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church of the late summer rain and of the trans men who walk exposed through it

my mother holds the dress
in her hands wondering how i became
so untongued. my body
refuses to moor itself to any
language that is not one i visioned
myself. my god is the un-
noticeable breath of static
before the damson colored shout
of lightning. nights, he
says, are made for dancing
barefoot in the mud and singing
to the unhaloed angels. in this church i speak
cracked glass, i speak wet oaks,
i speak exposed throat
of the deer pausing in the lavender
field to check for coyotes.
i speak coyote. i want my prayers
to burn thunderstorm blue, for the god
who unwounded me with the word
man to wipe the old blood off my mouth
and give me his anchor,
which isn’t an anchor at all but
a box full of sparrow bones warm
from sunlight.

Bay leaves in food.

I hate that post that brands people as stupid for not knowing that the bay leaf they found in their Chipotle was ‘supposed’ to be there.

No. It is not actually supposed to be there. I a trained chef with multiple high level culinary qualifications know that they should always be removed from cooking prior to it being eaten. They are used to flavour things like soup, then the leaf is removed. They taste and feel unplesant. Though not poisonous they are kinda sharp and they can and have been liable to cause esophageal discomfort and/or injury. People can choke on them or they could slash your throat!

Also besides from the point that it really shouldn’t be there at all, it does look like a tree leaf well… it is and would you munch on tree leaves??? yes I know of it’s uses but don’t shame someone for not knowing. Most people don’t use these everyday, it isn’t and doesn’t need to be common knowledge to know what a bay leaf is.