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during our fun photoshoot we also took a few photos where we were like.. that could be in a magazine.. or something like, are we fashion models now? 😂 and thus that inspired the creation of these fake magazine covers 

i’ve always loved when people made fake magazine covers, but i’ve only ever seen fanart? so here you have cosplay! LOL making these into magazine covers wasn’t the goal of the photoshoot, so some photos worked better than others, and we’re missing most shippy photos bUT I STILL THINK THEY LOOK GREAT! thank you to my amazing friends ^^ and please check out our falleyball cmv!

Love Bites!

psa: if anyone on your dashboard makes you feel uncomfortable or gives u negative vibes for whatever reason it is 200% okay to unfollow them. u owe them nothing. it’s just a blog. surround yourself with happiness

My good friend Kuzann is working on a novel fanfiction called Aftermath.  In summary, it’s about Lysandre living through the explosion and going to a new region with fairy type fakemon.  It’s focus is mainly on the story and not about shipping, so if you like Lysandre and seeing character development than this is your cup of tea. I don’t really read all too much, since I am really busy drawing in my free time, but this was a fun read.  I know that fanfiction authors work really hard and don’t get enough credit for their work.  It would be really helpful and kind to her if you read it and maybe wrote a helpful review! ^o^  I know that I’ll be trying to support fanfiction authors more now that I know all they do!

Fitzsimmons in the Academy [my no-headcanons]

We all remember the famous deleted scenes from ‘Seeds’ right? The one about Simmons’ boyfriends and Fitz loneliness. I get it why many people have some headcanons about it, but here’s the thing: I don’t share most of them. So here are my no-headcanons about Fitzsimmons in the Academy:

  1. Simmons and her great fashion sense.
    What she said was “Beyond average fashion sense”. Does that mean she was always dressed nicely and fashionable? Well, for me it means that she was not dressing in average way. So she was not dressing like other girls and she thought she was dressing better. And so, she was not following the fashion but wearing what she thought is nice. I’m afraid she might even stood out a little with her “fashion sense”. And she hasn’t even noticed that.
  2. Simmons had an active dating life.
    “It draws attention from the opposite gender”- that’s exactly what she said. Which implies that it was the guys chatting her up, not the other way round. I really can’t imagine Simmons flirting with anyone even now, not when she couldn’t see the way Trip and Fitz were looking at her, not to mention how smoothly she accepted Fitz’s date invitation. I doubt she was any better at this in the Academy.
  3. Simmons had boyfriends, Fitz never had a girlfriend.
    Simmons answer to Skye’s “Simmons had boyfriends” is quite clear: “Not quite.” So she did not have boyfriends, she had dates. Usually first dates and then she was not interested since they were boring. On the other hand Fitz admits that he doesn’t have an ex and so he hasn’t had a girlfriend. But that does not imply he hasn’t had any dates! Actually I wouldn’t even go as far as saying that he hasn’t been dating anyone for, let’s say, a month or something, without treating this serious enough to call that girl an “ex”. Rember how in “When Harry Met Sally” they talk about their dates and Harry admits that his was terrible? Sally tries to cheer him up by saying that it will take time for them to enjoy dating and even more time to have sex, to which Harry replies that he had sex with the girl. The point is: it’s slightly different for guys in terms of definitions. So we can say for sure that Fitz never was going out with anyone he treated seriously. I wouldn’t say that he never had a date or sex though.
  4. Fitz was a poor lonely boy sitting inside his room until Simmons got him out.
    I always thought Fitz is the more social one of these two. He was the one who slapped Ward in ‘Pilot’. He was the one who got all friendly with Martha in ‘The Hub’. Let’s face it, he can be charming if he wants to. Still, in Seeds he admits that he was a bit of a loner, nobody could understand him until Simmons came. But here’s the catch: no loner calls himself that. A true loner thinks he’s completely normal. And Fitz sees that he was not as outgoing as he thinks he should be. Which for me implies that at least he was making an effort. Which means that no, he was not crying alone in his room and trying to loose himself in his projects.