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The moment you realise that you know more about a band than your own family


hey a lot of people are reblogging my funny posts which is gr8! could you all please reblog this one too? im trans and disabled and i have a very hard time holding down a job. im between jobs right now but i could use more help paying my rent and bills because i have basically no savings. my square cash is $drugdyke. every little bit helps!

being asexual is seen as “too straight” by the LGBT+ community and “too gay” for straight people. the truth is, we are neither. if straight people are “as straight as a line” and gay people are “straight like a circle”, then we’re as straight as the void. sexual attraction? i don’t even know her. you are seriously in the wrong place if you’re looking for an instant sexual connection. don’t try to “””fix””” us we’re good. keep moving please.


Here we go!! ✨ Watch these amazing Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers from Connichi and Animagic 2017 in Germany. We had a lot of fun ;3 Please check out the links in the video and give the cosplayers a like.  ❤️

About the Danganronpa Fandom,

I appreciate the people who translate new information and content, especially since they are not obligated to do so. 

I appreciate the people who draw beautiful fan art of our favorite characters. 

I appreciate the people who write amazing fan fictions for us to read. 

I appreciate the people who provide resources for us to use (transparents, sprites, etc). 

I appreciate the people who make anything contributing to the fandom. 

I appreciate the people who are considerate of others when tagging. 

I appreciate the people who like or reblog the things I post and leaves nice or funny responses to them. 

I appreciate all of the amazing people in this fandom.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here’s a shoutout to all the trans people losing their invisibility today!
The trans people who:

-disappeared years ago to their family and friends and will have to talk to them today

-drive their cars into drive-thrus and scare the people working there

-pretend to be ghosts, walk around haunted houses, and chuck shit around

-put tiny lizards down the back of people’s shirts while walking through the street

-have to be the special effects people for their cis friends’ harry potter stageplays

-sneak into the white house and graffiti penises on trump’s desk while he isn’t looking

-have been invisible for so long that they’ve forgotten what they look like, and like it that way

-whose idea of fun is harassing swans and geese in the lake, making them angry, and then directing them to transphobes

-give sad stangers hugs so they feel better, or terrified. it varies

-stand behind people in long flowy dresses and wave them around so it looks even better

remember, you are valid! tomorrow you will be invisible again!