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How to be a langblr

1. Language-related pun URL or something about polyglotism

2. Icon IPA symbol(s), multi-flag banner, something in foreign writing, etc

3. Reblog the same 200-something famous lang posts monthly like clockwork

4. Reblog anything related to language. Anything. Even if it’s about your own native tongue.

5. Complain about learning your target language, which seems to change weekly

6. Have more than one target language; halfass to the max in learning any of them

7. Absolutely hate Chomsky or kinda like him and think he had some good theories

8. “Rosetta Stone is a scam, it doesn’t work”; “Ima still play on duolingo though”

9. Flock to blogs where the blogger speaks you target language; never communicate with said blogger

10. The stupid language jokes

a PSA for artists

i’ve been thinking about this a lot. it’s something i wish i learned much sooner. it’s something i wish more people knew.

the idea that art has to be any one way is wrong.

your art does not have to be realistic, or look like anyone else’s, or keep up with popular trends.

the idea that you have to be able to draw realism to be a good artist? wrong.

you don’t. you already are a good artist.

everyone has their own style. it’s fine and normal to adopt style choices from other artists, but everyone has their own style, there is no changing that.

and why would you change it?

your style is what makes your art YOURS. it is unique. it is perfect in it’s own way, because it is perfect in it’s style.

draw something. now look at it. you just created something new. a visible projection of your thoughts. something nobody has seen yet, not in the way you present it. isn’t that amazing?

you are so powerful. you can create your own characters, worlds, stories- you can give and take lives and control all that happens in your own universe, through your own beautiful style. that’s incredible!

there is no such thing as bad art. those “bad art”/”bad oc” blogs mean nothing. they are bitter, worthless beings with the intention to hurt you. please don’t fall into their trap.

“okay, so i don’t have to draw realistically, now what?”

you practice!

get to know your style. familiarize yourself with the shapes and lines. just keep drawing the way you do, maybe making small improvements every now and then. but remember, improvements are just what you think looks better.

nobody can tell you how to make art. nobody can tell you your art is bad, because it isn’t. it’s simply different, and that’s the way it should be.

keep going, okay? it’s amazing to watch people follow their passions, and it crushes me to see them beat down for superficial things.

(note: this does not mean you can be offensive with your art! try not to do that)

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hey can you recommend any new good jacksepticeye/markiplier blogs that aren't that well known? i follow all the main ones and i'm looking for more :D thank you!

i can definitely link you up with some of the lovely people that i adore following! (seriously, these beans post and reblog some awesome stuff okay) (plus they’re the cutest things and i love seeing them on my dash) 💚

@hopieplier, @jackaboy-trash, @holy-behavior, @darkimooplier, @celestialsean @trash-bi-plier, @pluto-support, @plutoandpolaris, @markiemooo, @septilover2, @septicolor, @aesthseptic, @freakybeanburrito, @angelicmarkiplier, @antisepticdie, @antijackaboi, @hharmon, @markticeye, @septicbooper, @sayoplier, @five-nights-at-your-place, @wooshie-woosh, @gooberplier, @areyoujelix, @jacksepticookie, @skai6, @trashysilver, @septicjacks, @jiminy-krispies, @briseptiplier, @floralcrownjack, @therealjessepticeye, @arophan, @notsosepticeye, @buttsepticeye, @grumpiplier, @septiceyesamtrash, @sugoimark, @youtubers-booperdooper, @gillyplier, @markseptic, @magicmadiplier, @biscuitplier, @softiplier, @tiny-septic-box-sam, @mr-markiplier, @barfiplier, @totallynormalmaggie, @i-am-antiseptic, @lostqueenambrose, @zzbwrites, @warfstacheintraining, @jacksepticicant, @markimoo-is-a-nerd, @tigracespace, @septicplier, @jack-isms, @markiiboo, @faiiiryboy, @markiplooper, @jacksepticfly, @sereniplier, @jeaniplier, @martyplier, @markeiplier, @jackmarkieye, @jacksepticeyegifs, @markimoofeels, @septiceyesweetheart, @antisepticdark, @tumblingtadpole, @megsiplier, @likealoooser, @booperplier, @dork-iplier, @septiceyespeed, @seanmcloughlin, @darkplier, @dogiplier, @marksthemooo, @captain-ass-ass, @martziplier98, @itsfoxyy, @markicutiee, @protectmark, @lum1natrix@shcrtiplier

the dawn of the sickfic / h/c writers' workshop

Hi, guys. J of @lickstynine here. This is a new blog I’ve just made, @torturing-characters-101, aka the Sickfic and H/C Writers’ Workshop.

The goal is to have a bunch of popular sickfic / h/c writers and aspiring sickfic / h/c writers come together to talk about technique, inspiration, ideas, resources, anything vaguely relevant to our writing.

I made this blog so that basically, all the writers that want to answer questions can become mods, and then the ones with questions can send asks and we answer them, as well as just posting tips and advice and whatnot. We may also reblog useful stuff like prompts/inspo/etc.

If you want to join as a mod, send me a message. If you have any questions, send a message or an ask.

Most importantly, if you think this is a good idea, please reblog. I want to get as many people involved as possible so we can turn this blog into a vast and knowledgeable resource.

Ok, you gotta listen to me now, because this is not a drill.

The bad times have hit full force. We aren’t all going to make it. Trying to deny that isn’t going to do any good.

More than ever, we have to be kind.

Be kind to the ones who are angry and defiant and fighting for us all.

Be kind to the ones who are keeping their heads down and just trying to survive.

I don’t mean take needless risks, or let the hateful bigots who think they’ve won walk all over you. But we gotta love each other now, if any of us are gonna get through the next few years with our souls.

Komahina Fanfiction Masterpost

I thought I’d make this masterpost for AO3 Komahina fics because I love all of these fanfictions, and they need more recognition! I’ve also included summaries and overviews so you’ll know what to expect. If there’s a fanfiction that isn’t included on here, it’s probably left out because this masterpost is really for fics that center on komahina - so there were a couple really really good fics in the komahina tag on AO3, but I left them out because komahina wasn’t the main or secondary idea of the story. Also, I’m including fics that have multiple chapters, so there won’t be any one-shots or super short fics. I really hope you’ll reblog this and check these fics out. If you read them, be sure to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know what you think! Also, if there is an author whose tumblr is not listed below, and you know what their tumblr is, please message me! I’ll edit this and put them in.

Takes place in canon/close to canon

  • Transversal It was always Hinata and Komaeda, Komaeda and Hinata, and it was pretty much strange to see one without the other. Among their circle of friends, there was no one who could have threatened the chance that Hinata had. This takes place during Hinata and Komaeda’s time at Hope’s Peak. It’s a very ingenious story, and creative (not to mention obviously well-written); it keeps you on your toes, desperate to find out what happens next! The characterization is very accurate (except for the characters that are SUPPOSED to be ooc, of course), and it’s very desriptive, attentive writing! Plus, there are certainly many surprising moments in the story. You won’t regret reading this! (It’s one of my all-time favorites and the author is a gem.)
  • Many Hinakoma Opportunities - “And, no offense, but I keep waiting for you to come to your senses and slam the door in my face!“ Komaeda kept smiling as he tapped his fingers on the mattress, watching the faint light from the window catch on his nails. "You’ve put up with my presence for so many nights, I’m starting to wonder about your state of mind, Hinata-kun.” Hinata stared at the ceiling, unsure how to respond. He’d had similar thoughts, truthfully, but it didn’t seem appropriate to agree. Komaeda didn’t let the silence sit for long.“Even for me, I’m probably pushing my luck,” He laughed a little at his own personal joke, “But may I ask for a special favor tonight, Hinata-kun?” (The summary from the third part.) This is a collection that includes a lot of smut - and some really good plot, too! It’s cool if you don’t enjoy reading smut, but if you do - this is some HIGH QUALITY shit right here. And it’s not repetitive at all! Anyway, the characterization is on. point. Plus, there’s fluff - so, overall, this is some really enjoyable writing. The author has made some fanart to go with it as well, be sure to check that out! It’s super cool! (I may be a huge fan… what can I say?)
  • Finally In LoveHe hates the way Chiaki always nods off when he talks to her. He hates Komaeda’s infatuation with hope even more.So, when he begins to find himself slowly falling in love with both of them, he figures he must be crazy. This is so, so, so adorable. Yes, it’s technically komahinami, but it’s just so adorable I had to add it to this list. The dialogue is really interesting… plus the characterization is pretty nice! Overall, it’s believable, which is really important to me personally - if you’re reading something that takes place in canon/close to canon, you want it to be believable, right? Because of that, it’s really easy to appreciate the work!


  • Equivalence Hinata watches him sometimes when he visits, the monitors beeping softly. Still, alive, and breathing. It gives him hope.Everyone wakes from the game, older, guilt-ridden, and determined to save the friends that died in the game. Wow, wow, wow. This is seriously some incredible writing! (This is actually the fanfiction that inspired me to start writing my own, so I can’t stress enough how much I love this!) First of all, it’s believable. Reading it makes you think ‘oh, this could DEFINITELY be what happens after the sdr2 kids wake up.’ Second of all, it’s beautiful - the writing is descriptive and there aren’t any glaring mistakes. Lastly, the characterization. Oh, man, you’d think the author was these kids’ psychiatrist or something. ….I’ll stop now before I get too rambly and make this already long post even longer.
  • Elevation Just thinking his name awakens so many memories and feelings within you that you can barely begin to make sense of them all. Bits and pieces begin to fall into place; but the more you remember, the less sense you can make of it all. This is actually my fic so I can’t really give you an objective perspective. I will say, however, that I have big plans for it, and I absolutely will not update it unless I am completely satisfied with the quality; so, I work hard on it. There’s going to be a slow build because I want to be true to how I really think things would go down after sdr2, but I can promise that komahina will be happening. And there will most likely be a ton of it (because it is my life and at this point I honestly cannot imagine a future after sdr2 where Hinata and Komaeda DON’T end up together).
  • The Mortal CityWaking up is never the hardest part. This is one of those “HOLY CRAP” stories. Basically, I can’t find a single thing that’s wrong with this entire work. Characterization, story, descriptiveness, mystery - all of it is on point. It can get a little gruesome, so check out the warnings in the tags. Also, it’s a darker interpretation of what happens after SDR2, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fluff or happy moments. Definitely, definitely, definitely worth checking out!


  • Impossibly (Un)LuckyIt shouldn’t be possible. And yet, here he is.But then, Komaeda had always been impossibly lucky. Or was it I who was impossibly unlucky? This was the first komahina fanfic I got really into - I ended up printing out the whole thing just so I could read it on the go! You’ll end up wanting to read it over and over again; It’s really, really nice writing, and it’s easy to get into the story. There are moments where it’s a little OOC, but it’s never bad as far as that aspect goes. Plus, it’s an interesting concept and AU. All in all, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself while reading! There are so many cute moments!
  • Long Road To NorthThere’s nothing as hopeless as a life being a regular salesman at a regular office. And after waiting for years for his life to change, he can’t contain his excitement as he finds himself threatened by a knife, held by a brown-haired stranger on the run. Where Hope’s Peak Doesn’t exist. Komaeda’s past and luck is the same as in the game, but Hinata’s past has been altered with canon. It’s pretty well-written and you can tell it’s been thoroughly planned out. Great characterization! …Also… I love works where you get to experience Komaeda slowly realizing how in love with Hinata he is…. 
    • Author: @urponators-gayo
  • The Bridge Of StarsIt’s funny how much things have changed over the years but I hope those feelings of yours are still the same Hinata-kun. I wish I could cheer you on from here but the way things are now, the only thing I can say is: best of luck. This takes place in the 1920′s, and there will be 33 chapters in all once it’s completed. There’s a lot of angst (but it’s not without fluff, don’t worry!) and reading it makes you reeeeeeally want to give Komaeda and Hinata giant hugs. It’s super super well-written! I haven’t noticed a single grammar or spelling issue throughout the whole thing. In all, the characterization is superb, it’s easy to become invested in the story, and utmost respect goes out to the author for writing a believable story that goes with the time period! 
  • The Weeping WisteriaEleven year old Hinata Hajime starts working at the castle not knowing what his true purpose is. He befriends the Crown Prince, Komaeda Nagito and vows to stay by his side. But as time goes on and Hinata realizes the painful truth about his ‘job’ and his friend’s true nature, things start to change. Amidst growing chaos and despair, the Kingdom is falling to ruin and Hinata struggles with being unable to do anything to make things better and not knowing what to do about the loyalty he had sworn to a boy he no longer knows. Mai is a goddess, I swear. This fanfiction should go down in history. It’s a very intricate story, and, as with The Bridge Of Stars, there doesn’t seem to be a single mistake in the whole 34-chapter fic. It’s heartwarming, saddening… It keeps you on your toes… The characterization is beautiful… Just please read this. I promise you’ll love it.
  • Love’s ScriptHajime Hinata and his classmate, Ibuki Mioda, are big fans of the Danganronpa series. When the audition for the live action adaptation of the second game is announced, Ibuki is determined to play her favorite character… and she expects the same from Hinata. At first reluctant, he agrees to go with her… But did he make the right choice? Is he even going to survive?! A non-despair AU where nobody dies and the nerds have fun playing in a TV show. I LOVE this AU. It’s just so much fun and so perfect for the cast. Plus this is very well written and has amazing characterization, I just can’t get enough of this! You’ll have a hard time putting this fic down, that’s for sure!
  • Words Will Be All That I KeepHe’s talking about me. Up there, clearly, to all of these people. He’s talking about me. Would he be as blunt if he knew that I was here? Probably. It’s Komaeda. If he knew where I was standing, he’d probably wink at me, and then blush profusely when he saw me later on. *** AU where Komaeda is a writer and Hinata is a trainee therapist. They dated in college and now Komaeda’s written a book. This is so good?? I feel like the plot really suits the both of them. The characterizations are great, the plot draws you in, and there aren’t any glaring errors! What more could you ask for from a fanfic, really?
  • Hajime’s Adventures A collection of stories of Hajime’s adventures throughout college centered on Komahina. All of the stories are in the same cohesive timeline and are in order (unless specified otherwise). Just fun exciting stories that the group goes through in college. No mental illnesses. This is SUCH a fun fic to read. Not only does the whole sdr2 gang get into some insane (and hilarious) adventures, but there is so much komahina content it’s crazy! And it’s certainly unique; I mean, in one chapter Komaeda comes home early from a school dance to slow dance with Hinata, and in another the two of them end up checking out a sex shop, where Komaeda persuades Hinata to try on some cuffs. Also the relationships Hinata has with everyone is so precious!! He’s close with everyone in some way and you can feel the whole gang looking out for him… And, of course, he and Komaeda are close. Anyway, it has cute moments, sad moments, infuriating moments, sensual moments… Personally, I couldn’t get enough; when I first started reading this I ended up pulling an all-nighter, it’s THAT kind of fic. A must-read! 
  • Fragile Hope - "Hinata-kun,“ Komaeda glanced up, struggling to keep his eyes open. "I’m happy you’re here with me,” he mumbled before falling into a much needed sleep. Hinata smiled and wrapped a blanket around Komaeda. “You’re welcome,” he whispered. Uh oh. This fic includes sick Komaeda! I know, I know; you want to forget about Komaeda’s dementia/cancer as much as I do. Even so, this fic is really, really good, and you shouldn’t let Komaeda’s sickness stop you from reading it! It’s adorable, really. Hinata and Komaeda are so close in this… And you can feel how worried Hinata is for him… Plus there’s some really adorable, heart-warming fluff…. Reading it kind of makes me want to cry… but in the best way. 
  • Lattes and Fluffy CloudsHinata Hajime isn’t really quite sure what draws him into Hope’s Coffee Shop every day. He tells himself it’s just the amazing drinks, but the other half of him insists it’s the barista with the fluffy, white hair that takes his order. This is SO CUTE you guys. Finally a coffee shop AU to add to this list lol. The plot, characterization, and style is all on point! Overall its just too goshdarn cute.
  • Detectives/Detectives: Rip Your Heart OutCrouching down behind large boxes of… well Hinata doesn’t know what’s inside them and, frankly, doesn’t want to find out, is himself and his new partner, Komaeda.“This is by far your worst idea yet!” Hinata whispers aggressively, clenching his teeth and glaring daggers towards the slightly taller albino, “'Let’s go in unarmed, we’ll be in and out, they won’t even know we were there’” Hinata murmurs, trying to do an impression of Komaeda’s voice, making large hand gestures as he does. This fic gives you the feeeeeeels. Seriously, the two of them are so cute, and you can really feel how much they care about each other! There are some sad/angsty moments, especially in the sequel; but that just makes the story better!
  • Love Is DangerousIt happens so quick my brain can’t even register it. But a car comes in the opposite direction, bibbing at the other driver. The guy in the large car panics and swerves to his left, hurtling at an unbelievable speed towards me.“HAJIME!” I hear Makoto yell on the top of his voice, almost screeching.I push myself off of Makoto’s car, but before I can even move, I’m pushed to the floor. I land on my back, hitting my head on the pavement. I slowly raise myself up on my elbows and look up to see Komaeda looming over me, his hand against the large car; a giant dent is encased on the metal. Yes, it is a Twilight Au, but listen - the author stated they were changing it to fit their idea, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT ANYWAY. (I mean, if you like twilight that’s fine, but in my oh-so-humble opinion, this is MUCH BETTER.) I especially like the different relationships included in this story; Hinata and Naegi’s close sibling bond, HInata and Kuwata’s friendship, and, OF COURSE, everything between Hinata and Komaeda. They’re just so cuuuuute. Can’t wait to see how this fic goes! 
  • For Your Entertainment It’s theatre season once again, and Hope’s Peak Academy has just announced their spring musical; The Drowsy Chaperone. And when the new kid, Hajime Hinata, wins a main role in the cast, he’s thrown together with a strange cast of characters, including Nidai, the overenthusiastic boy whom you might not expect to be as good as he is at directing, Kirigiri, the silent but skillful stage manager, Sayaka, the flirty girl who’s perfectly suited to the spotlight, Sonia, the student who arrived from Europe last summer and captured everyone’s hearts with her charm, Tanaka, the animal trainer and lover of the occult who displays an unexpected talent for the stage, Chiaki, the quiet and sleepy but dedicated gamer who runs the sound and lighting booth, Junko, the bubbly choreographer who scares the living hell out of everyone, and Ishimaru, the loud, uptight prefect who seems out of place onstage but has a neverending supply of enthusiasm to make up for it. Will the drama club of Hope’s Peak be able to pull together a completely student-run musical in just two months? (Probably.) Will everyone retain their sanity? (Probably not.) That was a long summary so I’ll keep this brief! This story is cute, funny, and it’s a unique AU. The characterization is nice, the writing is strong, and pretty much the whole gang is involved. It’s super fun!
  • You’re Live on Monomi Radio! - Hosting a late night radio show was the least of Hinata’s problems. In which two punks become local celebrities, Nanami plays the cupid and Hinata’s favorite caller hits on him. It’s awesome. This was so. Funny. OOC, but they’re supposed to be. The banter between Nanami and Hinata is hilarious! You’ll actually laugh out loud. Plus, the whole thing about how Hinata and Komaeda start talking to each other, and listeners start shipping them? Perfect. I can’t get enough of this!


  • KomaHina Drabbles - You make me fall deeper into your spell. And then I’ll end up making a mistake. I’ll end up telling you how I really feel. That would only drive you away. That would make me predictable wouldn’t it? You would have calculated that our physical relationship is something that would nurture the fondness that I have for you. Then would you leave me? I would probably fall deeper into despair if you were to leave me. I would fall into a puddle of tears and grief. (Unfortunately, there wasn’t really a summary of this fic, so I picked out a bit of writing from the 1st chapter. I hope that’s okay.) A lot could be said about this fic, but I’ll keep it simple; it’s well-written, it’s entertaining; it can be serious AND extremely cute and fluffy. A lot of the chapters can be considered part of the same verse. Also, the chapters include very interesting interpretations of the character’s lives and relationships! It’s really enjoyable. It can also be considered kamukoma; both pairings are included. Oh, and it also contains a lot of smut.
  • All Manner Of Sins[30 Day OTP Challenge (NSFW version), chapters have individual summaries and content warnings.] This is HIGH. QUALITY. NSFW. There’s a bunch of different scenarios and ALL of it is super well-written and intricate! Honestly, it’s a must-read! 
  • unabashed debauchery - The scent of Komaeda’s soap clinging to his skin and the green jacket hanging off his shoulders might as well be an advertisement to the world: “I’m banging Nagito Komaeda”. What can I say? It’s super high-quality komahina smut. And you’ll love every word.

EDIT: Fics that have been crossed out are no longer on AO3. A few more fics have been added as well.

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Hello, baby. Part 12

My eyes finally open up and I’m surprised to still be at his side, tangled in him. His grip on me is tight. I lift my head to look at him, he’s awake.

“Good morning doll.” He gives my side a squeeze, “I think you had a bad dream.” He doesn’t look at me, instead he just stares at the ceiling.

“I did?” I lay my head back on his chest, “I don’t remember it.” I try to think if I had one or not and I can’t remember any sort of dream last night.

He lets out a deep sigh. He brings the hand that was around my waist to my head and brushes the hair that has escaped my bun throughout the night out of my face, “You did.”

“Did it wake you up? I’m sorry.” I dig my face deeper in him. Maybe he hasn’t even been to sleep yet. “I really don’t remember it.” I squeeze him closer he lets out a groan and I laugh.

“It’s ok darling.” He shifts in my grip.

“What was my dream about? Was I sleep talking?” I laugh a little bit.

He holds me tighter, “Yeah, you were doll. It was about me.”
I feel a rush of emotion sweep over both of us. I sit up and lean on my elbow and look at his face, he’s upset. Not at me or what happened. At himself, I think.

“You started out saying my name, like you were calling for me. That’s what woke me up. I thought it was a good dream. Then you started screaming my name in fear. You started to sweat. Your face became twisted. I, I didn’t know if I should wake you or not. You kept yelling at me, pleading for me to not hurt you. Then you stopped.” He looks at me and I can read pain all over him. 

I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know how to bring him back. So we sit in silence. I lay back down next to him and wrap my arm around him and interlock our fingers. I’m pale but his skin is white, I kiss his hand and look at him. He gives me a half smile that disappears quickly.

“You know, I don’t think that, right?” I say, but my eyes are on our hands.

“Don’t think what doll?” His voice is quite, like he is deep in thought.

“I don’t think you would hurt me again. I know you wouldn’t.” I rest my chin on his chest and look at him. ‘Ok, that is a lie.’

He looks at me, “Do you though?” He runs his fingers down my cheek.

“Yep!” I smile at him and then rest my head on him again. “Can I hear another story?”

He lets out a sigh, “Sure.”

I let out a laugh and sit up with my back against the headboard. He looks at me confused and sits up a little bit too. I grab his arm and flip it over, the large cut I had given him the night before has a light scab over it and it will definitely be a scar one day. 

“This one.” I run my finger gently down it and I smile at him.

“Ahh, that one. Are you sure you want to hear that one?” He looks at his arm and then back to me.

“Positive!” I lean in, getting our lips close but not touching, “I think this will be a really good story.” He kisses me and I return it.

“It’s a very good story indeed darling.” He says once the kiss ends. He lays back down and gives me a look to join him, I curl up under his arm again. 

“Well, this girl, this girl came into my club. I have seen her before, only outside the club but never inside. She finally made her way in the doors and well, she broke a couple of rules, I don’t like when people break my rules darling. You know that, right?” I look at him and roll my eyes, he smiles at me.
“Anyways, I showed her a lesson. She handled it well, very well. She agreed to be mine and only mine, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.” He squeezes me a little bit and I smile.
“She’s powerful, and God she can make a man weak in the fucking knees. I’m not used to that, I thought I could break her. I wanted to break her. I wanted her to become weak and helpless.” He sighs like he doesn’t want to finish, but he continues.
“I tried many times and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t go through with it. The last time i tried to get her out of my mind, well she gave me this. A reminder to never forget the hold she has on me, and to never forget the power she has in herself. I knew I needed her, I had to have her. Her madness that somehow made its way out is like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s spectacular.” 

I sit up next to him, “J, that is, that’s just so, full of shit!” I laugh at him, he lets out a laugh back. “Honestly baby, that was the best story. I love… it. I loved it J.” My heart is beating in my throat. ‘I almost just said it out loud. Shit.’
I definitely can not let him ever hear those words.
I kiss him deeply hoping it will distract him from what almost came out of my mouth. It works. 

He flips me over so he’s on top of me and he has my hands over my head, he’s using one of his hands to hold them there. Our kiss is long and his tongue is all over my mouth.
I start raising my hips to meet his and he puts that to a stop quick. “No, no, no baby.” He uses his free hand and pushes down on my hip.
I smile at him and then bite my lip. “I missed you daddy.”
He growls and me and kisses me hard. I let our moans in his mouth.
I can feel how hard he is and I try to wiggle my hands out of his grip. He ignores my efforts and starts kissing my neck, I moan again and he growls. 

My breathing has picked up and I just want to touch him. “Daddy. Please.” 

He lifts his head and looks at me, “Please what baby?”

“Let me touch you.” I try and give him a pouty look. That works too. 

He lets go of my hands and they go for his hair and I bring his down to meet me for a kiss again. 

“Fuck! You are just so!” He growls again. 
He flips me over and slides the underwear off, “Mmmm, baby.” He sees I’m wet.
He grabs my hips and lifts them and my knees meet the bed. He slides a finger down to my clit and I give a rigid moan. 

I knew he wouldn’t be able to wait much longer, then I feel his dick against me “Daddy. Daddy please!” He rubs his dick against my clit, my legs shake.
I have my face down in the mattress and my ass up in perfect view for him, “Daddy! I need you to fuck me!” I moan and he does.
He slides himself in me hard and I grip the sheets next to me I let out a loud moan. He goes harder and I feel like I’m holding on for dear life, our breathing is loud with moans, growls and screams.
He is hitting the perfect spot and I can feel my orgasm approaching.
“Baby girl.” He lets out a grunt “Fuck I missed this!”
He growls deep at me and picks up the speed, I reach back and grab his arm.
His hands are on my hips and he slams himself against me. He grunts are louder and I know he’s going to finish soon.
I yell out “Daddy! Fuck! I can’t! Please!” I can’t take it anymore and I tighten around him and he groans and we both cum. Out breathing is heavy.
He kisses the back of neck and comes out of me and lays down, I fall to my stomach and lay down next to him. 

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We both let out a small laugh. “I like story time baby.” I smile at him. “I’ll tell you all the stories you want darling.” He laughs. “I do have to get some work done, but tonight, tonight we will have dinner together. Here. Ok?”

I spring up on my knees, “Really?” I squeal

“Yes really!” He smiles

“Thank you baby!” I kiss him on the cheek and give him a tight hug. He gives me a soft kiss on my neck and he gets out of bed and gets in the shower.
I sit back on the bed waiting for him to get out so I could shower next. 

‘I love him! I love him! I love him!’ I scream in my mind. I have a smile on my face as I turn over on my back consuming the silk sheets.

“Someone is enjoying themselves!” He gives me half a grin, he has just a towel around his waist.

I wrap the sheets around me and cover myself up and laugh, “I missed this place!”
I unravel myself from the sheets and get up, he’s in the closet getting dressed, and I head to the shower.
I turn the water on as hot as I can handle, I get in. I let the water run down my back and shoulders, I relax and enjoy it.
I get out and braid my hair back. I wrap the large towel around me and head to the closet. I pull out a purple dress that is almost like a cotton fabric, it’s soft on my skin and feels warm, I put my white fluffy slippers on.
I close our bedroom door behind me.

The office door is closed so I head downstairs, I’m nervous to face Jackie. “Good morning ” I say loud enough for everyone to hear. I get a few smiles from the guards.
Jackie’s eyes shoot up, “Well, uh good morning dear!” She smiles at me and waits a second as if she has to adjust, she runs over to me and hugs me, “I missed ya sweetie!”
I squeeze her back, “I missed you too!” And I really did. It felt like I have known Jackie my whole life and I could share anything and everything with her and she wouldn’t pass judgment for a second. 

“Are you hungry? I made pancakes!” I give her a smile and she reads it and hands me a plate.

After I eat I go sit on the couch and watch some T.V. I find a movie to watch, its a romantic movie that I know exactly what is going to happen but I still cry when things get bad and cry again at the end when everything works out. I wipe my face with my hands and let out a few sniffs. 

“Darling, what are the tears for?” J asks as he walks towards me. 

I giggle and my cheeks turn red, “Movies.” I smile at him.

“Oh, not because you missed me then?” He sits next to me on the couch.

“Oh of course I missed you Mr. J!” I smother him with small kisses and squeeze him around his neck.

“Alright! Alright!” He pushes me off him.

I laugh at him and give him a wink, “How much longer till dinner?” 

“Darling, its 2 in the afternoon, you have at least 4 more hours.” He gives me a ‘what the hell’ kind of look. “Are you hungry? I thought you just ate?”

I roll my eyes, “I did just eat, I do sort of miss you though. Just a little bit. Not too much, maybe.” 

“You are something else doll.” He gets up and kisses my forehead and walks back upstairs.

“Where ya goin’?” I run after him.

“I have to finish some work baby girl. What has gotten into you?” He lets out a faint laugh and keeps walking.

“You!” I smile and him and laugh.

He comes back over to me and pulls me close by my waist, his hand slide up my body and he places them lightly on my neck and kisses me, “Don’t make me punish you baby, you have no idea what daddy is capable of.”

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A chill runs down my spine, “Maybe I want to know.” I kiss him again and bite his lip, he growls from his throat. 

“Fuck!” He says in a sharp whisper. He stands back and looks at me up and down, “This will be a very quick date.” He smiles and kisses me again and walks to his office.

“See you at 6 daddy!” I yell out and I can hear him growl.

I change my slippers for black heels and apply a little bit of makeup, I let my hair down and shake it letting the waves separate. I head downstairs and there is a table for 2 set up in the middle of the room, there is a single rose in the center and small candles around it. 
J is standing next to the table with just his purple blazer on and his low cut jeans. I want to run and kiss him. Instead I let him enjoy the view of me as I enjoy the view of him. That famous smile appears and i want to melt.

He pulls out a chair for me, I sit and he then pushes it in. He goes and takes his seat across from me.

“My, My, my…” He gives me that smile again. “You look good enough to eat doll.” 

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

I lean in on the table, “I hope thats a promise Mr. J” I give him a smile back. I hear him purr and i lean back in my chair.

“Lets save that for later darling, our date just started.” He leans back as well.

“You’re right, lets enjoy dinner first. Desert can be my treat.” I wink at him and he laughs. 

Jackie comes over with our food, grilled chicken, asparagus, and small red potatoes. I feel hunger pains set in. 

“This looks and smells amazing Jackie! Thank you so much!” I give her a full smile and I look over at J.

“Yes, thank you.” He gives a quick glance and she smiles at me briefly and walks away.

I start eating right away, I look over at him with my mouth full and get embarrassed. I quickly chew and swallow, “Sorry, I was hungry.” I laugh out of feeling uncomfortable. 

“It’s quite all right darling, you could use the weight.” He shows a soft smile and starts eating his own. 

Moments pass with no exchange of words and we are finished with our meals.
We make small talk about things and pass inappropriate jokes back and forth.

I have had 1 and a half glasses of wine and J has had 2 full glasses.
We move to the couch and I have my head resting on his lap facing him, he is looking down and me. 

“What was your childhood like?” He asks me out of nowhere.

“My childhood? Uh, it wasn’t the greatest. Why?” I grab his hand and play with his fingers in mine.

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“Tell me about it.” His hand accepting mine.

“Will you tell me about yours?” Im not sure if this is a trigger.

“Sure doll.” He looks at me and my I think my heart skips a beat.

I don’t know if he possibly had too much to drink or if he is actually wanting to open up about this. My mind flashes to the picture in the cabinet, my heart aches a little bit. 

“Ok, baby.” I kiss his hand.

WOW! I’ve hit 1000+ followers!  World domination is just a step away!

Thanks to everyone for your support!

I’ve been meaning to make an influence map to share some of my favorite artists/shows/comics/games, so now’s as good a time as any. The one’s I’ve put in the map are the ones I think influenced my style the most. Shapes, shading, linework, the shorthands I use for faces…it’s all thanks to them!

There are also a number of artists I found on Tumblr that have been a great inspiration as of late, including: ororororog, keito-ellllllllekurkoboltsimillionfish, mtsomnoooooo, k-szk, and much more that I can’t think of right now. 

If you want to see more art I like, see my reblog-blog: tomatoro-potatoro

Animal Crossing Catchphrases!

I spent the last hour or so trying to come up with a clever catchphrase for my villager. Since I can never seem to think of any on the spot, I thought I’d make note of a few that might work! (Note that these are all generalized, and don’t necessarily pertain to a certain animal or character.)


  • hehe
  • nyah
  • hooray
  • BOOP!
  • yo
  • indeed
  • what, what
  • y’know 
  • totes ( mayor-fera )


  • if I may
  • o-okay
  • darling 
  • lovely
  • quite so 
  • …I guess
  • golly
  • I think…
  • my friend
  • my love


  • …NOT
  • gotcha!
  • suck it
  • or else
  • HA!
  • get wreckt
  • you wish
  • duh 
  • whatever 
  • babe


  • human
  • cuz
  • boss
  • brah
  • homie
  • guvnor
  • my pet
  • senpai
  • b-baka
  • onii-chan
  • master


  • TL;DR
  • huehuehue
  • in bed
  • says I
  • YOLO
  • orz
  • *sensored*
  • ten-HUT
  • ba-BOOM
  • mm’kaaaay
  • duuuuude
  • in-game
  • …help me

If you guys can think of any good ones, reblog with a comment! =D

hi hello

*one direction voice* I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who took the time to make me feel special and loved yesterday. Some people say I’m good with words but I really don’t think I can find the right ones to say how much I love you, and how much every single word you say means to me.
When I entered the fandom I didn’t think I’d even make any friends, I just thought I would reblog pretty pictures and gifs sometimes and that would be it. Now I’m still reblogging pretty pictures but I also have incredible friends. I actually have more than that, I have a family here 💖 Thank you, you’re all special cupcakes.

I need blogs to follow!

Okay so my feed is dead so if you post any of the following please reblog this:

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Haikyuu!! - I’m good with pretty much everything though I’m more of a Kagehina/Daisuga person myself
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Yuri!!! On Ice - ^
Note: If you are against anything LGBT+, or you support incest or pedofilia, please unfollow me now.

omg hey guys!! a couple days ago i hit 1k followers so i’ve decided that i wanna do something to celebrate because i’m SO thankful!! so im doing blog rates and everyone will get a compliment as well because you’re all fantastic and i wanna check out all your blogs!!!


  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count!! sorry!)
  • send me an ask with a question here, any question of your choice!
  • format of blog rates will be under the cut - every rating a positive one! (except maybe the OWL results but *hint* i won’t ever rate anyone below acceptable - just had to include them all u know) nothing is good or bad because i think everyone’s blogs are wonderful
  • i will write a little compliment for each blog as well
  • feel free to blacklist ‘alicia does br’
  • i’ll definitely delete this if it flops and the go hide under a rock because embarrassing

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Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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anonymous asked:

Can you think of any good Miller and Naomi quotes that would make a good tag for them? I like this pairing too much to just tag it as the generic miller x naomi (also it bothers me that one is a surname and the other is a first name but that's my anal retentive-ness shining bright).

Fuck, man, I dunno! I’m also super drunk in a cab so I’m tapping @sallyscience into this. Or anyone who wants to throw out suggestions. I may reblog with an actual answer in the morning.

I feel this though. Naomi and Miller got to me in ways a ten second exchange shouldn’t have, but i recall her being more understanding at first…before they erased everything in an attempt to undermine miller. But I totally dig calling certain people by their last name. This could be completely personal in the sense that I want people to call me by my last name, but it’s waaaaaaay to Eastern European.

Anyway #drunk.


To be continued…

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Look who’s back! I think Ren looks like the boogy-man. At least, when I was little, that’s more or less how I pictured the boogy-man. But his hooded cloak is based off an earlier concept design for Kylo Ren’s character. 

Thank you kindly to everyone who has liked and reblogged and left nice comments about this comic. I actually wasn’t going to post any of it up because I didn’t think it was any good. So I’m just glad people are enjoying it. 

I’ve had some time off so I was able to post some more pages today. Otherwise, I can probably still update this every two weeks.

furry rant of sorts

ok this has been bothering me a while and i’m just now getting fed up enough to write about it but like

it really bugs me how people (on tumblr) seem to now think of furries as just a quick buck. like I’m not gonna call out any posts but there have been a few that circulate frequently (i can almost guarantee you have seen at least two) and they’re all variations of “DON’T HAVE A COMMISSION AUDIENCE?? JUST GET A FURAFFINITY ACCOUNT!! INSTANT POPULARITY! THE FURRIES WILL COME TO THE RESCUE!!”

this bothers me cause i FUCKING KNOW a good 80-90% of the people who reblog these posts think furries are the weirdest dumbest biggest pile of oddballs online.

like out of all the cliques/fandoms/whatever types of groups online, furries are definitely up there with the ones who have gotten and continue to get the most hate/ridicule and are mocked constantly. 

and now that these ‘lol furries pay good money for your art’ posts are going around everyone seems ready to just drop this stigma or at least PRETEND to drop it. like getting an account to expand your audience and get more commissions is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that and i know several people who did it, but like. i know SO MANY PEOPLE are just painting furries as this huge group of losers who are just there to make some money off of. 

like most of these posts seem to come off as “oh yeah furries are fucking weird and i make fun of them all the time but now that i know they have money, i’ll just put on a furry mask, draw some dogs, and these guys will just eat my shit right up, meanwhile i still think of them as a giant group of weirdos i wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole”

I’m not saying it’s wrong to involve oneself in the furry fandom for the purpose of commissions, because that’s basically a parallel to what industry artists have to do with getting involved with the tv/game scene. It’s when people rip on furries and look down on them as the butt of jokes while simultaneously trying to get their cash, that I have a problem. it’s just frustrating to see this new stigma floating around. like the negative perception of furries hasn’t changed, but nOW THEY HAVE MONEY FOR ME WHEE

not saying you have to adore furries and have a fursona and fursuit and go the whole 9 yards in order to try take commissions, but if you’re gonna milk a group of people for their money, maybe change your attitude about them

Reblog if...

- You think people should be allowed to see themselves in any fictional character they want

- You understand doing so isn’t “dangerous” because “omg sweaty, your making this thing that I don’t think is good look good and no one who is like that should ever think it is a good thing!”

- You realize that creating a certain headcanon for a character does not take away anyone else’s ability to headcanon the same character differently

- You are aware that said characters are fictional and headcanoning them as certain things hurts literally no one

Because I had a little grumpalump try to tell me that doing any of these things is somehow wrong, and I want people who see themselves in fictional characters, or take comfort in the fact that they’re being represented in fiction, to know how many people stand with them.