reblog my selfie bc i have no friends pls


🥀 me??? wearing gay make up bc BigHit broke my heart yday??? more likely than u think!!!💐

anyway i done my makeup b4 they semi-redeemed themselves *shrugs* but 3 selfies?? from two different days??? yiKES…. 

i think (sorry if i’m wrong vjwhvbg pls…) i was tagged by: @gaymyg @1honeybf @younhgyun nd @17pjm 

no offence but i have like 2 friends on here this whole tagging malarky is TORTURE fnvhidsj but i guess i’ll tag @wiseok @barefacedtae @hobitaki @9taegi nd @1iebling 💖✨🌷

neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it

My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got Ships Hun

I’m so sorry that was lame i am lame i sincerely apologize for that title.


ur to-do list:

  • it’d be pretty chill if you’d follow me (you don’t have to if you don’t really want to)
  • reblog this post (likes???? why)
  • maybe like (or reblog if youre feeling super duper nice) my selfie? (you don’t have to do this either, im just self promoing bc im thirsty for notes lbr)
  • send me an ask/ship me/tell me about your day/send in a halloween related thing/anything tbh
  • pls have a face/about page or send a description of yourself so i can ship you (if your face page is hard to find pls link me to it or tell me where it is)

what u get:

  • ship: luke | ash | mike | cal
  • best friend: luke | ash | mike | cal
  • your song: (random from my iTunes library)
  • what he thinks when he first sees you:
  • where your first date would be:
  • movie you watch together on halloween:
  • compliment on ur blog/face:

if this gets no notes michael will be sad and that is sad pls dont make him sad

ps im doing this while also doing homework so if i dont get them all done super fast i am super sorry