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Are you a girl or a boy? Can't tell, sorry ._.

((…Me, the mun? Girl xD It’s fine that you can’t tell, I get it a lot so I’m used to it. Plus, it gives me a handful of funny stories of people confusing me as the opposite gender~))

You are all invited to all day, one of the most American celebrations even if you’re not American. I’ve always been a fan of the holiday so I decided to go all out this year. 

There’s going to be a pool available to party indoor besides the beach, buffet, a poolside bar, and another bar will be placed closer to the beach. A few rooms along with private tents will be set up for those who’s like to rest before heading home.

The night will end with a bondfire jamsession and an amazing fireworks show.

I would love if you could all RSVP

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every vine compilation ever

- “there’s only one thing worse than a rapist…boom.” “a child?” “NO”

- “i got u frankincense.” “thank you.” “and i brought you myrrh.” “thank you.” “myrr-DUR” *gasp* “judas! nooo…”

- that one video of the girl with the sun glasses dancing to the beginning of take on me

- “this bitch empty…YEET”

- “do you have any ice?” “no i do not, i just have freezable fruit shapes.” “why?” *shakes glass* “just because…”

- the one of the lobster riding a skateboard to a kazoo cover of the final countdown

- “how much money have you got?” “69 cents.” “oh you know what that means!” “…i don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”

- any vine of that guy swearing about British traffic 

- the one of the dog dancing to Africa by toto

- “i’m just cooking pizza.” THWACK “I WASN’T READY!”

- “and they were roommates.” “oh my god, they were roommates.”

- the one with the person with the paper bag over their head dancing to the YMCA

- “and i realize, i left the won tons in.” “OHH the won tons.”

- “we got Chuck. we got barney. Barney’s about to meet his maker.” “die commie fucker” “DON’T KILL MY DAD!”

- an obligatory Thomas Sanders vine


I mentioned Lucio sort of “sings” in the brazilian version of Overwatch. So i recorded.

The first one is a reference to a 90s kids show called “Castelo Ra- tim- Bum”:

He sings: “Passarinho que som é esse?”
(in english can be translated as “Little bird which sound is this?”)

The second is another one they adapted:

He sings: “uh uh estou sentindo boas vibrações”
(in english can be translated as: “uh uh I’m feeling good vibes”)

and in case you guys are curious of what he says next 

PT:“Aumenta o volume!”
EN:“Raisin’ the volume!" 

The last and 3rd one is a popular brazilian saying:

He sings: “Quem canta seus males espanta”
(in english can be translated as: “Singing chases away the evils”)

Just a side note: his tone suggests he’s mocking the enemies. He says a lot of provocative things when he is fighting and he is always laughing when he does it. Never fails to make me laugh when I’m playing with him.

*edit: Forgot to mention that there’s another one. but it’s really rare to get (took me some time to find it ;_;)

He says: “Todo carvaval tem seu fim…”
(in english can be translated as: “Every carnival has its end…”)

Which is from a brazilian rock band called “Los Hermanos” (yes, they have a Spanish name lol) and here is the link for the song.

i woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep until i finished this


I was gonna cheat on this day and just reblog something I made befo re but then this happened and now it cannot be undone i’m sorry

[PART 1]

Marichat May (Something Sweet) II

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

whenever ppl say that “if ur REALLY poor then youd sell all of your belongings and never treat urself to anything good uwu” stuff i always get the feeling this person thinks all poor people are making up their poor-ness for attention or smth lmao

like…….. being poor is a wildly different experience and theres many levels like yall think economic experiences are like only sorted into 3 groups but theres different levels and ways u can be poor. like people living on welfare cheques, but still having a house and stuff and people who are homeless are both poor, but in different ways

poor-ness isnt a one-dimensional experience, just like being middle-class and rich isn’t.