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Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! First of all, I would like to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU to all of you! To all of the people who supported me, And to all of the people who had such kind hearts and decided to share a piece of that kindness with me. You guys mean so much to me, and I can never appreciate all that you’ve done for me any more than I already do. 

I’ve found something I really love to do. And to the people who reblog the things I make, thank you. Without you, I’m not sure if I would continue making gifs.  

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okie peeps so we hit 300 followers so to celebrate we are gonna do a giveaway! here is what your competing for

1. First place gets a chibi of their character shaded and with a background

2.Second gets the same thing except for no background

3.Third gets a chibi no shading no background either

so here are the rules.
1.You don’t have to be a follower to enter (cause I’m not gonna hunt you down for not following me.)

2.You will be automatically entered in this giveaway either reblog or liking this post so one person can only have 2 entries at max!! One for the reblog the other for the like Only 1 reblog per person the winners will be chosen randomly and if you suggest anything nsfw I will choose a new winner and with that giveaway starts today March 20, 2017, and ends on April 9, 2017 so good luck!

I want more mutuals and I just gotta follow more people so lms/reply if you

-have ocs that I can fawn over/learn abt
-draw (not a requirement but a huge plus!)
-like the same stuff I do
-reblog a lot of aesthetic stuff (I like having my dash full of things that can inspire me)
-idk if you follow me and your blog isn’t 110% specific fandom stuff I’ll probs follow back!

-M E M E S


1ST Place: Fully Colored/Line Art drawing of a character of your choice

2ND Place: Lineart of a character of your choice. Not like this bc its my marker tool but it’ll be neater

3RD Place: Small doodle of a character of your choice.

Below here will be the rules and requirements. Please read them closely!

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Summer Lovin', Had Me a Blast~

Bc I wanted one with more variety– send in an emoji and make someone’s day :)

🍉- You’re a total cutie, so is your blog!
🍒- We don’t know each other so well and I’m nervous to talk to you .///.

🍑- I thirst followed you :)

🍔- Your blog isn’t relatable to me but it’s not boring either!

🍕- Can we bleas be mutuals

🍦- You wild fam lmao

🍨- I can always find an interesting mix of memes and shitposting here

🏈- I forgot why I followed you but now I’m too afraid to unfollow

⚽️- We aren’t in the same fandoms but our aesthetic/content jives
🎬- Literally anything you post/reblog makes me see stars *~*

• • • • • • • • • •

🐢- Have you ever been to the beach?

🦀- Do you like seafood?

🐙- Favorite outdoor activity to do in the summertime?
🐠- Cool weather or hot weather?
🐡- Are you a popsicle or ice cream person?
🐬- Are you afraid of open water?

🌻- Would you ever take a summer road trip; if so, where to?

🌸- What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done between the months of May and August?

☀️- Do you get sunburnt easily?

🌧- How much do you sleep in the summer?

👙- What’s your favorite hot-weather outfit?
👒- Have you ever had a summer romance/made a best summer buddy?

simplesparklysims  asked:

Do you have tips for starting a legacy? Also, do you edit your pictures?

Hi! I’m honored you came to me for that as I feel like my blog is a mess and I’m not an example to follow. ahah But I do have some useful stuff for you.

@sandy-sims actually put a lot of efforts into some guides very useful that I still go through from time to time. I definitely recommend to give it a look to any simblrs. :)

Basic tips I’d like to add & I’m probably just repeating but:

Tag your legacy posts with ts4, sims 4 legacy, sims 4 to get visibility. Tumblr only shows your post in the first 5 tags so I use those tags first.

Personally, I fall in love with the pictures first so I think editing is key to attract other people. Settings, lighting in your game + editing your pictures.

If you don’t have access to topaz or photoshop, I recommend inspiring yourself from these simblrs who use free app & I really enjoy the way their pictures look.

Queue your legacy posts from 12 am to 12 am (number of posts to your discretion though) so your posts can reach people in another timezone.

I suggest you don’t use the reblog option too much. It’s my personal liking but I don’t follow people who reblog a lot because I like seeing original content. You can always make a side blog for reblogging the CC or the posts you like and don’t want to forget though, that’s what I do. I personally just try to keep my blog reblog-free so people don’t see twice+ the same stuff on their dash.

Never forget you’re doing a legacy & having a simblr because it makes you happy. If you enjoy yourself, followers are naturally going to come. Post what you like, from personal to sims related. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I actually really enjoy reading nonsims from the people I follow. I feel like I’m connecting a little more with them.

If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to come to me! ❤️️

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that I had to unfollow a lot of people bc of acephobic stuff they reblogged/said and its really frustrating & stressing. but the posts that i sometime see you reblog about ace positivity are so nice and they make me so happy, even seeing your icon with the ace flag makes me so happy ;-; thank you very much

same! I had to block a lot of people but ace positivity blogs cheered me up so I’m glad I can do that for u.

I follow some nice blogs about ace positivity (but sometimes there’s also discourse) like @aroacejokes @freakingacedit @ace-feminist @acearocommunity @theasexualityblog @thehumorousace 

(let me know if you know more quality blogs like those for me to follow)

❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤

Hey bois

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• So I’ve been thinking recently, and I decided I don’t know enough about other cultures.

And I know that I have followers from all different parts of the world (shoutout to you).


Why not merge the two?

So I’ll be opening up my submit box for a little bit, and encouraging you all to send in asks teaching me.

Tell me about whats cool in your school! Send me a photo of some city architecture! Whats fashion like there? Are there any old sayings or unusual phrases?

In return, I’ll tell you a little about the same topic but what it is like in England.

(This includes people from Scotland, wales or Ireland, feel free to teach me also)

(Also you can totally reblog this if you want your followers to do the same, you don’t have to be english to do it either)

If this flops it never happened alright bye


singinginthecar  asked:

I love your aesthetic so much wow. What are some of your favourite aesthetic blogs? Oh and do you also have any fave fashions blogs?

ahh i dont really follow fashion blogs but a lot of the blogs that i love also post fashion. you can see the majority of like who i reblog from because it’s usually the same people but some of my faves are @athsna @nudisth @7cry @celisse @sleepygogh @amourenchanteur @fairydusts @angelmilk @rosegloss @aphrodihe OH!! @driflloon is a fashion blog!!! adore them…ermm and @chaleurette @ocsarwilde @miudi @softrosebabe and ive been following @uncertainangel for a v long time lol hope this is chill cuz i dont talk to any of these people LOL

  heLLO yall i am back™ with my weekly™ fucking events ( do i do these too much?? im sorry if i do but i like interaction :’) anyways!! this is basically promos + compliments except um; idk tbh its the same thing lmfao i just didnt want to fit so many letters into the banner // actually!! its different because i wont be posting these publicly!! i’ll be answering them privately 

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- foLLOW ME pls and thanks 

- maybe take a look at my creations?

- send in an ask with 💫   ( and if we’re mutuals! you can add a * and i will post yours instead of reply privately! 

- that’s basically it! sorry this isn’t much yall but i wanted to do something!!

  so i know i keep doing these things?? and sometimes i close them and yall dont notice but pls;; try to look at my latest post instead of sending in an ask right away // and keep an eye out for an edit that will be posted soon!!


Hey guys, I have just unfollowed over 100 inactive blogs and am in desperate need of some more inspiration/motivation/friends to join me on this journey to a healthier, happier *me*.

I already have a fabulous following of over 1.5k but I need your help. If your starting or current weight is 275lbs or above - please, please, please message me/reblog/like this post, so we can talk.

(I am not intending to discriminate against those who are 274lbs or less, I am purely trying to reach out to a community that has the lingering worry of becoming more unhealthy or unhappy.)

I am willing to be anybody’s and everybody’s accountability buddy…heck we can all be each others.  I need to do this for *me*, and I know some of you feel the same, so please, reach out to me. Lets do this together.

So I saw a post from some geezer saying ‘hey if you’re interested in these things please give this post a reblog and I’ll check out your stuff’. And I realised that I ought to do the same so that I can spice up my dash a wee bit.
So, if you reblog any of these things, please give this a reblog. And if you know anyone who follows you that reblogs this stuff, please give them a shout.

- Classic literature
- Fantasy fiction; Pratchett, Lynch, Rothfuss, Gaiman, all that great shit
- Etymology trivia and highfalutin words
- Old timey swear words and thieves’ cant
- Dark or banterous history trivia
- Mythology and folklore
- Fairy tales and bawdy fabliaux
- Penny dreadfuls and pulp fiction and the hardboiled genre
- Anything related to ars moriendi (dancing skeletons are a favourite of mine)
- Writing advice and inspiration

Thanks in advance lads!

Stay safe in the FMA Fandom!

Several of my good friends have left the FMA fandom recently due to feeling unsafe, with all the bullying going on.  I’m very sad to see them go, and I think it’s important to come together and keep this from happening to anyone else.

Unfortunately, although fandoms should be about fun and sharing and community, there are a small percentage of people who enjoy making it not fun for people who aren’t their own groups of friends and followers.  While, again, these people are not the majority, they tend to be the loudest individuals, going out of their way to harass others, usually under the guise of white knighting for supposed “groups” of which they aren’t even a part, and usually going after members of the groups they claim to be “protecting.”  I want everyone to be able to enjoy this fandom without having to deal with all of this negativity!  Here are a few ways that you can help make the fandom safer for yourself and others.

To protect yourself:

  1. Block, report, do not engage
    1. Seriously, block block block block block.  If you see someone starting drama, block them.  If someone sends you hate, block and report.  Don’t reblog posts with wank; don’t even acknowledge that these people are in the fandom.
    2. Remember, a lot of the people spreading this hatred aren’t the ones creating.  You won’t be missing much if you shut them out.  Do keep in mind, though, that not everyone has the time or spoons to keep track of who bullies and who doesn’t, so make sure not to turn into a bully yourself and send accusatory messages if you see someone reblogging their posts (unless they have asked to be notified if they reblogged a known harasser’s posts).
    3. Do not reply to asks that have hate in them. This includes passive aggression (“Oh I liked it but it would have been so much better with x”), outright nastiness (“You’re y if you ship z”), or even false concern (“Oh I’m sure you didn’t know but this makes you seem like a horrible person…! uwu").
    4. Please know that I’m not saying “oh be the bigger person when it comes to bullying! Let them keep walking all over you!” Hell no.  But keep in mind that these people have one goal: making enough noise and spewing enough hatred that the members of the fandom who don’t feel the same way they do, who don’t ship the same things they do, leave.  This is accomplished by provoking arguments and plastering them all over tumblr.  Arguing with them will do harm, not good.  By ignoring and blocking, you are not giving them a voice.  You are taking away the only weapon they have, and you are taking the fandom you love back.  (Also, it drives them crazy to be ignored.  Shut them out.)
    5. Block them.  If you run a fandom event or blog, keep in mind that side blogs don’t carry over block lists, so you will have to add them in manually.  Don’t let them participate in fandom events; they’ll just cause trouble for other members.  Remember that you can block anons, but if you need to preemptively block people, some blogs collect the URLS of people who post hate in tags, and blocking the admins and members of hate blogs such as this one can also provide a good starting point. Heck, if you need names of offenders (not gonna post them in public), message me.  I went through and blocked them all, and my side blogs stopped getting hate!  Magic!
  2. Do not rise to their bait
    1. A lot of these people will demand that you release your history of abuse or assault or whatever it is that they’re using as a “pass” to ship things, never mind that the majority don’t have this “pass” themselves.  It is a very, very bad idea to disclose such sensitive information to those known to bully; speaking from experience, a lot of the time they’ll either accuse you of making it up or perpetuating the same abuse you’ve experienced.  You can’t trust them.  Be careful. <3
  3. Find people who you can talk to!
    1. Get a support group!  Find people who enjoy the positive aspects of fandom.  Participate in a fandom event (there are tons going on or coming up!).  Heck, message that blogger that you like so much; there’s a good chance they’d love to talk to you!
    2. I know that a lot of people who are affected by this are also dealing with mental illness, and it can be very, very hard to cope with attacks like this.  I understand, and remember that your safety is paramount. Block or tumblr savior everything you need to, and remember that the things they’re saying aren’t true.  It’s not silly to get worked up about this, so don’t feel like you’re overreacting.
    3. You’re not an awful person.  You’re fantastic, and wonderful, and great, and you deserve to be happy.  The things these people are saying have no basis whatsoever.  Fandom is made better for you being in it; I don’t care if you write, draw, make gifsets, post meta, or reblog stuff you love.  Please don’t ever forget that.
    4. If you need to talk to someone about this sort of thing, I’m offering to open my inbox or messenger right now to you.  I totally get not wanting to talk with someone you don’t know, but I’m here if you need it.
    5. On that note, if you’re willing to do the same and offer an ear for someone, or a shoulder to cry on, please reblog this post with a comment saying so!

To help other members of the fandom:

  1. Spread positivity, not hate!  Don’t send and try not to reply to angry asks—remember, your followers see the latter too.  There are tons of ways to spread positivity: @fullmetalpositivity​ was created for this purpose (I’m unsure if @fmapositivityproject​ is still active?), or you can just send random headcanons or plot bunnies to friends or complete strangers.  One blog I’ve seen doing this is @theroyedfairies, which encourages participation by community members.  If you know of anyone else, please let me know!
  2. If you don’t like a ship, blacklist it.  Don’t message people about it.  Don’t.  You won’t change a single person’s mind, this I guarantee you.
  3. Don’t repost art without sourcing.  This is basic etiquette!  Get the artist’s permission, too, and if it’s already been posted on tumblr, reblog that instead of reposting.
  4. Start a fandom-wide tag for wank!  If you do want to vent on your blog—totally understandable!—it would help a lot of people who want to pretend it doesn’t exist and stay in their own corner to have a fandom-wide tag, so they can block it with tumblr savior or blacklist.  I recommend #FMA Fandom Wank.  Just add that to any post containing things about negativity in the FMA fandom—including this post!  Though, since the tag is in the post itself, it’ll already catch it on anyone’s tumblr savior. ;)
  5. Try participating in a fandom event. Spreading activity is a great way to drown out the negativity.  You can check out @fullmetalcalendar for ideas!
  6. Reblog this post!  Please, please, please, if any of my FMA posts go viral, I want it to be this one.  Spread the word on how to make fandom a safe space for the people who want to enjoy it as a community.
  7. Thank you all so much for reading, and remember, you’re all awesome. <3



so after a lot of contemplation, i’ve decided to make a studyblr… so here comes the introduction! :))

- my name is saturn kim (yes, like the planet) but i go by sadie

- i’m korean (hence the last name)

- i’m 16 becoming a junior in high school in coming school year (2017-2018), thus, i’m in the class of 2019

- these are the classes i’m taking in the coming school year (ap physics, ap calc bc, ap envi sci, ap english lang, spanish 3h, ap psych (hopefully))

- i’m a hufflepuff, horned serpent, and a fox (patronus)

- the 100 is amazing 

- i love reading, writing, drawing, and baking!

- i do taekwondo

- i’m not a fan of coffee quite yet, but i love tea and lemonade

- i’m way too obsessed w/ fruit infused water (especially water + lemon + mint)

- if i could, i would just a lemon a day like i do an orange :) i’m weird…

- i prefer to write in all lowercase

- blue stuff always taste better 

i hope i can make some friends in this community! i’m also hoping that i will meet people who are just as motivated as i am to study or even just have the same interests as me, and i hope that this will also make me more motivated to study!!

studyblrs i absolutely love!!!

@kaisdesk @emmastudies @sushi-studies @studyeols @bookmrk @equaticns @studialite @rhubarbstudies @elienstudies @studylustre 

thanks so much for reading this!! i’d love to follow more studyblrs so like or reblog so i can check out your blogs and follow you!!! 

I'm doing a project for school so if you could please be so kind as to reblog or like if you agree with any of the following by monday January 18, 2016

• gender equality
• that boys and girls should be raised the same
•it’s ok for boys to wear make up
•there’s no such thing as boy or girl colours
•heteronormality shouldn’t be that big of a thing - or a thing at all
•anyone can wear skirts
• anyone can wear dresses
•there’s more than 2 genders
•men and women should be paid the same

Thank you for your time

english-lit-and-green-tea  asked:

Hi, I just started a writing blog @authors-haven & I was wondering if you had any advice as to how to get up & running? Thanks so much, have a great day!

Hmmm, let’s see what advice I can offer…

  • Post high-quality, original content! Even now, I get a surge of new followers whenever one of my original posts gets a lot of attention, compared to just reblogs. It also really, really helps if you used bullet points, headings, and pictures to break up long paragraphs of text.
  • Post regularly. I do 2-3 times a day, but I think most other blogs post more often. I strongly recommend using the queue for this. :)
  • Set up a tag page and tag system! It’s best to do this at the beginning rather than decide a few months in that you need to be better organized.
  • Find a tumblr theme that fits what writers need. A lot of times, this means having a sidebar with a search feature (very important) and the ability to add links/resources. You can look at my blog or other big writing blogs to see what they have in place!
  • Also, theme readability is very important in my opinion! Some blogs have these really pretty blogs but the text is tiny and everything’s in a small little box that’s difficult to scroll through… not the most welcoming for writers who want to spend a lot of time reading through what you’ve posted. Readability has always been a top priority on CC, with Verdana font (according to scientists, the easiest font to read on a screen), pale green color scheme (scientifically less stressful for eyes), and off-white post backgrounds with dark grey text instead of black (also supposedly easier on your eyes).
  • Attract the attention of a larger writing blog. Sometimes this means just submitting some asks to larger writing blogs with a request to promote you, but I don’t know how well that works. Ideally, you can get one of them to actually follow you and reblog your original content, rather than just posting your request to promote you. I got super lucky when @nimblesnotebook followed me and that’s really when CC took off. I’ll never forget that!! (Also, it was the same day I was rejected from the creative writing program at my school, so go figure? Proves there is more than one standard for success!)
  • Try writing guest posts! In order to do the above and piggyback off a larger blog, ask if the blog runner allows guest posts. Then you can write a good article, submit it somewhere, and get that content in front of thousands instead the handful you might have right now. Just make sure to link back to your blog at the top and/or bottom of your submitted article, along with an invitation for people to follow you. (you can submit guest articles to CC if you want!)

Hope this gives you somewhere to start, and you have a great day as well! :)



Hate-asks, reposting and stealing art is something that was always unfortunately a part of voltage fandom.

Using someone to get attention either by reposting original posts or stealing one’s work might raise the number of your notes, but it will only be temporary.

Once the original artist-blogger finds out the truth, you are done for it and even if s/he doesn’t you can’t keep your followers by making posts with content that has been already posted by someone else.

Besides that, it is not right to use someone for your own good. Original authors/artists spend a lot of their time to contibute to the fandom, it is only right to respect their work .

Also, about sending hate-asks.

There is a clear line between hate and harsh judgement. Believe me , all bloggers appreciate any form of feedback or judgment but here is the thing; you give feedback about a post not about the person behind the screen. That means that everyone has their own way of seeing things and express themselves and this is something you can not demand to change or to stop.

So, the question is what can you do to “become famous” in the fandom , if that’s what you desire.

First of all, any blog can get followers just by reblogging nice posts and using the right tags. Even if you don’t have any original ideas you can still get “attention” by writing your opinion when you reblog a post. After all, fandoms are about interacting with people with the same interests. Try talking with more people and eventually you will come up with something original to post.

Another way to become known in the fandom is to make head cannons or fanfics.

You may read something you think it is well written and you want to post something like that. Go for it , but keep in mind not to steal the idea you just read. Do some research on the internet to get new ideas which they will be your base.
Here are some things that maybe they will inspire you:

  • classic music
  • quotes
  • events/main stories of the game you are playing
  • movies/books/anime/etc
  • artworks

Finally, you can upload photo edits or original drawings.

If you are good at drawing you can either make some digital art or by hand and posts it here. If not , then you can edit pictures from the game you are playing. Although be careful to follow the  user agreement  you made with voltage when you downloaded that app. It is really important to be legal.

There are many things you can do to get more followers than harming others to do so.

If you keep receiving hate-asks, please end it by blocking the user instead of creating a drama (even if it is not your fault.)