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– Happy Trails Benjamin Schiff Platt

Thank you for being our Evan Hansen.


Change pronouns as necessary and tweak sentences as appropriate!

  • I am faithful to you, darling.
  • When you bang on the wall you have to remember you’re on both sides of it but go ahead, yell at yourself.
  • Some people don’t understand anything.
  • He’s easy to desire since there’s not much to him.
  • No one wants to know what’s in his head.
  • To make something beautiful should be enough. It isn’t. It should be.
  • You’d break your heart to make it bigger.
  • Will you defend yourself? From me, I mean.
  • Let’s kill something.
  • I prefer to blame others, it’s easier.
  • All these ghosts come streaming down and I wish I had something else.
  • We all move forward anyway. Ripples in all directions.
  • What is a ghost? Something dead that seems to be alive. Something dead that doesn’t know it’s dead.
  • All thoughts finish themselves eventually.
  • Can we love nature for what it really is: predatory?
  • When you have nothing to say, set something on fire.
  • I wanted to explain myself to myself in an understandable way.
  • Something’s not right about what I’m doing but I’m still doing it.
  • The enormity of my desire disgusts me.
  • Look away but I’m still there.
  • Want something to chase you? Run.
  • Take only what you need.
  • Never finish a war without starting another.
  • I’ve seen your true face: the back of your head. If you were walking away, keep walking.
  • The fear: that nothing survives. The greater fear: that something does.
  • All these things and what to do with them. We carve up the world all the time.
  • I like dead things. They cannot hurt me.
  • We like things related to our survival: soup, arrows - they expand the range of the species.
  • My body is a graveyard.
  • People like to think war means something.
  • Let’s admit, without apology, what we do to each other. We know who our enemies are. We know.
  • There are many loves but only one war.
  • You will need to comfort him, or we will never be finished with this.
  • You cannot have an opponent if you keep saying yes.
  • Its roots in the ground and its branches in the air, a tree is pulled in two directions.
  • The boy is a bird, bad bird. He falls out of trees.
  • You cannot get in the way of anyone’s path to God. You can, but it does no good.
  • Some say God is where we put our sorrow.
  • In the wrong light anyone can look like a darkness.
  • What can you know about a person?
  • Difficult thing, to be scrutinized so long.
  • Even when I look away I am still looking.
  • Everyone secretly wants to collaborate with the enemy, to construct a truer version of the self.
  • How much can you change and get away with it, before you turn into someone else, before it’s some kind of murder?
  • Why build a room you can live in? Why build a shed for your fears?
  • There wasn’t much left but it felt like him, wild and scared.
  • The best part of spirituality is reverence. There are other parts. Some people like to hear the sound of their own voice.
  • If you don’t believe in God, then who are you talking to?
  • But truth doesn’t count in law, only proof.
  • Was I discovered or invented? Feels like I’ve always been here.
  • Measure yourself against the truth and not the other way around.
  • Perfect and completely dead.
  • People don’t learn anything unless they are afraid of being left behind.
  • Logic is boring because it works. Being unreasonable is exciting.
  • I am your arrival, there is no refusal, we are here, you see, together, we are already here.
  • This is also part of the story: how the story changes. This is something I forgot to tell you.
  • You might like it here. I think that you might like it here.
  • I tell you these things because I love you.
  • It’s nothing like I thought it would be and closer to what I meant.
  • Maybe we will wake up to the silence of shoes at the foot of the bed not going anywhere.
  • It reminds me of where I was going without you.
  • You know what it’s like to be alone: gimlets and vermicide. You know what it’s like to be alive, so forgiveness.
  • You asked me once, What are we made of? Well, these are the things we’re made of.
  • I turned my ears in all directions. I’ll live alone or in between.
  • Everyone needs a place. It shouldn’t be inside of someone else.
  • Your body told me in a dream it’s never been afraid of anything.
  • I live in big spaces, so I’m left alone in big spaces.
  • We made ourselves cold. We made ourselves snow. We smuggled ourselves into ourselves. Haunted by each other’s knowledge.
  • To hide somewhere is not surrender, it is trickery.
  • I try to guess your trajectory and end up telling my own story.
  • I surrender my desire to be healed.
  • Take it or leave it, and for the most part you take it.
  • Shame comes from vanity. Shame means you’re guilty, like the rest of us, but you think you’re better than we are. Maybe you are.
  • There is no new me, there is no old me, there’s just me, the same me, the whole time.
  • Don’t try to make a stronger wind, you’ll wear yourself out. Build a better sail.
  • You want to solve something? Get out of your own way.
  • What’s the difference between me and the world? Compartmentalisation.
  • I hope it’s love. I’m trying really hard to make it love.
  • I clawed my way into the light but the light is just as scary.
  • I’d rather quit. I’d rather be sad. It’s too much work.
  • I mean, maybe it’s better if my opponent wins.
  • What happens when I no longer want to meet you?
  • Nothing lasts forever: we know this.
  • Longing and suffering? Of course, of course. You want it to mean something.
  • You can disconnect it or you can try to glue it all together.
  • We could pull it apart, spend our whole lives pulling it apart and have no time left to do anything smart with the pieces.
  • The sooner you embrace it, the sooner it will leave you.
  • You are what you cover up.
  • Noise and more noise. Noise up to heaven.
  • One wonders why a story like this exists.
  • I want to give you more but not everything. You don’t need everything.
  • Someone has to leave first.
  • He was pointing at the moon but I was looking at his hand.
  • All this was prepared for me. All this was set in motion long ago.
  • I stayed as long as I could. Now look at the moon.
  • What does all this love amount to?

Do the Gotham Rogues even lift, bro?

Harley Quinn: lifts her gf all the time with her strong and powerful arms

Poison Ivy: doesn’t lift a lot, prefers to use her plants for that nonsense.

Catwoman: lifts regularly. She doesn’t enjoy it but she knows it’s necessary for her line of work. Loves to shoplift tho

Joker: he constantly lifts the weight of his sins.

Riddler: he compulsively bought a shake weight while watching a bad Spanish soap opera at 3:00am, but he’s never used it

Killer Croc: has a membership to Planet fitness- yes, he lifts THAT much

Penguin: he lifts all the time. His arms are ripped and he can barely walk with all his bulging muscles. Dude I’m joking. This man never lifted a thing in his life

Scarecrow: has lifted exactly one (1) time when he was visiting the Riddler- he found a dusty shake weight in the corner and got curious

Mr. Freeze: lifts fairly regularly if lifting massive blocks of ice counts. In the past he’d lift Nora into his arms and spin around, laughing happily

Two-Face: One of his arms is shredded one of them is boneless. He lifts, but at what cost?

Bane: does he lift, bro? Does he LIFT, bro!! Is Bruce Wayne rich? Is Superman an alien? Did Jimmy Olsen deserve better in BvS??? Bro, he LIFTS.

Mad Hatter: I don’t think this man knows what lifting is


Red Hood: (he’s not a rogue but it’s my post I do what I want) He lifts. He lifts himself over walls and buildings as he desperately attempts to escape Bruce’s Love and Respect

one of those things where you make an oc from comments people post.. i dont quite like it enough to go on @mudfeet so hav it here instead.. i messed up the fangs and kept forgetting features and it is bugging me.. they are a nonbinary spider demon who cries to get attention, wears kidcore things and likes strawberries. 💛🍓

18th november 2017 


Hey guys, it’s me @tinabelchers! Do you love Criminal Minds as much as I do? Look no further, here at Criminal-Minds you’ll find everything there is to know about the crime procedural. I’ve decided to start this blog because I want to be able to have a place wherein I can talk about this show with other fans without spamming my followers on my main blog. Feel free to hit that follow button if you’re a fellow CM fan like me! :D



I will draw any character/animal/thing you’d like, however, i will NOT draw anything listed on this page (including anything that makes me uncomfortable). Prices for additional characters, props, etc will be negotiated.

please be thorough with your description of what you want, and im happy to do tweaks/revisions while updating you on the progress.


  1. OPEN
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  3. OPEN

If you are interested, email me at (this is not the email i use for paypal, i will disclose that information after commissioning) I will get back to you as soon as possible, and expect a completed drawing within 2-8 days.

even if u arent interested, reblogs will help a whole lot. thank you !

i know you wanna be loved ~ a mushy playlist


walcott - vampire weekend • home - one direction • some boys - death cab for cutie • hologram girl - miniature tigers • diplomat’s son - vampire weekend • hazey jane ii - nick drake • 18 - one direction • little fool - miniature tigers • just like honey - the jesus and mary chain • american eyes - promises ltd. • loving someone - the 1975 • loved - julia brown • falling - julee cruise • down by the water - the drums

Guys, not to discourage anyone from anything, whether it be exploring options or committing to a label, but polyamorous relationships are not a walk in the park. They’re not a convenient way to satisfy everyone and they shouldn’t be used as a means to amass validation and affection from people you’re infatuated with/who have a crush on you and you don’t want to turn down.

They’re hard work! There is a lot of trial and error involved, a lot of learning, and a lot of effort. All the magic of being in love multiplied by x partners? Yes! But all the work, too.

Absolutely, it’s natural to feel different things for different people and still have them fall under the name “love”. It’s totally normal to have different dynamics with different people. But at the end of the day, the effort needs to be the same. Not every relationship has the same requirements, but those requirements need to be met.

It’s a complex affair, and you need to make sure you’re ready for it if you go through with it. If you’re not, that’s fine, and it’s great that you gave it a try! I just don’t want anyone thinking it’s an easy arrangement in which everyone is happy from the get-go.