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Ask Meme the Musical

here’s the biz. for this ask meme every question is to be answered with a piece of lyrics either sung and recorded or just written. it could be either already existing songs (but don’t forget to mention the authors!) or something short you made up yourself. if you decided to go with the second option, it doesn’t have to rhyme! the only rule is to have fun uwu

💕 what do you enjoy doing the most?

🐶 why do you love your pet/favorite animal?

🍬 fave snack and why is it your fave?

🌍 do you like where you live? why or why not?

🎩 fave thing to wear?

🎃 thoughts on Halloween?

🎧 fave song?

🎤 fave musical?

💡 give us a random thought

✨ your opinion about a character of the asker’s choosing


dan and phil in texta
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