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“ Beetle (mom’s nickname for me) just left, but she sure brought the sunshine into the grayness we sometimes slip into.”–noticed this on Mom’s Facebook page when I came home and posted our pictures.

Sometimes that drive feels long, and the weight of all the emotions involved in seeing my father decline and my mother struggle with caring for him doesn’t make me feel as excited to go visit as I should.  But, today really was lovely–Dad even practiced all of his physical therapy moves with me and smiled and actually talked with me (talking is extremely difficult for him these days).  It means the world to me, and it means so much to know they value my company so much. 

I was even able to order them a bunch of things they wanted/needed from Amazon which I know they appreciate because it’s so difficult for them to get out and mastering the magic of Amazon is “too much” for my mom to deal with.  I’m happy to be able to help in that small way.  I also brought Mom her favorite Chinese takeout from Austin.  :D  I was paid in plants!!!  A Pride of Barbados, two Turks Caps, a Rock Rose, and some kind of succulent.  SUPER excited!  I’ve been looking for a Pride of Barbados at our local nurseries, but I haven’t found one.  I’ll probably keep these in (new) pots for this year since it’s already summer and they’ll need more attention with the horrible Texas heat, but they’ll be all ready to plant in the ground next year!  My parents have beautiful flowers and they’re where I get all my plant knowledge from.  The husband’s always quizzing me as we walk around the neighborhood on names of flowers and trees.  lol

Alright, discussion time: Did Teen!David ever have an emo phase? I need to know. For Science

We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy
—  Albus Dumbledore

i’ve been thinking too much about meet me in the hallway so anyway i wrote this soz it’s a bit angsty and moody so here have some drama queen styles

disclaimer: i don’t know wtf harry wrote this song about and it’s none of my business so like pls don’t take this as speculation i’m literally just here to have a good time and celebrate harry and his amazing music k thnx

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hey, this is a positivity post for trans women and their body hair decisions.

trans women who shave are great. you are not betraying womankind or feminism or anything by shaving. you are great.

trans women who don’t shave are great. you are allowed to not shave and it doesn’t change how much of a woman you are. you are great.

trans women have the same right to making decisions about their body hair as  cis women and it’s not fair to place higher standards on them than on anyone else.

Very specifically what the great comet finale song makes me feel like

I’m by myself outside in a carriage or sleigh of some sort, probably in Russia. It’s not snowing but there’s snow on the ground from earlier, and it’s just cold enough for the snow to not be melting. I don’t feel the cold at all. It’s maybe a little bit past midnight, so it’s very dark but not too late… the stars are visible; there are no clouds in the sky. It’s very quiet outside. My hair is down and I’m wearing fur or something. I’m near towns and buildings, far away enough to where it’s silent but I can still see the dim orange lights from the windows. I just finished crying and I can still feel drying tears on my cheeks. I’m sniffly and I’m drying my eyes, and I’m not happy but… there’s a sense of hope in me like everything’s gonna turn out okay still. It’s not all over. There’s a new beginning and I’m trying my best by staying alive now and that’s enough. I sit back and look at the night sky and just breathe for a few moments.