reblog my selfie or ill cry

Okay I tried to hurry and post this before I started crying but it’s too late, lol.

This is a photo from about a year ago. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 3 years ago and it’s been hell. As a 13 year old, you already have plenty of self-image issues, and I was constantly losing and gaining weight. I felt ugly all the time. When I was hospitalized a second time I lost 30+ pounds, I wouldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and this disease was basically taking over my life.

Before this gets anymore depressing (and I start crying even more), I just want to say thank you. For every reblog, like, and compliment. Being a black chronically ill teenager doesn’t give you the best self confidence, but today showed me how beautiful black women and men are despite any ailments or imperfections we have.

I was bugging y'all with all my other selfies but for this one, I just want to reach out to my Crohn’s fam, and let y'all know that you’re beautiful and if you ever need to talk, I’m always here.

so i really want to make some new friends in the 5sosfam

  • mbf me
  • reblogs only!! you can like to bookmark or whatever
  • be active and just basically love 5sos
  • new rad friends
  • tinychats??
  • people to reblog your selfies 
  • spot on a cool network page hell yeah
increase your chances
  • come talk to me?
  • tag #plaidlukes saying why you love 5sos 
  • yeah thats basically it
  • ill be picking around 10 blogs
  • follower count doesnt matter at all tbh 

if nobody wants to be my friend this never happened and i will cry

*excuse my shit edit im really bad at this

so guys i hit 1k and i wanted to celebrate with my first follow forever!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • must be at least 90% 5sos


  • a spot on my first follow forever
  • your link will 5ever be on my blog
  • follow back if not already
  • ill reblog your selfies and compliment you bc you’re pretty
  • you gain a lame friend holla

*oh by the way if this doesn’t get notes ill most likely cry bc im a loser
im thinking 25 notes or this never happened yeah?

so im just doing this to thank you guys for 1k and for putting up with my bullshit and being fab followers, you guys are awesome <3 i love you guys!