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hello hello, i’m back at it again with another following spree, goddamn goddamn goddamn! anyways……. my dash has been so dead recently and i need more content to reblog since i spend like, a lot of time here bc im a loser. so yeahhhh

— tag your post!
— be ABOVE 15! i’m 20, almost 21, and it feels so weird following people that are 15 and under. its nothing personal i promise, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable! i hope you understand c:

if that was clear, then these are the things i am looking for.
— multifandom blogs! ( this is like, rly important since everyone on my dash keep reblogging the same fandom over and over and i’m getting sick of seeing it whenever i scroll through tumblr lol )
— seasonal anime!
— kpop! so i can reblog more stuff on my kpop blog asdhs
— marvel / dc content, esp comics!
— aesthetic / photography / art
— games! like any game is fine. just another reason for me to play them lol
— space stuff!!!!! i looooove space so i’d like to see more of that on my dash!
— movies / tv shows. really like, movies/shows from other countries are fine as
     well i just need some quality content u know, a less boring dash
— NEW MUTUALS! like i’d be reaaaal nice to get to know new faces =)

if you post these things ( you dont have to post all the things on the list omg ) pls REBLOG THIS POST! i will check every blog that reblogs this!

— you make your own stuff

yes! i think this is about it, sorry this got so freaking long omg,, i’d also appreciate it if my mutuals could reblog this and spread it around!! thNK YOU SO MUCH

hello! i mass-unfollowed p much every inactive blog ever and now my dash is pretty much dead and im, looking to fill it up w video games since thats 99% of what i like. can you please reblog this if you post/reblog:

  • dark souls/bloodborne
  • life is strange
  • half-life
  • overwatch
  • team fortress 2
  • bioware games
  • bioshock
  • dishonored
  • p much video games in general!! 

and i’ll check you out lmao. bonus points if you type in the tags what you post specifically, triple if you follow me back.


front & back of my blurryface shirt feat. the stencil for the back. stencils were edited, printed, and handcut w/an exacto knife, and then handpainted over. im never doing a stencil that big ever again

text is lyrics from ride by twenty one pilots, symbols are josh & tyler’s logo thingies

I don’t want to love you in the dark. I want to turn your cheeks bright pink and make you squeeze your eyes shut. When someone asks about me, I want it to be because you’re wearing my shirt and not because you haven’t mentioned me in a couple weeks and they’re beginning to worry. I don’t want you to brush my fingerprints from your hair. I want you to love me out loud. I want my sister to roll her eyes when you kiss my hand. I want you to be completely surrounded by my love. I want to fill you with the kind of love that’s intense and erratic and won’t wash out of your sheets.
—  get out of the fucking closet