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A few hours ago I was truly desperate, I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t even explain myself about anything. I forced myself to calm and think, come up to ideas that might actually help.

But first of all I’ll explain a little bit.

During summer time, some of our forests get burned, mainly because of human fault, however this time it is too much, we can’t control this situation, we need help.

Firefighters are exhausted, they are all volunteers. That’s a huge problem Chile has, we have very little fireghters, because they DON’T GET PAID. We are asking other countries for this wonderfull men who risk their lives for us, since we don’t have enough.

My people is dehydratated, until now nobody has died, but it’s about time, because we are running out of water, food, somewhere to live. Air is hot, thick, polluted, honestly, I think I’m in hell.

But what truly breaks my heart are animals, they don’t understand what the fuck is happening. The government seem not to give a crap about how many of them are dying, and I just can’t handle that. Please help us.

If you could send animal food, water, hygiene products, masks, blanckets, clothes, etc., I would appreciate it a lot.

For animal care products  you could send your help to:

Address: Av. San Juan #2044 Casa 1 Machalí // Postal code:  2911809 

General help products:

Municipalidad de San Fernándo (address): Carampangue 865, San Fernándo// Postal code:  3071086

If you preffer to donate money here is a bank account:

Banco Estado, N°:  41509006235. Bank Account Number:  69.090.800-k de la Municipalidad de Pumanque.

Another way of helping is rebloging this, not everyone can afford paying this stuff and I understand it.

Please help me, if you have any doubt ask me, I’m always available.

People, help me. I’m begging you.

Please reblog this, help my country.

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It’s common for people who have exclusively been in abusive relationships to feel honoured when they enter a relationship in which they’re not abused. Our standards for how we deserve to be treated are so low, that any kind of basic human decency feels like the royal treatment. I just wanna tell you, JUST BECAUSE YOUR PARTNER IS NOT ABUSIVE, DOES NOT MEAN THEY CAN TREAT YOU POORLY. THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM A GOOD PARTNER. You do NOT just deserve the bare minimum of respect, you deserve someone amazing. I just got out of a relationship that was toxic for me and my needs were not being fulfilled, but because I was not experiencing trauma, it took me so long to justify why I left. I deserve so much more. YOU deserve so much more.

                         Updated Voltron Legendary Defender Icons

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Self-diagnosis is not the problem here. You can see the real problem by how professionally diagnosed people say “they make us all look bad!”

The real problem is people basing an entire group off the behaviors of a few.

If you’re pro dx’ed, don’t blame self dx’ed people for you not getting taken seriously. 

The actual root of the problem is a society that bases its assumptions about entire groups of people on the behavior of a few individuals rather than acknowledging that every individual is different. One person doing a thing doesn’t mean everyone in that group does that thing.

True, the majority of people in a group may have many common core characteristics, but they’re still individuals with nuances that are uniquely their own.

As cis allies we need to step the fuck up with feminist protests, trans women are marching alongside their oppressors and we need to make sure we stand up for them. Call out the transphobic signs, don’t march silently next to terfs. We may all be women but we will never know the struggles of our trans sisters and we need to accept that and our privilege. Use that privilege to stand up for those who it’s dangerous to stand up for themselves.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V 139: The Eyes Tainted by Darkness

Alternate Titles:

  • How We Roasted a Demon Alive and Got Away with It, a novel co-written by Sawatari Shingo and Crow Hogan-sama 
  • Sorry, Shingo. Veteran Characters Always Have to Go First (AKA Why Kurosaki Shun Got the Crap Beaten Out of Him by Zarc)
  • Team Meshi Has Finally and Formally Conceded to Team Egao
  • Crow-sama Hints at Wanting to Be an Entertainment Duelist like Yuya and the (former) KING JACK ATLUS
  • “I have emotions … other than being a pretentious fuck?” and other Zarc thoughts
  • Clear Wing is Finally Defeated by Someone other than a Yuya Counterpart
  • Crow-sama Keeps Making Jokes about His Revival
  • Shingo Takes Yuya’s Catchphrase and Loses R2
  • “No one’s mentioned my daughter yet so I’m gonna do it” a poem by Hiiragi Shuzou
  • Zarc Interrupts Shingo’s Introduction of his “All-Star” Cast Just like Yuya Probably Would (subtitle: YUYA? IS THAT YOU?)
  • That One Time Shingo Almost Single-Handedly Defeated Zarc 
  • How to Get Away With Stealing Your Friends’ Monsters from the Graveyard: a new hit Netflix series directed by Zarc
  • "How I Failed To Stop a Demon Twice” a memoir by Akaba Leo
  • Let the Uncarding Commence!
  • Zarc Revealed to Have Actually Had a Face Pre-Fusing with His Dragons
  • The Crow-sama-Shingo Bro Partnership Sailed While the Bird Bros Partnership is … *cricket noises* 
  • Akaba Reiji Addresses the Discourse from the Last Couple of Weeks and Says We’re All Responsible for Zarc
  • “How I Finally Came to Terms with Calling Akaba Leo ‘Dad’” a very short essay by Akaba Reiji