Kurt Cobain: was mentally and physically abused by his biological father because he had ADHD and was hyperactive which bothered his dad.

Kurt Cobain: his parents didn’t want him to play with poor kids because he was “better than them” and he was forced to wear a sweater he was allergic to so his mom would brag how her kids “were the best dressed kids in town”

Kurt Cobain: thought he was the reason of his parents divorce since his parents usually argued about his up-bringing which made him feel guilty and embarassed 

Kurt Cobain: witnessed his mother being abused by her boyfriend who once broke her arm and felt guilty because he couldn’t do anything about it

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his dad in a trailer trying to improve their relationship but his dad ended up marrying another woman after promising his 10 year old son not to remarry

Kurt Cobain: couldn’t get along with his step-mom because he felt that if he would love her he would betray his mom and because his father treated his step-siblings better than him which made him withdrawn and deprssed 

Kurt Cobain: he had minor scoliosis but both of his parents didn’t care which caused several physical problems in the future mainly his stomach problems

Kurt Cobain: was forced by his father to practice sports and left his father’s house when he was 14 after a huge argument because he lost a wrestling match 

Kurt Cobain: his mother didn’t want him to come live with her so he had to move from relative to relative. None of his relatives afforded his stay which made him feel depressed and un-wanted

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his mom and her husband and he was constantly abused by his step-dad for being a virgin and single and often called him “loser” and “faggot”

Kurt Cobain: was bullied in high school for being friends with a gay boy and because he was intersted in arts while the other boys were interested in sports

Kurt Cobain: started smoking pot when he was 13 to deal with his depression and his mother didn’t bother to stop him because she was also smoking pot that she hid in her jewerly box and she even once took a drag from her son’s joint at a party

Kurt Cobain: got kicked out of his mom’s house at 17 because he brought a girl with him to impress his step-dad who would always brag about how many girls he slept with when he was in Kurt’s age

Kurt Cobain: was homeless when he was just 17 and he would sometimes sleep in the library, in the hospital waiting room or on cardboards and he NEVER complained to anyone about it

Kurt Cobain: had to quit school at 18 to find a job to afford his bread and rent a dirty and smelly shack and he went through several jobs including being a janitor at his own high school

Kurt Cobain: he was kicked out of his appartements several times because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent until moving in with his first girlfriend when he was 21

Kurt Cobain: suffered from severe stomach problems because he had  a pinched nerve in his spine caused by his untreated scoliosis and he didn’t talk about it because he didn’t want to bother people which later made him medicate himself using heroin in littles doses to kill the pain   

Kurt Cobain: would sometimes stop in the middle of the performance to check if the people who stage dived were ok

Kurt Cobain: heard the story of a 14 year old girl who got raped and wrote a song about her (Polly) 

Kurt Cobain: hated sexists, racists and homophobes and didn’t want them to come to his shows and always expressed his annoyance because of their presence

Kurt Cobain: respected women dearly and encouraged feminist movements (like Riot Grrrls) 

Kurt Cobain: tried to quit drugs and went to rehab twice in a row. Once when his wife was pregnant and a second time when his daughter was born

Kurt Cobain: accepted to play a benefit for rape survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and didn’t get a dime for his performance

Kurt Cobain: wrote a song about rape (Rape Me) because he wanted to attract media’s attention to that issue and kept playing it despite the critics and the controversy that surrounded the song

Kurt Cobain: played a gay rights benefit supporting No-on-Nine

Kurt Cobain: stopped in the middle of the song to defend a girl who was being harrassed and kicked the man out of the show after making him feel ashamed about himself

Kurt Cobain: used his fame to promote good bands who weren’t famous and was bothered by media’s focus on his band only and openly expressed how he thought bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains were better and deserve more recogniation

Kurt Cobain: didn’t want to be called “a voice of a generation” because his drug use was exposed and he didn’t want to influence anybody negatively and he felt that he was judged by media which deepened his depresion because of his insecurity and made his drug addiction worse

Media: Kurt Cobain was a rock star junkie who hated fame and commited suicide because of it at age 27

People: Kurt Cobain is an emo pussy! He was a coward for killing himself and he was a junkie loser! He was always complaining about how his life sucked and the only thing he did is whine and sing about depression!

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom

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No, no and no. REBLOG this please, this shouldn’t be allowed and we need to spread the word to everybody about this injustice! EDIT: Just a huge thank you to everyone who has and will reblog this. It’s great so many of us know injustice accounts for BOTH genders. Not just one. Thank you all so much and let’s all work to a better future where neither man nor woman have to face this kind of treatment ever again.

The actual news article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2726219/Yasmin-Thomas-victim-disgusted-walked-free.html

A girl from Wichita, residing in Kansas City, went missing 2 days ago. She was last heard from around 4am on Sunday the 15th of January, 2017 when she sent out a text saying that she was being pulled over. There are no records of her being pulled over in the area & no records of her in jail. EDIT: Police now saying, 2 days after she went missing, that they have her on record being pulled over.

This person is very important to many in the Wichita music scene, the EDM music scene & a writer for The Nocturnal Times. Her bf’s twitter is @/ascenderellaman, where you can have updates on the situation. Her Tumblr is @plantqueen23

UPDATE: Toni’s car & body have been found and pulled out of the Missouri River near Parkville. They are saying she got into a wreck the morning she went missing. They think she was driving the wrong way up the highway & pulled off at a park in Parkville to turn around. It was icy that morning so they believe she wrecked into the water.

Percival teaches Credence to dance.
This drawing is inspired by a role I’ve done with my friend Amy. I think it’s one of my best, I really like it! I hope you like it too! 💕✨👑

If you’re avoiding doing something that you know will make you better, ask yourself: am I avoiding pain or just discomfort?

- Getting bundled up in cold weather to get to the gym is just uncomfortable, not painful.

- Avoiding an unhealthy craving by instead eating something more fulfilling that you’re not necessarily craving is uncomfortable, not painful.

- Being slightly hungry between meals is uncomfortable, not painful.

- Sticking up for yourself and sticking to your process when others are being crabs  is uncomfortable, but not painful.

- Eating too little or too much until you experience pain is not discomfort, so eat when you need to and stop when you need to.

- Painful or injured muscles mean you need time to heal, and are not just discomfort. Skip the gym today or take it easy on those muscles specifically.

If you don’t take care of yourself much of the time because of discomfort, toughen up to turn your life around.

Emergency Commissions

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