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original: サマーランチスペシャル~summer lunch special by ゆりげ

translation/typesetting: marzbandaryun

quick note: hello! this is my first time translating a doujin so please take everything you read with a grain of salt ^^; 

another important thing: i happened on this post in the sm tag before about a doujin that was really cute but was untranslated. it was uploaded on a different site, so i tracked down the original artist to ask for permission to translate, and while that was granted, the artist actually didn’t want it publicly reposted. 

i translated this with the intent to share with some friends who wanted a refreshing doujin without dubious content, but because i cannot upload the full thing, i will have to share privately. so, if you want to read the whole thing, holler and i’ll send it to you, in faith that you will not reupload elsewhere to respect the artist’s wishes.

anyway, here’s a look!

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