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Bay leaves in food.

I hate that post that brands people as stupid for not knowing that the bay leaf they found in their Chipotle was ‘supposed’ to be there.

No. It is not actually supposed to be there. I a trained chef with multiple high level culinary qualifications know that they should always be removed from cooking prior to it being eaten. They are used to flavour things like soup, then the leaf is removed. They taste and feel unplesant. Though not poisonous they are kinda sharp and they can and have been liable to cause esophageal discomfort and/or injury. People can choke on them or they could slash your throat!

Also besides from the point that it really shouldn’t be there at all, it does look like a tree leaf well… it is and would you munch on tree leaves??? yes I know of it’s uses but don’t shame someone for not knowing. Most people don’t use these everyday, it isn’t and doesn’t need to be common knowledge to know what a bay leaf is.

some things you don’t hear much on here:

• it’s absolutely okay to want to loose weight, it doesn’t make you fatphobic or a bad person if you aren’t happy with the way you look you have every right to change it

• If you’re struggling with addiction right now, I believe in you. You are a strong person and deserving of love and respect even if you aren’t trying to kick your addiction

• If you can afford it, spend a couple food stamp dollars on a snack. Don’t let judgemental assholes tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, the state gives you that money it’s yours not theirs

• You’re not a coward for having contemplated/attempted self harm or suicide. You are ill, and in need of support and help, you most certainly are not a coward.

• A criminal record does not lessen your value as a person, things happen and our justice system is broken.

• If you wanna conform to “gender stereotypes” because they make you happy, do it. Your body and your relationship to gender is the business of you and you alone

• “Transtender” & other garbage words of the like are not true concepts. Play with your gender, experiment. Even if you’ve never felt a second of dysphoria in your life, play with your pronouns, and identity and how you present. Gender is a made up toy shoved into your arms at birth, it’s yours so fucking break it.

• If you experimented with your sexuality and or gender and realized you were still cis and or het, that’s okay. I’m proud of you for questioning the bs society shoves into your face and now you have a better understanding of yourself. Good job.

Looking for RP Contacts!

F’luua is a neutral adventurer with a tribal upbringing and colorful past. If you are:

A criminal and/or Crime Boss.

An adventurer/mercenary

Of the Bear Tribe. (F’___)

Someone who needed to hire a party for any kind of job in/around Thanalan and the Southern part of the Black Shroud.

An arms dealer.

Any kind of seedy individual.

and would like to get in contact, please let me know! Of course, this isn’t limited to just the above people. F’luua mainly can be found doing:

Security Services

Pest Control

Coercion and Intimidation

Firearm maintenence

Herbalism and Alchemy

Bar Hopping

Even yet, almost any connection can be valid! If you have an idea please feel free to let me know!

I’m mainly looking to get her feet wet in the underworld side of things! She’s not afraid of wetwork, or general thuggery. F’luua tries to make lasting friendships, but is also potentially open to rivals and or antagonists! She’s based out of Thanalan, but is very willing to travel.

T E A S E R 12

He landed on the ground with a hard thud, and he could feel his shoulder dislocating as he let out a few curses. 

He looked up from the ground, and saw a tall figure walking towards him in the midst of all the chaos, and Kyungsoo quickly lift his hand up, causing something close to him to rumble, and a solid piece of what appeared to be part of a pavement floated in the air. 

With a grunt, Kyungsoo swung his arm in the direction of the person walking towards him, causing the stones to be thrown towards him, and effectively knocking him down. 

Kyungsoo crawled towards the now unconscious figure and brought his mouth close to his ear.

‘When you wake up, you will remember one of your colleagues killing your little brother, and you will want to take revenge rather than going after the rebels.’

As soon as he finished talking, he let himself fall back to the ground, and he softly touched the earpiece he was wearing, panting heavily but still smiling faintly.

‘I did it. Now hurry up and bring  me back home, my shoulder is dislocated.’

                             S T U D E N T  P R O F I L E

Name: Kyungsoo, Do

Gender: Male

Race: Empowered

Category: Mind

  • Main: Controlling earth and gravity
  • Secondary: Controlling the mind

Attention Points: Beware of mind control. Second check all records on unusual information. Extra supervision. 

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A/N: This is the last teaser that will be posted on here.  A Heart’s Thoughts will be posted on here, and each coming chapter has to have a minimal of 20 notes for the next chapter to be released.


Four Stranger Things kiddos!! This time they are signed.

A friend pointed out to me that I had ought to use a watermark if I am going to sell art, and she is 100% correct, so I will!

aside from the jokes that are funny and accurate, i just hope you’ll hype up for real hobi’s mixtape after he drops it too, just like you hyped up yoongi’s and namjoon’s for the whole freackin year, i expect you to do that with hobi’s too, he deserves it and much more