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Could u let everyone know that there are people on twitter in the ariana/Manchester/dwtmanchester tag posting photos of loved ones who still have yet to be in contacted with and if anyone has any info on them please let them know.

Check twitter for more info xxx

Holiday Inn Manchester are taking in children who have been separated from their parents. You can contact them on: 0161 836 9600 


Steven Bartlett‏@SteveBartlettSC:

#roomformanchester Anyone needing somewhere to stay can come to our Manchester headquarters in the city centre. 127 Portland St M1 4PZ


Taxis in Manchester are offering FREE rides home for anyone stuck in the Manchester Arena area. Let your friends/family know!


louise benson‏ @Lbenson88

#Manchester. DM me if you need somewhere to go, to use a landline, to have a tea and sit down. Anything. Northern Quarter-Oldham street

i feel like…not only is this a big moment in history for bts and kpop but also for east asians as well. i grew up watching these western entertainment awards and never in my life have i seen this many asian artists at one show. and bts are only 7 members, but it’s just so exciting for me to witness that for the very first time. because of bts, the door has now opened for east asian artists around the world to have a chance, and i think that’s the most amazing thing 

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Scanning the skies for galaxies, Canadian astronomer Paul Hickson and colleagues identified some 100 compact groups of galaxies, now appropriately called Hickson Compact Groups (HCGs). This sharp Hubble image shows one such galaxy group, HCG 90, in startling detail. Three galaxies, two visible here, are revealed to be strongly interacting: a dusty spiral galaxy stretched and distorted in the image center, and two large elliptical galaxies. The close encounter will trigger furious star formation. On a cosmic timescale, the gravitational tug of war will eventually result in the merger of the trio into a large single galaxy. The merger process is now understood to be a normal part of the evolution of galaxies, including our own Milky Way.

Image Credit: NASA; ESA, Hubble Legacy Archive; Processing: Oliver Czernetz