reblog karma

This blog does not do 'reblog karma'

This is a blog where if I reblog a questionnaire or a meme, you are completely free to reblog and not send in anything. You can reblog to your hearts content.

“Reblog karma” is one of the stupidest, most petty things Tumblr has ever came up with. This is literally a way to bully, pressure & guilt-trip people into rping with you when they may not feel comfortable or see anything that fits your muses. (Which is the most likely reason) I will reblog any damn meme I want without sending a prompt because it is my right and I don’t have to interact with you for any reason. All you’re going to get from me is a complete loss of respect if you pull this crap.

[Yo! Let’s talk about a cool lil’ idea called reblog karma. Not that I’m having any problems with it today, just thought I’d bring it up ‘cuz it floated around the FMA RP fandom a lot (and I think it’s awesome).

  • Reblog Karma is the idea that, if you want to reblog an inbox meme from someone, you must send them something from the meme first

It’s in no way mandatory to do reblog karma, but instead a variety of common courtesy. You shouldn’t necessarily expect it from all your followers or get angry if people don’t do it–however, you can tell them about reblog karma and explain to your followers how rad it is.

Since I’ve yet to see anyone in the AOT/SNK RP fandom mention this, I just thought it’d be cool if everyone who didn’t know about reblog karma was enlightened. 

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Anywho, yeah–I can promise you all now that if I’m gonna reblog an inbox meme from you, I’ll send you something first. Keep cool, and pay dat shit forward. (*≧ω≦)ノ]