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HEY GUYS!!! Broke art student needs cash so here we are hello. Paypal payments only please!

First time doing real commissions for actual moneyz, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything in the chart, don’t hesitate to just send me a wee message.

So most of the pics are fandom related but I will draw OCs and stuff :)

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Hi all, I’ve struggled to get new pics due to illness. She i just repost my old ones ?? I’ll only do it if you all reblog em guys xxxx

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 


that’s what people had in mind with the prompt “handcuffs” right? i’m sorry, it was funny in my head

(it’s right past midnight here but it’s still the 14th somewhere isn’t it? so i am not late)