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SuperCorp + A Sudden Vacation to Australia??? (at least Lena tried…) 


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some voltron future season predictions for literally no other reason than potential gloating rights a year and a half from now: 

  • each of the voltron lions were forged on different planets and made from unique materials.
    • ala black lion = guardian of the sky; came from a meteor that crashed on the Galra home planet 
  • one of the lions will be badly damaged and they have to take it back to it’s home planet for repairs
  • haggar has a strong personal grudge against allura (or alfor) and thats why she turned against altea
    • possibly also an evil aunt, just saying
  • keith’s dad is not only still alive but hiding out somewhere in space, I would put money on him showing up in person in future seasons.
    • this would also go along with the ‘keith’s dad left him’ theory since he might have literally just been carried off into space. 
    • he’s probably still kinda an asshole tho
    • i don’t trust him
  • another one of the original voltron paladins is alive, possibly a recluse in some far corner of the galaxy
    • possibly one of those crazy wise old people that teach life changing lessons to those they encounter.
    • i hope it’s the blue paladin and lance
  • alfor survived the attack on altea. we didn’t see him die so in my book, he ain’t dead. at the very least the time between when alfor put allura in the pod and when altea was destroyed is important and what happened there will be revealed to us before the end of the show.
    • he even says ‘if all goes well i will see you again soon’ to allura right before he knocks her out !!! that man had a plan !!!!!!!!!!!
    • coran was probably in on whatever alfor did bc he was put into the cyropod after allura, likely on alfor’s request to watch after her.
  • Hunk is going to go through some kind of heartbreaking tragedy that becomes his will to fight
    • I say this because Hunk is the only one of the paladins who doesn’t have a Reason for doing what he is doing yet. (Shiro = revenge on zarkon, keeping his team safe, + just being the kind of good person who literally wouldn’t rest until he knew the galaxy was safe. Lance = his desire to protect earth and to return home to his family. Keith = his quest for knowledge about himself and his past, Pidge = her need to rescue her missing family members, ect.) so maybe his Reason™ is actually going to happen real-time, all the more heartbreaking.
  • Lance and Keith will get stuck alone together somewhere and have to work as a team to make their way back to the ship. 
    • it will be gay.
    • they will bond and lance will actually remember it this time
  • Lance will attempt to sacrifice himself for one of his team members
  • A paladin (probably Keith) will run away and then proceed be tracked down mercilessly by the rest of the team and there is a heartfelt reunion scene where at least 2 people cry (not including me)
  • somebody important to Keith dies. likely his mom or dad. because he’s tragic like that.
    • listen the fuck up it better not be shiro because i will FIGHT
  • Pidge will find Matt but not her dad. they have to team up to save him.
    • alternatively: they find Matt but he doesn’t remember anything about Pidge or himself (just like how Shiro still hasn’t regained all his memories but Worse)
  • Lance accidentally commits some kind of grave alien cultural offense and gets thrown in space jail, the team has to spend the rest episode working to save him before he’s executed. 
    • Lance befriends his cellmate who turns out to be the Important Person the team came to find in the first place.
  • Keith gets attached to a cute, tiny alien pet and immediately risks his life for it
  • Kaltenecker returns, she lives in the castle in her own grazing pasture. Lance takes care of her and has full on conversations with her daily. like a living cow diary. 

that’s all tune in next season to see if i bathe in the fountains of glory or return a Fool to my people

so i was listening to preparations on the plane today and i kept thinking like… i love this song and how it shows so much about dolokhov’s character in such a short amount of time? 

like, in the prologue and in the duel we learn about how fierce he is. in the duel, he’s prideful, almost stuck up – “oh, a duel, this is what i like! let’s begin this is child’s play!” – so eager to show how Good he is, he thought he would win the duel! he’s obviously so confident in his abilities that he couldn’t really grasp the concept of…. not winning.

and then in letters he has like 1 line but it says a lot, imo. like. we learn that he writes anatole’s love letters for him.

……… does the duel dolokhov seem like the kind of person who would write love letters for someone else pretending to be them? nah. at least, not to me. like i said earlier, he’s a very confident person. and then he just. like. writes love letters for anatole.

writing a love letter is something very unpredictable, something that can make you feel a lot of interesting emotions. i wrote a lot of them back in my day! it’s something that’s very hard to do unless your feelings r real and true, which is why it’s… kinda hard to believe that dolokhov would write anatole’s love letters for him. i don’t know if any of that makes sense, but like. if it were any other person, what do you think his answer to “write a love letter for me to give to someone else” would be, based on what we know of him? just something i wanna throw out there.

anyway so onto preparations. in preparations we learn that he’s done almost everything to help anatole with the elopement – “ Why would I joke about it?
Me of all people Who found the priest, raised the money, got the passports, got the horses?” // “ And another ten thousand raised with Dolokhov’s help”  – which, again: anatole is special. would he do this for anyone else? no, but that’s not what i’m getting at here.

in preparations, he has a breakdown.

listening to it, i’m 100% sure that’s what it is.

he does everything he can possibly do to help anatole, and then: he realizes that anatole could get in serious trouble, and has a breakdown.

another important thing in this song: we also learn from anatole that he’s humorous; loves to make jokes and tease anatole!! but this is different. he’s actually being serious and calculated. he’s scared. 

in preparations, we learn that Fierce Dolokhov™ isn’t actually so fierce. he’s funny and serious and so incredibly loyal to anatole.

and he has a breakdown in preparations. over the thought of anatole getting hurt.

he’s such an incredibly complex character and idk what the point of this post even Is but. i love him. so much!