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Please avoid these….IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Please avoid these tumblr users sajemianmewlucy and khloekkkmiahanda. They are most likely bots or even worse. Just please be cautious they mostly start the message like, “Hey I just found out your account, so what’s your age?”. Or something very similar then they say their age and shit then talk about their college life. They also mention about

chat cam bots and then offer you a “private show”

So they can get a good rating. I’ve seen this before on other occasions . And they start with the same thing. Please this might be a pedophile or something else. Im just very worried .I’m not overreacting .Please reblog we need to get this news out to other platforms like YouTube so that they know as well.

Hey sweeties! Can I ask for your help?

This is totally OOC, so please read and help me out! That’d be really appreciated!

A good friend of mine @jichimin is really going through a rough time she really doesn’t deserve. She’s an amazing friend who deserves all the love of the world and she’s not feeling well, at all even. I want to make her happy with sending sweet (anonymous) messages!

Please help me out and spread the love towards her! That’d be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys! I love you!! <3 

Since no one else is saying it, I will:

Y'all have become a bunch of nasty bitches who send hate anon and start petty dramas over stupid things.

This fandom (The Sebastian Stan, one) used to be great. Now all everyone does is stress and get anon hate. I’ll tell you what: If you’re going to be a bitch to someone, at least, put your big girl panties on and do it showing your face. I’m sick and tired of seeing people leave tumblr and abandon great blogs because they can’t publish one thing without having to deal with, at least, one anon giving them shit for it.

Last saturday some dumb bitch started a huge drama over a reblog, because in her mind (and I am assuming this person has some unresolved issues that she’s letting out on unsuspecting people) the other person had “hijacked” her post by adding a comment on it. This whole thing, that would have been easily avoided by her ignoring the reblog she didn’t like or reblogging her original post, got out of proportion and the other person started to get anon hate because of that. And I don’t know… Maybe is that the OP doesn’t know that tumblr works that way: You post something and people like or reblog, some people will add commentary on it. And, some times, the version with the added commentary will get more popular than your original post. It sucks, but it happens. And starting a brawl over it is childish and stupid.

So, my point is: This petty shit y'all are getting involved now needs to stop. Is childish. If you don’t like something scroll through it (unless is something harmful, then please… Do be petty) or ignore it. Is way easier than starting fights over reblogs and sending anon hate, or asking your friends to do it because the person you want to attack blocked you.

The ammount of unnecessary, petty shit I see every day is ridiculous. Stop being so fucking toxic and dramatic, your lives are not Taylor Swift passive aggressive songs and if you don’t like someone you can always unfollow or block. Easy. No drama.

I fuckin love it when people who act like they hate me like and reblog random shit like my mountain climbing posts because they can’t help the fact that they still know that I’m a fuckin amazing and nice person who just wants to inspire you. Don’t worry, I ain’t calling them out, but I see them. I see you like me, it’s all good, keep acting like you hate me tho. I already know I won you over. I always win everyone over lol.

That’s it. THAT’S IT! I don’t care who you are. If you are following me and I find out that you like nsfw art of pedophilia or incest (and fyi I don’t care if they’re “fictional” or this teenage character can do this certain thing with this certain adult character if he/she is “aged up”), I’m blocking you instantly. 

Not going to name any names but I recently found out I had this blog following me and it came out that this person reblogs and likes lewd art of pedophilia and incest. I saw a post of a fan-made video of Slade raping Raven on that very blog!

That’s right. RAPING RAVEN. And this person freaking was justifying it and it’s absolutely disgusting. This person also likes fictional sexual art of incest and under-aged minors. Fictional or not, it’s just as bad.

If you support this trash and think this kind of behavior is okay, then unfollow me, block me. Erase me out of existence. I don’t care. I just don’t want you near me or near my family or near my friends. Heck, I don’t even want you near my dog! Just go away you perverted nasties!




so this user comes into my messages and says this shit. Which 1. I don’t believe a word of and 2. If I tell you I don’t care about your opinion Leave Me The Fuck Alone.

But then.

She rolls into @pantton-sandacers messages too (last photo). And an Anonymous third party’s messages too. Which means she’s going around harassing accounts. Thankfully, I had already talked with @pantton-sandacers and she and the third party were aware of this user.

So if she messages you. Block her. It’s not worth dealing with her. Seriously. Be aware please.

I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this




Ok SM better give us something to work with EXO-Ls are starting to lose their shit 😂😂😂

Mob Psycho 80′s style!
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sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit