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I’m trying to prove to my Dad that I’m not alone in this and that making it canon would not be, as he says it would, “professional suicide” for Mark and Steven. If this can get a few hundred notes, just off my relatively small following, it will speak volumes. P.S. This may also work for any assholes in your life who are trying to sink your ship. If this makes you happy, like it does me, don’t let them ruin it for you.

Need New Blogs to Follow!

Hi so um, I recently deleted a lot of inactive blogs that I had and stuff and realized I didn’t have a lot of fandom blogs left in my following list, so please like or reblog if you post:

Dr. Who

Sherlock ( I do not ship Johnlock though so if you post/ reblog about it all the time, like 24/7 then I might not follow sorry :c )

Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth

Marvel ( primarily Avengers/ Deadpool)

Steven Universe/ Adventure Time/ We Bare Bears/ Amazing World of Gumball/ pretty much any Cartoon Network show new or old

Disney ( especially but not limited to Alice in Wonderland )

Minecraft/ Mario / Pokemon/ Alice the madness returns / video games in general

Bobs Burgers

Anything Tim Burton/ ghost stories/ paranormal stuff/ creepypasta

Studio Ghibli

Anime ( There’s way too many to list here XD )

Generally funny/ weird posts and vines

And I will check out your blog and probably follow you!! I also post/ reblog this stuff so if you’re looking for a blog with this/ these fandoms in it then feel free to follow as well! Thank you very much and I look forward to checking out your blogs!! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Okay so I had an argument with my physics teacher

Because she said that there was nothing more than platonic between John and Sherlock and that we (my bestfriend and I) were the only one not seeing it.

So I’m trying to prove a point, please reblog if you ship Johnlock and think that there’s something more than platonic between them.