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unpopular opinion: you should still post edits/gifs/gfx if you think they are "not as good as the others" because they might as well be someone's favourites

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dont do it for the notes, do it for better reasons!!


chrlieweasleys’ almost-300 follower celebration!

(one of these days i’ll make a banner but i have a cold right now so forgive my lack of effort) so, because i can’t believe almost 300 of you are following this stupid ass, i’m celebrating in style! yay! thanks everyone!


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sentence prompts
  1. “What if I say no?”
  2. “Get out.”
  3. “I dreamed of you last night.”
  4. “I don’t know if you noticed… but we’re in a party”
  5. “You can dance with me… if you want!”
  6. “DON’T LOOK!!”
  7. “I think people hug at this point.”
  8. “I’ll take you.”
  9. “Why didn’t you call me?”
  10. “Would you stop that?!”
  11. “I loved you.”
  12. “Yeah I was there.”
  13. “Don’t say that.”
  14. “I’ll take the couch.”
  15. “You lied to me.”
  16. “Maybe you didn’t love me after all.”
  17. “Take my hand.”
  18. “SO… you think I’m hot?”
  19. “What are you doing?””Hiding.”
  20. “Let’s run. Together.”
  21. “Wow! you’re good at this!”
  22. “I think we should stop seeing each other.”
  23. “You have a picture of me? On your fridge?” 
  24. “Do I know you?”
  25. “I thought we could go back to whatever the hell we were!”
  26. “Did I just say that?”
  27. “Breathe, okay? Just breathe.”
  28. “Stand behind me.”
  29. “But I don’t want to leave.”
  30. “Tell me a secret.”
  31. “DON’T PRetend with me!!”
  32. “I saw you, right there.”
  33. “I-I just wanted to say that I uh, I missed you.”
  34. “I’m not lying.”
  35. “You look… okay. I MEAN-”
  36. “I knew I’d find you here.”
  37. “You still remember?”
  38. “I guess I just wanted to know if you missed me.”
  39. “All I needed was my friend.”
  40. “I like your new place.”
  41. “You left!”
  42. “Do you know any jokes?”
  43. “Are you hungry?”
  44. “I’m not supposed to be here.”
  45. “Do I even wanna know?!”
  46. “Take me home… please?”
  47. “Hey just be cool.”
  48. “You have pretty hands.”
  49. “I’m sorry.”
  50. “Sorry I woke you up.”
  51. “It’s about to rain, get inside.”
  52. “So… friends?”
  53. “I’m his/her best friend.”
  54. “I got you, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
  55. “We can leave, you know?”
  56. “Did I interrupt something?”
  57. “I’m trying, okay?”
  58. “OH MY GOD YOUR EYES!!!”
  59. “Why didn’t you ask me instead?”
  60. “Sing to me.”
  61. “What’s my prize?”
  62. “I don’t want to see you anymore.”
  63. “You’re so cute!!!”
  64. “I was trying to protect you.”
  65. “I’ll kill you.”
  66. “And then you laughed.”
  67. “I didn’t know where to go to.”
  68. “I was having a nightmare.” 
  69. “I know this song.”
  70. “I need someone to hear me.”
Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/03 (p10-11)

The second part of the episode commentary by Mitsurou Kubo! I have now fixed it with all the italic & bold parts as in the magazine (in the magazine they are actually bold & bolder). If you have any questions please send me a private message and I’ll reply when I have some time.

You can find the first commentary about episodes 1-6 here.

Just a note: when she quotes lines from the episodes I’m not using any of the “official” English translations, I’m translating them as I would translate them myself, so they might not be like you are used to hear them, but I think you will understand which lines they are anyway.

The translation is under the cut because it’s long.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Keep reading

The Good Work Anon Project!

Hello! Good Work Anon here!

As some of you know, I go around sending positivity around blogs! I just finished off all the blogs I wanted to send some positivity to first, so I’m going to start a project!

I have a notebook which will have every URL name written in for every ask I send! My plan is to fill up this notebook! So, to help me do that, I’m starting up this project!

I will be going around blogs and sending positive messages! This could be for writers, artists, RP blogs, anyone really!

How do you get a message from me? Simple! Rules are listed below

  • You can reblog this post!
  • Tag a friend(s) who you think deserves a nice message
  • Reply to this post if you don’t want to reblog

Even if you already have received an ask from me, you can reblog to spread my positivity around!

As always, keep up the good work everyone! -Good Work Anon

so, as i said a bit earlier, i decided to make a masterlist of pinterest users for people in search of either people to follow or of some aesthetic pics for moodboards/picspams etc. this will be a list that changes constantly as people send me ether theirs or other people’s profiles to add, so stay tuned for additions every now and again! i’ve linked the tumblrs that the people have listed on their profiles in case you wanna check them out, too, so i hope you enjoy! feel free to spread the word by reblogging, guys! you can find the list HERE!!

love to fanfic authors ask game!

reblog this so your readers can tell you what they love about your fic writing !!

1. favourite fic overall
2. favourite headcanon
3. favourite line
4. favourite scene
5. favourite au
6. favourite canon
7. favourite characterisation
8. favourite joke
9. favourite sad bit
10. favourite one shot
11. favourite series
12. favourite fic to reread

Thank you for 500 600 nearly 700 followers on my main blog!  And over 100 on my art-blog!

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So yeah, lol, I was meaning to do this as a thank-you for the 500 milestone, and time just got away from me so badly that I really wondered if I’d tick over to 700 before getting it done (just 4 shy of that mark now, so might as well count it).  Regardless!  Thank you to everyone who’s chosen to follow me, whether it’s for the art or what I reblog or whatever the reason!  I really appreciate it.

In honor of this… I wanted to try taking a limited set of requests!  Send me some prompts / requests (Gravity Falls, gen), and I’ll try to pick 8 that I think I can complete.  Will probably try to just do sketches initially, with an idea of finishing them later.  (I haven’t tried to do this before because I get anxious about it, but let’s see how this works. )

(looked at lots of refs of feeding seagulls for this.)



As I had already said, my tablet just died, and I decided to open some slot commissions so I can get a new one! I’ll start ‘em in about a week (a friend of mine will lend me her tablet, SHE’S A BLESSING).

SO! You can contact me at or sending me a private message right here if you’re interested! If not, reblogs are always appreciated!

Thank you for your attention, have a good day/night y’all! <3

I can’t thank you guys enough for following me and reblogging my stuff, it really means so much to me! That’s why I wanna give something back because I hit over 42k followers which is amazing♡

♡ MUST be following me, I will check
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You will get a some of my fav products which I use a lot (the winner will obviously get new, not used ones)
♡ Morphe palette 35P
♡ 2x NYX lingerie liquid lipstick
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♡ NYX liquid illuminator

♡ I will randomly choose a winner. the winner will be messaged so I can send your package, make sure I can message you.


🌷 whaaaat~~ ji hit 1k and she’s doing a giveaway?? 🌷

das right y’all :’) although it’s been a little over a month since i’ve had my studyblr, i am super excited to announce that i have 1k lovely followers :’) in order to say thank you to all of YOU who have inspired me and motivated me to continue this lil blog, i splurged a lil and decided to host a giveaway!!

what do i win?

  • white muji eraser
  • a pack of muji gridded loose-leaf paper  OR a blank muji notebook
  • a cute set of muji sticky notes
  • muji gel pens in 0.38mm black, 0.5mm black, 0.7mm navy blue
  • a pack of ten stabilo .88 fineliners
  • and some extra surprise stationery

how do i enter?

to enter:

  • follow me (jiyeonstudies)
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  • extra entry if you tag me in a post :’)

that’s literally it~

giveaway is open internationally, as long as you are willing to send me your address so i can send you the prize!!

winner will be chosen on april 30th, 2017 at 5pm PST

once again, thank you so much for 1k 💗

So the method I was using to get grocery money - selling plasma - isn’t working anymore because my hematocrit is too low.

I can’t raise it without eating iron-rich food, and I can’t do that without money for groceries.

If someone could send us money for food, that’d be great. I know I’ve gotten money recently, but that’s for the storage unit road trip and I can’t use any of that for this.

Ideally $50 would do it, but even $20 would let me get some ground beef and a few things to make quesadillas, lol.

If you can, please donate via paypal at or

Please reblog if you can’t donate. Thanks!

sincerely me project

i want to start a project

i’ve struggled with anxiety, most of my life. lucky enough for me, even though i still have anxiety and i have my bad days, i’m working through it and i’m in the best place i’ve ever been
i owe some of that to dear evan hansen, because it pushed me to want to get better
i’ve heard so so so many people say the same thing, and i started thinking
i want to do a video/note project for the dear evan hanse cast and crew. i know so many people want to be able to thank them for everything that they’ve done.
if you’re interested in participating keep reading;

• you can either make a video of you thanking them (30 seconds-2 minutes unless you really wanna make it longer) or you can send me what you want to say to them
• give me your name/account names/age if you want/where you’re from. if you don’t feel comfortable giving some/any of that info out just say “anonymous” at the end! nothing wrong with that!
• if you decide to write it out, i will make a slide of your thank you note
• include your favorite song/scene from the show if you’ve seen it!
• email it to (or if there’s a preferred way to send it to me, message me and we’ll work it out!)
• it doesn’t have to be a thank you note, just anything you’ve always wanted to say to the cast/crew!
• submit your story by about august 1st! that’ll give me time to finish editing it before i start school and give you guys a few months to get your stuff in!

send this to people you think would like to join/share this on other social media platforms if you would like to!
i will add all of these onto a video on some blank CDs, and i will either mail them to the theatre, or i will give it right to them if i see the show this fall!
please reblog this to get it around, so we can thank these incredible people for all they’ve done for us

Calling All Moon children

Looking for more witchy blogs to follow. I’d love to have internet friends to talk to about crystals/tarot/spell work. Like and reblog this so I can follow and meet some of you!


hey y’all! my name is silas and I’m a 21 year old nb trans artist living in mississippi.

I do all sorts of art but what I typically sell on etsy are my handmade mixed media fan collages. they’re on hangable wood panels of various sizes. I work with a lot of glitter which is hard to photograph sometimes!! everything is very well sealed with semi gloss varnish. I really do pride myself on how sturdy and durable my collages are. these things aren’t flimsy, the glitter if used is definitely not going anywhere, and I work really hard on keeping air bubbles out of my work.

here’s a link to my etsy and while you’re there check out my 94 positive reviews and my past 278 sales!

right now I’m trying to get some commissions! I’m out of school right now so I have a lot of time to work on them right now. this is also my only source of income right now. 

when you message me about a commission, let me know your budget, what size you want your collage, and what all you’re looking for me to include. you can send me specific photos too!

Some Angsty Sentence Prompts: Fighting Addition

Send everyone who reblogs this (not op) a number. If you reblog this from someone, you better put a number in their inbox, even if you don’t really care about it. It will make someone’s day.

  1. “That was one of a kind!”
  2. “You absolute fucking… I’m so angry I can’t even insult you!”
  3. “I guess I’ll just get a new one.”
  4. “I’m not yelling at you because you have pushed me so far that I cannot raise my voice.”
  5. “You, you are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.”
  6. “Can you just leave me alone already!?”
  7. “I don’t need your help!”
  8. “Fuck you, fuck your cow, and fuck your wife!”
  9. “Cut it with the passive aggressiveness already.”
  10. “You’re just as bad as them.”
  11. “Screw this, I’m done.”
  12. “I don’t want to ever see you again, even if it’s at your funeral.”
  13. “We should just break up if this is how it’s going to be.”
  14. “I’d say it’s been nice, but I’m trying to stop lying as much.”
  15. “You fucking [insert choice swear word/insult].”

。・:*:・゚h  e l l o ! 。・:*:・゚

sOo let’s pretend this is Not a shitty banner
in celebration of 2k (which is ! amazing ! hecksdnf) i have decided to open up a bday page for everyone to remember your birthdays bc it’s lovely n aa

。・:*:・゚ to join ! 。・:*:・゚

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post to spread the word !
  • send me an ask (preferably off-anon, as i need know your url) with your name & birthday (day/month) !

。・:*:・゚what you’ll get  。・:*:・゚

  • a cheeky spot on my bday page 
  • a hbd message from people (including me) showering u with validation
  • mayBe ?¿ some stuff ¿ on your birthday ¿ who kNows

。・:*:・゚other info 。・:*:・゚

  • i will be responding to your asks publicly, though you can put a * if you prefer being answered privately
  • & you can block the tag #bday page if you don’t want them on your dash
  • your spot on my bday page will also be linked to your blog
  • if you prefer being linked to a sideblog, please let me know !
  • if you change your url, please let me know as well !
  • there is no deadline for this ! so keep sending in your birthdays !!
Reblog if you post witchy tips/info/correspondences/etc

Could you guys also send me some of your favorite witchy blogs? I’m looking more for international stuff, because I’m seeing more of the pictures and I wanna see more spells and curses, etc. (I’m not unfollowing anyone)

I just want some more witchy blogs that post kind of more grimorie, BOS things.

So here we go!

Draconic magic
Tarot (I love adding things to my spreads tag)
Spoonie craft
Astral travel/progection
Spirit work
Shadowself work
Witchy history
Chaos Magick

Please Reblog so others can see! I will follow!