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Can I address something?

I’ve had this blog for almost a year. I find it empowering, confirming, accepting, comforting, educational, and social. Gender is something that I’ve battled with for a long time. This blog helps me express that battle. I started this blog to make a statement first and foremost. I wanted to tell everyone that trans people are beautiful. All of us. I love seeing everyone’s selfies and stories. I think we need a safe place to express ourselves sometimes. I enjoy hearing about the progress people have made in their journeys and sharing about my own. I love when I post a photo or reblog someone’s photo/story and it gets a lot of notes. This blog shares the positive and negative. It invites others to do the same. The biggest problem I have faced though is the unfortunate affect of people abusing the existence of this blog. I have avoided nudity at every cost in order to keep this blog’s original purpose true. Laverne Cox started the hashtag #transisbeautiful after posing nude in a photo shoot. Her goal was to be authentic; show her body and her beauty. Trans bodies are beautiful. I love her statement. But when running a blog on tumblr, problems arise surrounding nudity. This blog is not intended for porn. Our bodies are not something to fetishize. Trans men are real men. Trans women are real women. Non binary people are real people. We are not objects intended for your personal pleasure. I am not a derogatory search category in pornography. I am a human deserving of respect. The following from such groups has grown to an alarming point. I’ve even received messages from people asking me not to post their selfies in order to protect themselves from this dehumanization. I love the positive outcomes of the blog but I too am sick of receiving messages from uneducated, sometimes perverted, and misguided people. If you’re following this blog in such a pursuit, know that I will block you and report you when necessary.


hello all and welcome to khaosnet!!!!! i decided to make this network for people who are looking for new friends, notes on posts/selfies or just to fulfil their lifelong dream of being in a network.


  1. must be following me
  2. must reblog this post! (likes don’t count unless you’re saving it to reblog later)
  3. must be nice
  4. must fill out this form!!!

what you will receive

  1. post and selfie notes
  2. friendship!!!
  3. a cool place to talk to cool ppl
  4. my sweet love and affection

this network is open for everyone so give it a shot!!!

again, here is the form to fill in and make sure you’ve reblogged this post

applications will no longer be accepted in about two weeks or when i feel like this post has enough notes.

i hope you give it a go and if you do, i hope to see you soon!!!! :~)

~anna (cyndaphil)

hello you sexual nuggets, its that time again for my next botm search! and because it’s valentines day coming up winner will get a bit of extra love. 


-mbf me

-mbf current botm (its worth it she is lovely)

-reblogs are what count! feel free to like as a reference or whatever but will be choosing reblogs. 

what you’ll get: 

- my affection <3 

- link on my blog 

- promos to over 6k whenever you want 

-help with anything like voting or whatever

- selfie reblogs 

- post reblogs 

- whatever else you like follows on instagram or something 

winner announced 14th feb <3