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hey guys, i get that there are killing stalking fans who don’t romanticize or normalize the relationship between the two mcs, but what i and most everyone else are upset about is the fact that there ARE people who do that. there are people slinging around the word ps*cho, making really shitty memes that make light of the abusive situation bum is in, joke about things that really shouldn’t be joked about, and treat sangwoo like he’s the hottest shit to ever shit– it’s really harmful; you shouldn’t idolize an abusive person no matter how ‘attractive’ you find them. so, people who read k/s, please do your part in educating your community. there’s a reason why the ‘sjws’ are getting upset in the tag. thank you!

With 2016 reaching a close, I am proud to say that you all made this L of a year not a loss for me, but a loving year and I believe it is time to spread some of that love around. This is the first New Years I get to spend with everyone here after all, and I can say beyond a shred of a doubt, that while I may have spotty activity here, and when I am here I do nothing but try to spread some cheer, this fandom is the kindest I have been in. The amount of love everyone has for each other is amazing, and it warms my heart to come here time and time again. Thank you for the fun times on Cynthia as well as Caitlin (if anyone remembers me from there lol). You guys are simply amazing people, and I love each and everyone of you! Please keep being great people, okay? You all deserve every bit of affection and love that you all get from each other as well as those who aren’t in this fandom. I hope that we can make 2017 a loving year too! Here are just some blogs that I’ve had a great time talking to and getting to know (aka ppl i fangirl over), and I want to know more of you guys next year too (aka let me fangirl over all of you)!! 

@lionfanged, @galactocentric, @salonmciden, @lookertickets / @kahunacop, @lamaree, @koucas, @hikaup, @greyintent / @absoluteneed, @elekron, @nighthrill, @draicon, @upqrow, @seavored, @sangmer, @steeliis, @seelesdog, @stygeance, @hasetsui, @haued, @mothersins, @minteyed, @hekigankiseki, @zakariasu, @kantod, @aureajuniper, @shiirakeru, @psychicmasterwill, @fragilefated, @pxgtails, @fusionbolts, @windflew, @withtrustandlove, @wavebombs, @artifactious @archocide, @craniumaniac, @incubabe, @itsguzmaniac, @distcrtions, @discguise + blogroll!!

Hope you guys aren’t tired of seeing this by now cause daaaang my sketch and lineart already got /around/ (omg I’m still so touched and surprised about all the love they got ty all)

I am just. so happy. with the colors. And these two. just. ughhhhh

Lately I’ve been seeing posts saying Tumblr is bad for mental health because it’s purportedly down on positivity/“anti-recovery.” I just have a few casual thoughts on all this.

- This is definitely a situation where what’s helpful for one person is unhelpful (or downright deleterious) to another. Having a space to vent and joke about the sheer awfulness of mental illness/trauma/rough life circumstances is a moral neutral–it will drag some people down, and help others (like me, who takes massive comfort and humor from these posts!) And posting uplifting quotes about positive thinking is a moral neutral–it will make some people feel ashamed or annoyed, and help others! Some people like a mixture of both! Neither of these types of content is “bad,” and it’s not a constructive goal to try to get either of them to disappear.

- However, it can absolutely be a constructive goal to get one of them to disappear from YOUR life, while other people do their thing elsewhere. That might mean unfollowing/following people with content that’s most helpful for you. “Tumblr” is largely a function of who’s on your dash and what they post and reblog, not a homogenous groupthink pool, however much it is sometimes characterized as such.

- I’m not trying to say you should never have a debate, or make a post with your thoughts about other posts/Tumblr trends (I’m doing that right now!) I just wanna emphasize that in the interest of caring for yourself personally and having a good Tumblr experience, sometimes it’s more pleasant to curate what you see rather than argue against it.

- and this is just my opinion but I think things tend to go downhill when the opposite sides of this particular coin go to war on the same post…so maybe more creating our own content and less commenting “lol neurotypical bullshit” or “wow why do you hate recovery” on each other’s stuff would be a++ nicer for all concerned

- Good luck all and take care <3

this is just a bit of casual reassurance for others feeling stressed or guilty because of these conversations; pls don’t flame me


       The longer Judy’s in Zootopia– the more it seems to be that she knows almost everyone. Never to that of the extent of Nick, but similar in her own ‘special’ way. By having quite the knack for remembering names ( less I remind you about her having over 300+ siblings ) & doing good deeds all around when time allows, Judy can pull up past favors. Mammals may try to offer her things, & thank her for a job well done after Judy’s done something for them, yet ofc, always one to be modest and kindly decline these offers ( unless it’s more appropriate to accept ) these favors aren’t forgotten. When Judy’s in need of assistance, be it for a case or personal matters, you betcha she can walk on down to someone in the neighborhood and get some help.