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Calling all Maxis Match Simblr’s!

Soo, I’ve finally decided to get back into Simming (mainly because of toddlers) and I wanter to share my sims with other people. Plus the fact I’ve always loved giving my sims a storyline to keep it interesting so I decided why not create a simblr?

But basically, I want to follow other simblrs like me who do Sims 4 Stories but also I would love to follow some maxis match creators, berry simblrs, urban simblrs, legacy/generations etc..

I’m currently following like 20 people and my goal is maybe 100-120 simblrs.

So pleaseeee reblog so I can follow you! 

I need more simblrs to follow!

So, I’ve noticed my dashboard is kinda empty recently. 
I really would like to follow more tumblrs, to have more diversity on my dash!
If you’re a simblr, please reblog this!
I’ll try to follow the simblrs that reblog this!
I really need help with this!