reblog my selfie and make me feel loved

i love this tumblr movement. everyone is so positive. we make selfies with our cute dresses and cool backpacks, we adore and share art, we spread positive vibes and appreciate nature. how cool is it that this ‘artkid’ movement is so simple but yet so beautiful. if you wanna make a selfie but you’re not a size 2, that’s okay!! bc we accept you and we’ll reblog your photos. we care about bees and human rights, self love and written letters. it makes me so happy to see that this movement isn’t some unreachable thing that has crazy high standards. we help each other and make each other feel loved. it’s like we realized there is beauty in every single thing on earth. and we use it to make ourselves feel beautiful too.


I was tagged by the ever lovely @trans-lexi​ & @laura491​ for my 2016 selfies. Its been a hell of a year, and despite the heartache and struggle and pain I’m somehow still here and better yet I’m actually making progress coming out - to my parents, to my doctor, to my friends - so I guess I can begrudgingly say I’m almost kinda proud of myself. May the same continue next year; maybe finally start HRT?? We’ll see I guess! Lets hope 2017 goes easier on us all 💖

I’m not sure whos not done it yet so please if youve not do go for it and also let me know because Id love to see and share your beautiful faces 😚💖

I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while so here it is! Yay! I’m so excited! I recently hit 3.4k (and I know it was mainly because I’ve been getting promos from people lately xx) and I just wanted to say thank you so much! You guys give me life and are the reason why I’m so motivated to keep making new things! I love ya’ll so much!


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What You’ll Get:

  • A spot in my spn family page
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  • My love and friendship (no refunds - sorry you’re in for the long haul) :)

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask

Also if you’re url changes don’t be afraid to let me know!

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.

It’s munday and I have no good selfies, so have some pictures of my amazing Emotional Support kitten and my sister’s Emotional Support cat!

The grey one is mine, her name is Phantom, we estimate she’s approaching a year old and we rescued her from a shelter. She loves playing with garbage (my stinky trash girl), making beautiful paintings in mspaint, sitting on my hand when she thinks I’ve been on Tumblr too much, and screaming singing along with the thunder. She helps me manage my anxiety to slow the progression of my fibromyalgia, and her legs are too long for her to properly loaf but she’s still perfect.

The big orange one is my sister’s. His name is Fudge, he’s 4 years old, and he’s developmentally delayed. My sister recently taught him to clean his own face and we’re all very proud of him! He wanted to share his skills with everyone, so he now goes around licking all 3 of our other cats whenever he can. He likes being picked up like a baby and cuddled, and he is very good at providing a lot of pressure for cuddles when people are anxious.

My baby has the most beautiful paws and I love her. The other two cats not shown are my parents’ and I adore them too, but my daughter will always be my favourite. She’s very smart and has learned to use the touchscreen on my laptop, so when she starts playing with it I open up paint for her. The last two pictures are her most current beautiful portraits.

To every single one that commented, liked, reblogged or simply wished me good vibes after seeing what happened:

Thank you so fucking much. <3 <3 <3 You guys made my day! Thank you for all the lovely support and kindness.

I have been psychologically tortured for days and by reblogging some pics of me that I actually liked, I just wanted to feel a little bit ok, a little bit better and beautiful despite all the horror that happens in my family.

A single negative comment was about to make me feel even worst.

But you know what? I fought my inner destructive voice that told me to delete the thing and just by seeing those selfies of me smiling, or having fun with my nerdy shirts and goth lipstick started to grow on me to the point I was now reminding myself of good times spent with dear irl friends and a couple of good social events, even in church.

The jerk tried to ruin my day but he actually helped me to fight my fear of exposure.

I hope this small event and this tiny story of empowerment finds anyone who needs it too. <3

hey reblog my selfies and also

i love liv so much they really make me so happy also im at my grandparents house which is where i was when we started talking properly and it makes me so happy that were still such good friends they make me feel so safe and happy and i hope i can do the same for them

i went from existential dread and misanthropic sobbing to feeling overly soft and happy bc of yall. everyone who reblogs my art, everyone who leaves comments on my stuff, everyone who sends me nice anons, everyone who commented on my selfies. yall are seriously the best people on earth and im so glad for each and every one of you. a few ppl especially but i wont name names ;) but seriously i love yall so much and thank you for following me and making life bearable and even enjoyable <3

TBH Aneta...

You’re literally one my most favorite blogs on this site. I follow so many people and not a lot of people get the favorite blog card from me. Your blog is so cute. It gives off the vide of cuteness and happiness which I love so much. I feel like you are always supporting me. You always come across my ridiculous posts that I make and like them. You always ask me questions when I reblog those ask posts. You always reblog my selfies and say how cute/beautiful I am. Ahhhh. You just make me feel so loved. Not only are you supportive of me you also help me out. The thing that has stuck to me about you the most is that time that I was really upset because an anon had sent me a sad ask. I remember you had wrote me a small little paragraph on that ask and honestly you helped me feel so much better. You are such a kind and caring person and I appreciate you a lot. Also another thing that really has suck with me was when you asked me for a doodle and I drew you the princess ballerina cat and you couldn’t stop laughing about it. Lol I love all the simple little memories that we share with each other though we aren’t even that close. Honestly, I wish we were closer because we seem so much alike. Please talk to me more. Hehe You are super sweet and also very gorgeous like damn are you even real?? Haha Stay beautiful, love. 💖✨✨


I don’t think we’ve ever had an extensive conversation before but I love your blog… I love how it’s almost the complete opposite of mine in terms of aesthetics and color scheme: you have a lot of maroons and deep purple tones, which are – judging by my blog, you’d never know – my favorite colors. I feel like you have a really deep understanding of color schemes and how colors can be associated to emotions and sounds, because the songs on your blog (from the desktop version) match all your photos so well. Always love seeing renaissance and classic art pieces on my dash that you reblog because I love the details of them.

I love how you post personal posts too because it makes you a generally more approachable person – I feel like people who don’t post much about their lives seem more distant to me. 

ALSO I just saw a selfie of yours as I was scrolling through your blog. Mashallah HOW PRETTY COULD YOU BE? You’re beautiful.

You remind me of these lyrics / this song (one of my favorites):

Baby witch update

Although I’m 2-3 weeks in to having a little witch in there, I took a suggestion and started rubbing my mirror rose quartz clockwise where they may be taking form and I just feel a wave of relaxation every time I complete a cycle and it’s just wonderful…they’re not even bigger than a poppy seed and I already love them 😍😍 comment of I should post a selfie when I go to my first doc visit in a few weeks? If I’m right I can see the baby on the screen at 8weeks…hopefully..and thank you so much to all the people who wrote help and congrats and reblogged and it honestly warmed my heart that I got that much help that I did , makes me really glad to be in the witch community, even wiccan friends and sisters