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Hey Voltron Fandom, what the fuck?

I’m going to get straight to the point, you guys are self-destructive and are going to kill the fandom over your petty arguments and stupid self-entitlement. There hasn’t been a day since the beginning of the fandom that everything has just been peaceful for once (and I’ve been here since it’s birth) You all should be ashamed of yourselves, fighting online and hurting real people over fiction (this is not specifically towards ships btw) And I’m putting my foot down at all of this bullshit and trying to stop it

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nature made me a freak, man made me a weapon and god made it last too long | a fanmix inspired by Logan (2017) {available on spotify and playmoss}

1. johnny cash - hurt; 2. jamie n commons - lead me home; 3. the national - i should live in salt; 4. the civil wars - kingdom come; 5. editors - no sound but the wind; 6. bob dylan - knockin on heaven’s door; 7. the secret sisters - tomorrow will be kinder; 8. johnny cash - redemption day; 9. the national - fireproof; 10. dan van rorke/oscar isaac - hang me, oh hang me; 11. pink floyd - wish you were here; 12. whiskey shivers - graves; 13. shawn james - through the valley; 14. johnny cash - god’s gonna cut you down; 15. gustavo santaolalla - the last of us (main theme); 16. unkle - when things explode; 17. lera lynn - my least favorite life; 18. editors - the weight of the world; 19. edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - this life; 20. dead man’s bones - flowers grow out of my grave; 21. the civil wars - barton hollow; 22. nick cave and the bad seeds - o children; 23. johnny cash - the man comes around


i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?

I’m so fucking angry and sad, but more than anything I’m so scared. I’m scared for my venezuelan friends who haven’t been able to contact their families for the past 24 hours, I’m scared for my neighbor who had to leave her sick mother and sister in venezuela and hasn’t been able to send them medicine or money for the past two months, I’m scared for the future of my venezuelan brothers and sisters who are dying every single day fighting for their rights and their future. 17 people have died since yesterday during elections, two of them were children. They were 13 and 17 years old, they should be playing with friends and living their youth but instead they were fighting for their rights and they were killed for it. I feel so hopeless, because there’s nothing I can do, the only thing I can do is inform y'all of this, since I havent seen many posts about it and since nobody seems to care. Even in my country, a south american country which should be doing everything in it’s power to protect our latinx sibilings, people are clueless. They know shit is going down, they know venezuela is currently hell, yet they do nothing to help or inform themselves more than the little our news channels or the goverment tell us. Please don’t turn your back to Venezuela, whatever country or continent you are from, they need our help, they need us to be informed so no one forgets about them, so no one gives them their back just as their goverment did


this is, as they say, my magnum opus (pls reblog i’ve spent 3 hours on this)
art by ngozi
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So I have a question

So far, the pattern seems to be that there are three important characters from each year:

  • Whiskey, Tango, Ford
  • Edit: The Frogs OKAY I’m SORRY I forgot them
  • Bitty, Ollie, Wicks (relatively important, I mean. They have names at least)
  • Lardo, Ransom, Holster 
  • And then just Jack and Shitty. 

So here’s the question; what happened to Jack and Shitty’s third guy? Is there some kind of symbolism to it being just the two of them? Did they kill and eat him?? Run him off the team??? What happened!  

“no mom, i don’t wear beanies because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i’m not a feminist because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i don’t hate dresses because i’m a lesbian”
“no mom, i don’t want short hair because i’m a les – okay i do want short hair because i’m a lesbian but that’s the ONLY THING”

Liking a fanfic is like picking up a book to admire its cover and then putting it back on the shelf.

Reblogging a fanfic is like purchasing the book and sharing it with your friends.

The first is nice and lets us know the story caught your interest but the second has a bigger impact and benefits the author and their readership.

Don’t feel like you’re annoying if you reblog fics.

We want you to.

A question about canon DESTIEL

Someone probably already asked this question , but I’ll ask anyway because I really want to know your opinions.
Would you be happy if DESTIEL becomes canon with CAS in a female vessel, or you’d rather not have canon if it happens this way?

games with funky left hand

● dragon age inquisition

● dishonored

● shadow of mordor