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Valentine Day Collection 2017

Pick and choose what items you want  from the SimFileShare folder link below. Filenames are listed in each photo.

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Oscar Isaac + the best hugs in the world probably

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I made some little research around the origins of the balloon squad actors + Iman Meskini !

Simo (Elias Bakkoush) and Adam Ezzari (Adam Malik) are of Moroccan origins.

Yousef Hjelde Elmofty (Mikael) is of Egyptian origins.

I don’t know about Muttasim Billah (Mutta).

Cengiz Al (Yousef Acar) is of Turkish origins.

Iman Meskini (Sana Bakkoush) is of Tunisian origins.


A few quick things:
A) I hate drawing profiles
B) it is nearly impossible to find reference pictures for this movie, so I fudged a few things
C) Maurice’s version of “How Does a Moment Last Forever” may be one of my favorite songs from this movie


Cabeswater - A Raven Cycle Fanmix

“If one squinted into Cabeswater long enough, in the right way, one could see secrets dart between the trees. The shadows of horned animals that never appeared. The winking lights of another summer’s fireflies. The rushing sound of many wings, the sound of a massive flock always out of sight. Magic.”

listen to it here