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The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - The one with the bunny - SN:12x11

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AU where someone tells Ouma that he can't flirt for **** and teaches him how to properly flirt

I can’t help but think Saihara and almost everyone else would actually kind of enjoy watching him squirm a little. Like, Ouma so often likes to act like he’s infallible and nothing fazes him and he has no weaknesses and then it just turns out he’s…literally incapable of flirting or comprehending why anyone would actually, genuinely like him, and he’s running away from his feelings 24/7, and everyone is like “ah, this asshole actually has ONE thing we can hold over his head now.”

I do really want an AU where Kaede wingmans like hell though. Something where she and Saihara are childhood friends, have maybe even dated in the past or something but are still really close.

And then Ouma comes along, starts dropping huge blatant hints that he’s crushing on Saihara, and then inevitably tries to cut and run when Saihara starts reciprocating because he’s now thinking in terms of, “oh, shit, I’m actually serious about Saihara-chan but see I’m a horrible person and I don’t deserve to be in a relationship so I gotta go right now.” So he beats around the bush by claiming he was just lying and starts avoiding Saihara super intently.

And Saihara is understandably confused by all the mixed signals so he takes Ouma avoiding him as a rejection and is really put off by it all but then Kaede, see, she takes Saihara and she sits him down and she’s like:

“Well…did he actually say he didn’t have feelings you?”


“Did he actually say he wants to break it off with you?”


And Kaede is basically diabolical and cunning as hell and keeps pushing Saihara to not let Ouma run out the door the next time he sees him because she’ll be damned if that little gremlin is going to just leave her best friend hanging without giving him a definite yes or no.

You can probably tell I’ve been thinking up headcanons for this kind of thing way too much lately.

I’ve been meaning to post this drawing here forever, so even though the quality is crap (as usually), there you go ✨


autistic daisy johnson for @incomprehensiblelentils
 “Being different can mean making a difference” 


One of the things i have promised myself this year, is to spread positivity as much as possible. The year is coming to an end, and I would like to stick to that promise through being able to give you a week full of positive messages and cute compliments. What better time of a year to do this than Christmas?

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