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It seems like admin is a hard shipper of jinmin and taejin so how about some of it?

Jin: Jimiiiniee why would you do that??

Jimin: Hyung, you were too cute while sleeping! I couldn’t resist, sorry~

((so since i did lots of taejin stuff already i decided to just do this jinmin gif.. that im proud of instead! hope its ok.. also how did you know i LOVE jinmin and taejin??))

The one thing I hate about hypersexuality for me is

Ok. Logically, I know that love =/= sex or being seen as sexually attractive or whatever, and that there can be love and relationships in general without sex, that sort of thing. I can acknowledge that and even respect that for others tbfh.


Unfortunately, in my case, my hypersexuality fucking makes it to where I HAVE to be seen as sexually attractive and desirable and so much more to my partner, I have to have that sexual validation and attention from my s/o and shit in order to feel like I have a sense of worth and feel loved and shit in general, and sex and all that other shit is something that is vital to me as well in feeling like I’m needed or wanted because of my own self belief that I’m only good for that and nothing more.

And if I don’t get that, I basically break down. I wind up feeling unloved, unwanted, worthless, hated, etc etc. And I know that I shouldn’t be like that over something like sex and being sexually desirable, but it doesn’t change the fact that if a partner were to not see me as sexually attractive in that way or want sexual stuff with me (or worse, see other things as sexually attractive but not me, thus making me feel like I’d have to fucking compete with whatever it is they find desirable and possibly never winning), it’d fucking hurt like hell for me.

And honestly? I hate being like this, tbh. I hate it so much. It makes me feel gross and disgusting and shit but I literally can’t help it because that’s just the mentality my hypersexuality gives me and shit…

Voltron characters as quotes from my friends
  • Shiro: wait, how many existential crisis was that just now? Three?
  • Allura: -stabbing her food with a fork- VIRGINITY IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT
  • Keith: I...forgot that eggs exist
  • Lance: Apparently a duck was more important than me falling into the lake!
  • Hunk: I'm not a rocket scientist- I have a degree in astrophysics...fuck
  • Pidge: Ye olde fuck you
  • Coran: I can almost taste the nihilism you brewed into this coffee
  • Matt: omg buddy. Do it. Vore the phone

Bert: “Wow, you drew me. Ok I’ll draw you, and I’ll give you a rad thumbs up and a big heart because I can tell you have a big heart” 

the signs as things that my friends have said
  • aries: iS THAT A CHALLENGE?????
  • taurus: i'm so philosophical right now i'm like the next confucius or some shit
  • gemini: bow down bitches
  • cancer: i swear this bitch is out to get me
  • leo: god karen, it's not my fault you're so obsessed with me
  • virgo: are u like... for real
  • libra: u peasant
  • scorpio: ....fucking try me u bitch
  • sagittarius: *jumping over a table* PARKOUR BITCH DID U SEE THAT
  • capricorn: get the hell away from me
  • aquarius: um.... what the fuck