reblog karma

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Reblog this and I’ll shoot a positive message your way too!
Edit: I didn’t expect this to get as popular as it did. So in the spirit of this I’ll try and send as many as I can, but there’s a limit because I can’t keep track of this forever. Try and send a positive message from the person you reblogged it from to make them happy to keep the cycle going. It only takes a few seconds to pop a nice message over to someone else. I’m sure they’d appreciate it and would be happy to send one your way too. Spread the love! ♡

“Reblog karma” is one of the stupidest, most petty things Tumblr has ever came up with. This is literally a way to bully, pressure & guilt-trip people into rping with you when they may not feel comfortable or see anything that fits your muses. (Which is the most likely reason) I will reblog any damn meme I want without sending a prompt because it is my right and I don’t have to interact with you for any reason. All you’re going to get from me is a complete loss of respect if you pull this crap.

I would like to talk today about something called reblog karma.

If you reblog an askbox game from someone please be polite and send that person something back. Even if it’s just one thing, you don’t give a shit about, on anon. You gotta give to get. If someone is reblogging an askbox game it’s not to decorate your dash, it’s to get some interaction.

Karmagisa Love Stage!! AU

Actress Kaede Kayano is supposed to be filming a wedding commercial where she plays the bride, but her sister makes last-minute plans for them and she is unavailable to attend the shoot.
Not wanting to cancel on such short notice, she asks her friend Nagisa to dress himself as a girl and play the part for her. Reluctantly, he agrees.

There, he meets Karma, the boy playing the part of the groom. Karma takes a liking to Nagisa right away, and, thinking that he’s a girl, actually kisses him when they shoot the scene. Nagisa has never kissed anyone before and FREAKS OUT.

When Karma asks if he’s okay, he manages to get out that it was his first kiss and he was taken by surprise, but they’re both called back to finish the scene before Nagisa gets the chance to tell Karma that he isn’t a girl.

Later on, once they’re getting changed in their dressing rooms, Nagisa talks to him from over the stall. When he tells Karma “actually, I’m a boy”, Karma doesn’t believe him. So Nagisa determinedly walks out of his stall shirtless and swings open the door to Karma’s. “See?” He says. Karma’s surprised, but believes him this time. Only he’s not bothered by it at all, and instead tells Nagisa it doesn’t matter and that he still thinks he’s cute.