two hours delayed and then we finally got there on November 7th. When we got there, I logged on to the airport wifi (the first time I’d had wifi in around 24 hours) and I HAD AN EMAIL SAYING THAT TAYLOR NATION HAD DM’d ME ON TWITTER. I started to cry and I couldn’t deal with it and Gail had to calm me down,Then I replied and the next day I got a phonecall from Kevin to say that Taylor had seen my tumblr post that she loved it and everyone at Taylor Nation loved it and that she’d asked to meet me. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! I thanked Kevin over and over again, and then he was like “we’ll see you tonight then!” and I said my goodbyes. We went around a shopping centre in Singapore and I was FREAKING OUT when I got another phone call - this time it was from Erica! She explained that it wasn’t an official meet and greet, and that it was going to happen backstage before Welcome To New York. She also said she was UPGRADING MY SEAT which meant that Gail could go to the concert which was super cool!! So I got upgraded to front row:

We then went to the venue and queued, here’s a picture of me queueing with my sign (which the venue took from me before I was allowed to get in and they threw it out so I couldn’t have it back but I didn’t really care at this point:

so they took the sign off me and then I went into the venue and sat in my (UPGRADED) seat and waited for Erica to come get me. She came and got me around quarter to 8, and Taylor was due to come on stage around 8. We went backstage and there was also two other girls, but I was the only one from tumblr. We were led to a door and told to wait there, and Taylor’s dancers were warming up right in front of us! A few of them introduced themselves and asked how we were holding up, and then suddenly they were gone and Taylor and Andrea appeared. 

The first thing Taylor did when she arrived was say “Hey Guys!” and came straight to hug me (TAYLOR HUGGED ME WHAT IS MY LIFE) and said “thank you for coming all this way, that’s crazy!” she then spoke to the two other girls who’d been asked to come backstage and I spoke to Mama Swift and she was so so lovely to me and we got this selfie: 

And then it was time for Taylor to talk to me. She came right up to me (I didn’t even have to introduce myself!) and she said: “ You’re so fun to follow on tumblr, you’re so fun!” and she said she’d seen my post that I’d reblogged “like 100 times” so basically she knew everything about me,  then she said my cat was cute and she love cats like that and that she loved that his name was Dusty because “he’s, like, Dusty.” (like the colour) and then I was like “I brought you a cat!!” because I’d brought her a cat toy thing thats hand moves when there’s a battery in it and she said she loved it and that she used to have one but she lost it, so this was really cool. I then said hi from @thescotlandsquad, and gave her Izzy’s (@iknowyouveheardaboutme) URL and she sent Izzy her love and then I told her that she’d saved my life and I thanked her for everything and she took my hands and said thank you too and she was holding my hand the entire time and we got a picture (Erica kept trying to get Taylor to hurry up I think, but she kept on talking to me) and we got a picture and then she had to go and we were led out by one of her team to the B-Stage and given B-Stage wristbands. The guy who was in charge of the B-Stage seemed confused that I was there and the member of Taylor’s team who led us out was like “oh she’s good, she’s Taylor’s.” SHE’S. TAYLOR’S. Taylor I’m yours now okay? Okay. And when the people around me saw that I met Taylor (because I’d already made the picture my lock screen, obviously) they let me straight through to the front and I was literally at the bottom of the B Stage and she looked at me all night and I genuinely have photos of her directly looking into my camera and basically the whole night was perfect and unbelieveable and I can’t believe this is my life. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my Taylor journey, eras past and present, and thank you to Taylor Nation for making this happen. Thank you to all my followers who stuck with me during my mass reblog of that post, it all paid off!! 

The biggest thank you goes to you, @taylorswift. Thank you for wanting to meet me and for making me feel just like we were best friends who just hadn’t met up in a while. Thank you for surprising me, and thank you for going to all that effort, because you really didn’t have to. I’ll never forget you as long as I live, Love you forever. <3 <3 <3

(photo creds to @southwesteros and Erica Worden)


When you feel like drawing McLennon but also have an unhealthy obsession with Neko Atsume.

I redesigned John and Pauls little Neko Atsume kitties to actually y'know… Match their hair colors… But I really love drawing Neko Atsume stuff and this is like my favorite thing.

They only ever appear together. Because where one goes the other just follow, and force their way into any box, blanket, or chair the other is in.

John is kinda a flame point Siamese? The colors are a bit weird… But that’s what I’m going with. And Paul is a brown tuxedo. I love them. Thank you

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yo jsyk catsuggest is a TERF

If I reblogged something from that blog recently then it’s because I thought it was a cute cat pic. I took a look at the catsuggest blog and based on what they’ve posted recently, there’s no way I could know that they’re a TERF. It literally just looks like a cat blog.

While I agree being a TERF is problematic, it’s also unfair to expect that people who run blogs like this one vet every single blog they reblog from to make sure the OP isn’t problematic. I see a cute cat pic on my feed (or if someone submits one), I just reblog it.

Birthday page!๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’

Ok so I’m doing a revamp of my birthday page because previously it’s only been done as part of a helpliztonotbebored project.

- Follow mee
- Reblog this post 
- Send me an ask with you name/nickname, birthday and what you think of cats🐱🐱🐱

What you’ll get:
- A spot on the birthday page
- A spot in my updates tag during the month of your birthday
- A cute message from me on your birthday
- An edit/moodboard/whatever my inspiration allows for your birthday

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Hi, I'm the weird person that asked the last question, by the way. I've decided that if I were to be part of the cat play community, I would essentially be a just a grumpy fat ass house cat. That matches my personality more, because I don't act super cute and I'm not kawaii or anything. I just like to eat and lay on any flat surface. So, my question is, is there anyone you met in the community that is more like that?? Or is there a type of cat like that??? Thanks ~Kat

Well, I’m not exactly sure…but i did reblog two posts a while ago that could help you find out which pet you’d be. They’re called: “How to get into your pet head space” and “PET PLAY: which animal do you best identify as?”

Originally posted by little-space-for-kitten

100 Follower Celebration!

Wow guys we reached 100 so fast! I’m glad I’ve been able to connect this little side blog to so many people, and I’m thankful you’ve given me the opportunity to do so! I hope to keep posting and making friends for the foreseeable future! Thanks again everyone!

these are some cool cats that i appreciate!

Mutuals / Pals: 




People who I reblog literally everything from and want to be friends with  ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙

@maddie-neko @theloligod @cute-girls-with-fangs @lolianon @jattoba @laughoutloli @liberty-or-dess @shironomi @dimari0 @yung-gunshot

… because I can’t stop thinking about the one and only turtle-cat ;3

Hey, you know that guy in Final Fantasy 7 who controls the annoying cat thing? Who also does problematic crap like work in the upper echelons of Shinra, Inc. and kidnap little girls as hostages but also somehow comes across as a complete unproblematic cinnamon roll because he just wants to do good in the world, and then somehow became one of the most influential people on the Planet while no one was looking? Yeah, that’s Reeve Tuesti, so go ahead and give this post a like or reblog if you’d be interested in interacting with that guy ( or occasionally his smartass sentient cat doll ). :]

PRIVATE & SELECTIVE and RPs all parts of the compilation timeline !  OC friendly Wants to hear about your cats

About Feralfront.

Guys, this has nothing to do with gaming or cute critters. It’s just drama and like, some advertisement all in one post. So like, carry on if you’re not interested or whatever.

Anyways, time I get this off my chest. I’ve been avoiding a rant because I’ve been trying to move on, but I feel like I need one. In 2010, I was a huge fan of Warrior Cats, and I was a fine writer, too, or so I liked to think, and still think, heh. Anyways, I joined this website called Warrior Cats RPG, it was super popular, and I loved it. Over time, it began to change, instead of just cats and clans, staff began to add larger animals, such as lions, eagles, and a year later? Dragons and super powers. The RP game became a mess of popularity based on who was the most OP. Character development all but halted, because anyone that didn’t enter the RP as a literal god or demon or devil would be immediately overlooked. Staff might have been aiming for freedom, but unfortunately, the freedom they got turned out to be much more restricting than the rules that once kept the place fair. In the middle of all that, as the site began moving away from Warrior Cats, the website was renamed to Feralfront.

Keep in mind that due to my agitation with all the powers and literal gods and shit being played, I left the site some time late 2013 or early 2014. When I returned in 2016, I found that a separate board had been added for strict Warrior Cats roleplay. I hadn’t touched a WC book in years and lacked any interest in it, but I remembered my childhood and decided, ‘what the hell, i’ll give it a shot, how hard can writing cats be?” I didn’t expect to meet so many friends, or to establish this connection within a support group that looked after each other, and looked after me. I could vent and rant and cry all I wanted to them and the friends I had were always trying to help me through it. So I was grateful. But things began to change at the start of 2017. Staff changed to a different forum host, burning boards. The site erupted with irritation and anger, and the place practically died due to the amount of people that either never returned after the transfer or straight up posted their leaving threads and abandoned the place as if it were a ship on fire in open water. And it was.

Members expressed their disapproval, especially since there were plenty of bugs and threads lost. Bookmarks were gone, the coding was broken, people were missing important parts of their FF history from years past. People took their frustration into discussion, some of which were rude, many of which were completely polite. Then the banning happened. Imagine the movie purge, but this time, on a website, in which staff completely lose all self morale rules and just start shooting people. Anyone with an opinion, or anyone that showed disapproval for the site change was banned. The people that weren’t were the people who literally had to kiss staff ass in their posts just to insure that they weren’t banned for the opinion they wanted other people to hear, and that’s sad. Discouraged, many members began posting memes about the site, a funny little game that they hoped would cheer them and others up. Some of these were certainly rude, mind you, but others were innocent, not that it mattered. Memes became banned, and so did all the members who posted them. But not only that. Feralfront introduced this newfound ‘like’ system after the transfer, sorta like facebook, you could like posts. And guess what happened to people that ‘liked’ meme posts? Most were banned. I can’t even count the amount of people who were kicked off the site forever, many of which for pretty much no reason. I, fearful of being banned myself, just stayed low and avoided the situation. I had JUST gotten back from the hospital after a suicide attempt, and Feralfront, despite the fact that it was burning at the stake, was still my little sanctuary. I still had friends there. Make no mistake, the whole thing was stressing. I had panic attacks as a direct result of what was soon dubbed ‘The Hellden of 2017′.

I eventually left the site late summer of this year (2017) after the head staff member of feralfront, Dynamo, made an announcement defending pedophilia. I, along with many others, were disgusted and uncomfortable that a thirty year old man on a website filled with teens and young adults would say such things. In addition to that, the increase of abuse, torture, and rape plots in the extended game (trad members monitored other trad members to insure that such things weren’t happening as much among us. Remember, extended is the game with all the gods and titans, trad is just warrior cats) made a lot of people uncomfortable. As a result to all of this, people began to leave.

However, the site was my sanctuary, and as I grew depressed once more, I returned to the site about three months later.

After that, things just got worse, mostly for the traditional warrior cats rpg. While the extended game could still play their gods and titans, the WC game was limited to just stuff in the books. Except that it wasn’t, because we had this clan called DarkClan, completely non traditional, and yet staff always snapped at us about doing things by the book despite all the things they allowed that were never in the books. Or at least, they did after the catnip incident. In the warriors books, there’s a character that’s effected by catnip, so people assumed it was ‘traditional’ and could be played. Furthermore, it was realistic. We all know the effects of catnip, right? It can make your cats super hyper, or super tired, and it doesn’t effect every cat. It’s not a bad thing, it’s not kitty cocaine. A staff member pretty much said it was okay as long as we weren’t trading it and doing anything akin to ‘drug deals’. Later though, the subject was brought up again, as staff started sending people warnings for having their characters effected by catnip, effectively going back on their word without warning. This irritated many members of the WC game, but staff cracked down on responses and refused to negotiate despite almost trad game-wide protest.

Feralfront doesn’t have an official rules page. The rules are fluid and up to staff ‘in the moment’. This means they may ban a member they dislike or don’t know for something, but decide that that something is allowed for members that are staff’s best friends or biggest supporters. It means that if they see something they don’t like, they can immediately say that it’s against the rules. This fluid rule system confused many members, and those of us that expressed concern and suggested a solid rule page be put up to prevent member blindness, were shut down as staff stated, quite harshly, that the rules were not up for discussion and that staff word is the law of the site no matter what. They stated that they had the right to ban anyone for any reason, even if it’s just something as simple as the fact that they dislike you.

After the catnip incident, things really began to crumble in the trad game. Staff came down harder than ever, and started changing and taking away things that have been apart of the game since the very beginning. This caused panic, confusion, and anger. This was the second purge. And one I was punished for. The bans started with me and two other members. They were temporarily banned for stating their disagreement with staff’s decisions both in public and in private message. I suppose staff were fed up with people disagreeing with them and their sudden, newfound rules that were basically thrust upon us without any warning. Probably because they were tired of the warrior cats rp members requesting more freedom with their plots. No, we weren’t asking for dragons, or powers, or other outrageous stuff, but simply realistic ideas, such as our characters having brains and the intelligence to rename the deputy rank to ‘second in command’. But we weren’t even allowed to do that.

Keep in mind my autism, when things change suddenly, especially things that I love and care about, I have meltdowns. I panic. And that’s what I did. I vented in a public chat in the middle of my panic attack, stating that I was crying and terrified that staff wanted trad dead. I inquired as to whether trad was being punished for something. As a result, I was perma banned. I’ll take some of the blame, I shouldn’t have posted in that chat as I could have caused someone anxiety, however I often stated mental health problems in there and the members of the group were aware. I apologized shortly after, explaining my behavior. Not long after that, I pulled up the site to find that I was perma banned. Why? Toxicity. That’s right, my emotional breakdown, a mix of autism and severe mental illness, was considered toxic by staff. Even after my public apology. Keep in mind that neither of those things were a secret on the site. Other members of trad knew my struggles. I was devastated and suicidal as a result of the ban. I ended up seeing my psychiatrist, of whom eventually prescribed new medication as my mental health slowly began to decrease. It’s still decreasing, of course, because the thing that kept me stable had been taken away, and it still hurts.

The two temporarily banned members who had, as a reminder, been banned for stating their opinions, took to tumblr to express their distaste. They ranted because they felt that they were unfairly treated, which of course, resulted in their bans being extended to permanent. Now…I will admit, some of the things they said were definitely combative, but in my opinion, they had every right to say them in their rants after what staff had done. A former staff member messaged me, and pointed out that staff had been planning to get rid of the trad game for some time, and that Dynamo had clearly stated that he did not want his website associated with warrior cats. It was suggested that I, and the two others, being figureheads of a sort of the trad game, were specifically targeted in an effort to make bringing down trad all the more easier to do in the future.

Meanwhile, two other people were banned, one of which was perma banned for stating that my ban was too harsh, and for respectfully (and it WAS respectful) suggesting to staff that they should sit down with the trad members and discuss their future and negotiate what they (i’d say we but i’m banned now) as a majority wanted in their game. This angered staff, who had stated before that nothing they said or did was up for discussion in any way. The next person banned was banned for asking a question about why certain things that were not traditional were allowed in trad, and why other things were not. Remember, site rules are fluid and targeted, so staff didn’t take kindly to her inquiries. Her ban was temporary, however without warning, it was extended to permanent. Without reason. Keep in mind that every single person banned including me played a high ranking official in the traditional clans. Suspicious, perhaps, if you take into account that former staff member’s statements about potentially shutting down the trad game. With many high positions ripped away from the game, the place was left to stagger and struggle to recover.

Shortly after, up to four people, one of which I don’t think is even banned, began spamming the site with a message in the hopes of raising awareness for what had happened, what could potentially happen, and why members should leave. In my opinion, the messages brought up very good points, and by the way, thanks for defending me in them, that was very sweet and I’m grateful. These people were desperate to spare others from similar fates. They wanted good people to leave the site to avoid getting wrapped up in another purge for nothing more than speaking out of turn, or accidentally breaking a rule that didn’t exist before they broke it. They even posted screenshots to back up their claims. Staff responded by attempting to play off the efforts as simply being those of ass holes, “people’s kids”.One member (you might have noticed that I have not been naming names. I will continue to do this out of respect for their privacy) of extended, who knew nothing of what was going on, decided to jump on their bandwagon, and verbally attack the people banned. While they might be slightly excused for being oblivious to the situation and simply assuming what happened based on staff’s insults that they made in their discord, it still doesn’t make up for the distress they caused the banned members that saw this. Particularly mine, who was pained to see someone basically insult me without any knowledge of the situation whatsoever. Nevertheless, while ignorance isn’t a total excuse, in this case, it’s somewhat acceptable. At least to me. Not so sure about how the other members feel.

 So here we all are, all banned as a group, some angry, some irritated, some devastated (or maybe that’s just me?). What happens now? Those members and I pretty much decided to join another website called Bearbones so…that’s where we are now.

Neko Atsume: Steven Universe Edition 2.0!

So I want to thank everyone who has followed me, reblogged, and liked all because of my first steven universe cats. The first post got to 10,500ish notes, which is really crazy to think about! I have more than doubled my followers, with this blog now approaching 200 followers! To think this all happened over some cute cats is inconceivable.

I will be going back and doing some different stuff than the cats for a little while. I have a really big art piece coming out soon. So, be on the lookout for that! Again, thanks so much peps!

If the cast of Trigun had tumblr:

Vash: Originally had an account in which he was open about his identity, but got so much anon hate for being an outlaw that his friends had to convince him to stop crying for five minutes so he could delete that account and make a new one.  Spams food pics, especially donuts.  Reblogs lots of cute/funny things, like cat gifs.  Occasionally waxes philosophical about human nature, life, hope, love and peace, etc.  Confuses people by talking a lot about Rem in a way that leads people to believe she’s his girlfriend.

Wolfwood:  Reblogs cool guns.  Complains about Vash.  Argues with people.  A lot.  Hopes desperately that anyone who knows him as a priest will never see his blog.  Deleted the blog and made a new one when Chapel started following.

Meryl: Doesn’t have a tumblr blog, because that’s such a waste of time and there are more constructive things to do with your life and are you listening to me, Vash, because for the last time, no I will not follow you.  I already have to put up with you in real life, I don’t want you on my internet too.  Yes I know those cat gifs are cute, no I do not care that you’re three followers away from your goal, I am trying to work here!

Milly: Reblogs lots and lots of cute things.  She and Vash reblog food pics from each other.  Sometimes posts long Milly-monthly-like posts (and never uses “read more.”)  Shares words of wisdom from her big brothers/big sisters/parents.  Used to get shocked and scandalized by language and NSFW content, but then she found tumblr savior and things are better now.  Has lots of followers and online friends.

Legato: Reblogs arguments and social justice posts to say, “It doesn’t really matter actually, because all of mankind will die in the very near future.  If I were you, I would let it go and simply enjoy what little time you have left."  This either makes people very angry, or completely creeps them out.

Knives: Lasted a week before the stupidity of humanity caused him to throw his laptop out a window.  Later he came back just to stalk Vash.  He groans at Vash’s philosophy posts, but secretly enjoys some of the cat gifs.

“It’s Just A Ship”

I often reference the fact that I was gaslighted by fandom culture and it contributed significantly to my sexual abuse, but I donโ€™t think I ever really clearly defined how thatโ€™s relevant enough to other young fans to actively disparage fandom culture as a whole.

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