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Dating Harry Styles (post 1d) Would Include

*Him never calling you by your real name, it’s always pet names (love, babe, sweetheart, etc.) 

 *You constantly watching the Dunkirk trailers, and saying “OMG that’s you” whenever you see his face 

 *Him being nervous to let you hear his new music because you are the last person he wants to disappoint 

 *You constantly reassuring him that his new music is amazing and you could never be more proud of how far he has come 

 *“Harry, what should I get as a tattoo?" 

"Doesn’t matter love, but whatever you decide I’m getting it too." 

 *Him telling you that you are going to make a guest appearance on James Corden’s late late show during the week Harry hosts. 

- you instantly being online shopping for an outfit to wear

 *Him constantly telling you how beautiful he thinks you are -Literally like 25/8 *being sad that he isn’t in 1D anymore, but also loving the amount of time you get with him now 

 *competing over who will say I love you first in the morning (and last at night before you go to bed)

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