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These neo-Nazis have literally chanted “the Jews will not replace us” but the only ppl I see bringing up antisemitism are other Jewish ppl. Like I’m going to need Tumblr as a whole to actually step up and stop acting like Nazis magically started hating us less after World War II. Quit bringing up the alt-right’s violent antisemitism as some kind of after thought.


May the happy fox bring joy into your day ! 

Reblog if you think plus sized actors should be able to play characters other than the token fat friend, the chubby kid/adult everyone makes fun of, or literally any role that is centered around their weight.

It’s so discouraging as a bigger girl who wants to become an actress that plus sized actors are never cast as important parts or as love interests or anything except comedic relief based on our looks. We need more representation and I hope y’all agree with me.