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Hey y’all! 

My name is Flex-Maxim Dalit, a San Francisco based Artist. Opening up some commissions! <3
Email me what you’d like me to paint along with references if necessary as well! If I’ve too many requests, I’ll email you back mentioning your request is put on hold, you’ll be put on a waiting list, and if slots open up, I will contact you if you still wish for me to continue with the piece! If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me via Tumblr or the email provided!

Send all commission requests to:
You will be paying via paypal:

* A payment of half of the selling price is required upfront before work commences. This does not include any extra additional fees based on excess hours worked due to potential complexity of the work.

Without further a do, the pricing:


$15 for a Sketch
$35 for Lineart + Flat B/W
$50* for Lineless B/W
$65** for Lineless Full Color
$??*** for Animations.

*For the following work, after spending three hours working on it, I will charge an additional $10 per hour.

**For the following work, after spending four hours working on it, I will charge an additional $10 per hour.

***If you want the final piece to be an animated GIF, we can negotiate an additional fee based on the simplicity or complexity of the additional animation. i.e. +$5 for glowing eyes, or +$8 for glitch animation, etc. 


$15* for each Head
$5 for Color for each head
$5 for Background for each head
$1 for each Accessory on each head
$5* for different hairstyles or facial expression

*an entirely new character is considered One Head, whereas a duplication of a character for a new hairstyle is considered a different hairstyle and would be a fee of an addition $5 instead of $15