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this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

hey so you know that vicious cycle of mental health making you unproductive which makes your mental health worse? don’t worry friend I am here with something that can help

just get one thing done. break the cycle. it doesn’t have to be some big task. in fact it’s better if it isn’t. decide on something that takes five minutes or less. keep it tiny and manageable - the key is to feel like you’ve accomplished something, so when your brain is all, you can’t even do a single thing all day except lay in bed being useless, you can be like, oh but I did do something, brain, suck on that. it might not seem like much at the time but it helps a lot to have something tangible you can point to

do you have dirty dishes in your bedroom? get rid of ‘em. you don’t have to wash them, just put them in the sink with soapy water. done. easy.

do you have a pile of empty water bottles sitting there? good for you staying hydrated. but you don’t need a mountain of plastic reminders. throw a few in the trash or in recycling. don’t worry about chasing down every single one, just pick a number. get rid of 5 or 10. easy, manageable even if you feel terrible. done.

do you need to do something early tomorrow? get something ready now. just one thing. lay out an outfit. fill the coffee maker so you can just press a button tomorrow. pack your backpack or purse. bonus benefit, future you will have an extra few minutes to breathe in the morning.

do you have a pet? spend 5 minutes with your pet. cuddle them. play tug of war. make baby noises at them. your pet loves you. I bet they miss you when you’re sad. you’ll both feel better.

has it been 3 weeks since you did laundry? pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in a laundry basket. don’t actually wash them or even take the basket anywhere. just collect the clothes for later so they aren’t spread all over. it’ll make actually doing them that much easier when you have more energy

did you manage to wash your clothes but not put them away? fold something. fold another thing. and one more. put them away. three things. you got this one.

did you do your one thing? good. I’m proud of you. even if it didn’t make you feel better, guess what? you did a thing. you got something done, you can be done now. you can go back to bed if you want.

Guess who’s doing another animation? This animation last 8 seconds.
And yes. I want to make it “full”, from cleaning to final effects.

I will record the time it will take to clean this up, add color and everything… I’ll pause the timer whenever I take breaks or get distracted or other stuff non-related to complete this animation.
I’ll do like the last one, I’ll be reblogging this post with the new previews for you to watch how the animation’s coming along.

“Your past does not define you, lad“


i put extra work into this one and tried to improve some things i found wrong in the first part and since it’s my first time drawing a comic of course i’d make a mistake or two xp , and i want to thank @beanpots and you awesome people for reblogging , here’s part 2/3 

can you guess what kind of flower was it XD? and get ready for the last part since it will be longer and more colorful i hope?? lol i will try to finish it this friday or saturday 

 for part1 | part3

Spyro ask meme

I think these are neat and it’ll be good to have one for Spyro. 

1. Which Spyro game is your favorite?

2. Who is your favorite character from the Spyro series?

3. Which Spyro games have you played?

4. What Spyro game did you play first?

5. What “era” of Spyro is your favorite? (Insomniac, Legend of Spyro, the in between time)

6. What is your favorite level from a Spyro game?

7. Which of Spyro’s many designs is your favorite?

8. Favorite voice actor for Spyro?

9. Would you consider yourself a part of the Spyro fandom?

10. What is your opinion on the Spyro fandom as a whole?

11. What have you contributed to the fandom?

12. Do you read any Spyro fanfiction?

13. Have you ever played a Spyro fan game?

14. If you could live in one level/world from a Spyro game which would it be?

15. Favorite boss in a Spyro game?

16. Do you own any Spyro merchandise?

17. What’s your favorite piece of music from the Spyro series?

18. Which game has the best soundtrack, in your opinion?

19. Which game is your least favorite? 

20. Any characters you hate or just can’t stand?

21. Have you ever had a Spyro related dream?

22. Which Spyro game do you think is the most difficult?

23. Which game do you think is the easiest? 

24. Do you have an unpopular opinion related to Spyro?

25. Which one of Spyro’s breath abilities is your favorite?

26. Do you have any Spyro related headcanons?

27. Favorite line of dialogue from any game?

28. Have you ever 100% completed a Spyro game?

29. Anything in a Spyro game that makes you angry?

30. Favorite speedway/flight?

31. What’s your opinion on the enemy names in the first 2 Legend of Spyro games?

32. What would your perfect Spyro game look like?

33. Do you ever mess around with glitches in any of the games?

34. Have you ever seen a speedrun of a Spyro game?

35. How often do you play Spyro games?

36. When was the last time you played a Spyro game?

37. What’s your opinion on the Skylanders franchise?

38. Are the 5 gems from the first 3 Spyro games blue or purple?

39. Which of the playable characters in Year of the Dragon is your favorite?(not counting Spyro)

40. Which home world is your favorite?

41. Do you ever use the cheat codes in any of the games?

42. Favorite final boss?

43. Which game do you think had the best story?

44. Do you own multiple copies of any of the games?

45. Do you like the skateboarding in Spyro 3?

46. Which one of the 4 elemental dragons from the Legend of Spyro is your favorite?

47. Have you ever played Dawn of the Dragon with someone else?

48. Who do you prefer to play as in Dawn of the Dragon? Spyro or Cynder?

49. Which Fury attack from the Legend of Spyro is your favorite?

50. Which one of Hunter’s designs do you like the best?

51. Have you ever played a Skylanders game?

52. Do you visit any Spyro fan sites? (darkSpyro, spyroforum, etc.)

no one talks about that Great BPD thing where you perceive all non-positive responses as negative and aggressive. there are 2 emotions people have: happy, and angry

if someone responds to you with just “OK” or “yeah”, there’s no way to apply a neutral tone to it you just?? feel that its angry and intimidating and they’re just telling you to go away

no one talks about this?? there are so many BPD symptoms that get brushed under the rug but this one is so huge because you know you’re being illogical and you know they’re being neutral but there’s no logic in this sort of thing you just feel that fear and shame and internalize it and let it keep happening

idk i saw a post in depth about BPD and it mentioned that and i was really happy about it.


well I guess it’s time for one of those ‘looking for blogs’ post, so hi it’s sabrina and I just really need to follow new blogs. specifically bts blogs. I’ve been following the same amazing blogs for about a year and I just want to freshen up my dashboard with new faces, new content and new great blogs I’ve missed out on 

please REBLOG this and write in the tags what you post most of and if you make original content and I will go through all the reblogs and follow 

things my ass is looking for:

  • active af bts blogs
  • if you post/reblog a lot of namjoon content is always a plus but no you don’t have to that’s cool too
  • content makers is always welcome 
  • reblog blogs are a+ too idc if you make things or not I just want active blogs 

I’m sorry if you see this post a few times on your dash while I try to find new people

~hiatus extended to [TBD]~

Chariot hears music outside of her tower window one night. When she goes to investigate, instead of finding Croix holding up a boombox, she sees one of Croix’s roombas with a speaker and iPod attached to it floating outside

She looks down further and finds Croix smiling and floating a few feet below DJ Broomba.

What song(s) did Croix play to serenade Chariot with?

An ‘easy’ way to be an ally

It would be nice if ‘bad people’ could be easily recognized.

Unfortunally that is often not the case.
You see a positive post about lesbians and reblog it and only find out later that OP is a terf. Or a biphobe.

You see a wonderful posts for trans women. But the OP makes fun about non binary people.

There is a great post about mlm, unfortunally the OP is a racist.

Sometimes we miss such things. No one is perfect.
But when we find out or someone tells us, as an ally we do our research and delete such posts.

If you want to be an ally, do not platform such people.

Because if you reblog a great mlm post from a racist, you tell your poc followers that they do not matter.

If you argue “Well her lesbian post is great and she does not say anything bad about trans women in that post, so I post it even when she is a terf”

Guess what message you are  giving to the trans people who see that post?
Your reblog tells the terf, that you agree with her.
You help her spread her influence.

When you reblog from a terf, a racist, a biphobe, and other scum because some of their posts are not transphobic or racist, you are helping them.
And you make their victims feel unsafe with you.
You make yourself look like one of ‘them’

Be an ally, do not offer them a platform to perform.
Go and  make your own positive posts instead.

  • Anomalisa: Gorgeous and mature movie. Will change you. Has shocking scenes but they aren't too bad and make sense for the story. Seriously. This one will change you. The animation is also gorgeous and very fluid
  • Felidae: It's about a cat solving a murder mystery, with cats. It looks very friendly at first but the minute you see the first dead cat you know it's all down hill. There is a lot of shock scenes in this one, including some gory dead cats and a small sex scene.
  • When The Wind Blows: This movie messed up my goddamn emotions. Also looks innocent, till you hear David Bowie. Yes, there is a David Bowie song in this movie. It makes it so much better. Very sad and will probably ruin your mood.
  • 9: it's not adult but it's pg-13 so it like counts I guess yay. it's not the best thing but the animation is really good and the overall plot is interesting and engaging
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: not an adult movie but j e su s christ it should be one. Beautiful, stunning, and talks about subjects like sexual desires and religion
  • Watership Down/Plague Dogs: Do you like animals??? WELL DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE CAUSE THEY WILL FUCK YOU UP and make you want to donate to every single animal organization. They are very gorgeous though.

I actually finished an animatic! Granted it’s short and in a simple style, but congrats to me for finally finishing one of them, hahaha.

Kravitz is having war flashbacks to the first time he met Taako.


EDIT: if you want to see more TAZ stuff that I like and reblog, follow my TAZ blog. @litches-get-stitches ;)


AAayyy- look how pathetic I am right now :‘DDD Anyway I’m PLANNING on something SO POINTLESS AND PROBABLY STUPID!! SO WHO WANTS TO JOIN????

Here’s some info/rules to keep in mind:

- Read all the rules!!

- You need to draw a digital art

- It’s your choice if you want to draw your persona, oc or anything else.. But furrys are more preferred

- I only need 1 character from each person but if you want to do more, then remember I can’t do more than 2

- But if there’s not enough characters then you’re allowed to draw more.. If you want of course.. Write “Back up” if you would like to do more drawings

- Need full color and clean line art!!! No sketches, no color aren’t allowed (unless your character is dressed in black and white, that’s fine c:)

- No nswf kind of stuff..

- Must be kind of cute/chibi

- Reblog this to join

- If you have read all the rules then write in your reblog “Legendary Lettuce” xD

- I’ll check some of your arts before I’ll let you join

- If I accepted I’ll message you myself with more info on what exactly to draw

I need REALLY a lot of people to join this.. So when I get to that certain number I’ll reblog this and tell you if it’s closed yet or not.. When I get enough people to join this I’ll tell when the deadline will be..

Anyway I think this is all.. Oh and remember this is for FUN!!! So please don’t murder me if you find the idea too stupid.. Join only if you want ^w^.. (I’ll be a bit inactive too.. So I’ll probably be doing this only..)


its been over a year since ive done one of these but here we go


they’ll look smth like this:

ill probably make other posts for each round which ill do each month. if you want you can specify what kind of monster you want in the tags i guess. you can also keep your monster as a character if you want too

Little Seeking Friends

Hi, everybody! I’m looking for some friends to talk to whenever my caregiver is away. I’m 17 years old, almost 18, and my little age is 5-6. I’m not really expecting too many responses, but anyone that’s willing to spend time getting to know me is welcome to contact me. I’m pretty shy one on one, but once I start to trust you, I tend to warm up fairly quickly. I’m homeschooled, so I don’t have many friends around that I can physically hang out with so I guess this is the next best thing, you know?

Oh! Please reblog this if you’re looking for friends also, or if you want to help me out, the more the merrier.

me: ah what a completely average day, my mood has been pretty decent all day

my brain out of literally fucking nowhere: ah yes but remember that you are actually a huge manipulative baby who has never done anything right. everyone hates you because of that, remember?

me: ah yes silly me how could i have possibly forgotten. thanks brain.