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Fanart Saturday(?)

I’m procrastinating making intro posts to all my blogs, and stuff. So it’s fanart time! I’m going to have a theme though. All primarina, and maybe popplio and brionne.

Since I can’t remember all blogs with a prima, just reblog if you want to be certain your prima, pop, or brio will be drawn.

since it seems to be the consensus that being the weird girl is lesbian culture i think we can all agree that harper from wizards of waverly place was a lesbian

How to report bots that reblog your posts and inject their own links

You’re an artist having a wonderful day posting your art to Tumblr dot com. You don’t always get a ton of attention, but that’s okay. But then one day somebody reblogs one of your posts…

You’re super excited! Someone appreciates your hard work. Then you see the profile picture, and it’s something like this…

[Screenshot of a Tumblr notification that shows an icon that looks suspiciously like a white girl in a bikini showing off her butt, though it’s so small it’s hard to tell. “axpgthglewut reblogged your photo.”]

You’re suspicious at this point, but mildly optimistic. Maybe someone likes both T&A and your Steven Universe fan art. Then you go to their blog and…

[Screenshot of my drawing of Lapis Lazuli. My original description was replaced with the text “you want to fool around?” and a link that leads to God knows where.]

It’s happened. Again. For some bizarre reason a p/orn bot is using your completely safe for work art to get click throughs to something that’s definetly not safe for work. 

You desperately want at least your attribution back, but since Tumblr is so horrifically set up you’re very sure there’s no way to do that. 

Except you can!

Tumblr allows you to report copyright violations which includes removing your description and injecting their own link. But how to do this? 

Step 1: Report them

Go to that human icon, click it to go to the drop down, and select “Report”.

Step 2: Select “Community Violation”

This behavior is explicitly against the Tumblr terms of service so that’s where it goes.

Step 3: Select “Misuse of your identity or work”

Step 4: Select “Misattribution or non-attribution”

Step 5: Select “yes”, this is your work that’s being misattributed.

Step 6: Select “yes”, you posted it to Tumblr.

Step 7: Select “Someone reblogged it and injected a link to their own blog.”

Step 8: Put in the link to your original post, the link to their reblog, and your email. Then submit!

You can get it the link to the reblog without going to their blog directly by going to the dash view of the blog, hovering over the top right corner, right clicking and selecting “copy link address.

While all of us here on this trash website enjoy picking on staff, in my experience they take care of this kind of thing relatively quickly (usually 2-3 days). 

I hope this has helped at least some of you, and remember: only you can stop bot reblogs. [insert gif of Smokey the Bear here]


Is there anybody going to listen to my story? All about the girl who came to stay. She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry. Still, you don’t regret a single day. A girl. Girl.

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 

I'm starting to feel a little bit Ancient™ in the Markiplier fandom, so reblog if you remember any of these

Tiny Box Tim
Press B to Blow
Lucky Flannel
Herb Lore
Unnecessary Censorship
Drunk Minecraft
The Fish Cone
“Ass-blasting bitchaloid”
The original Darkiplier videos (like Be Still)

Mark first adopting Chica
Stone face Tyler (aka the first video Tyler was in)
Mark first dyeing his hair pink for charity
Mark moving in with the Cyndago guys

Feel free to add others if you guys think of any!!

(P.S. I’m in no way trying to say that you’re not a “true fan” or something stupid like that if you don’t know all these references/didn’t see all these vids when they first came out. I’m just still feeling nostalgic after seeing Mark on tour and felt like taking a walk down memory lane.

If you remembered to take care of yourself today, reblog this post.

If you need this reminder to go take care of yourself; whether it be to relax, breathe, or eat something nourishing, reblog this post.

We all need a little reminder every now and again.

So please, take care of yourself.

Hayley Kiyoko song asks

send me a song title and i’ll answer the questions :)

  • Girls Like Girls - how old were you when you realized you were into girls?
  • Cliffs Edge - have you ever been in love? what color is love?
  • This Side Of Paradise - date aesthetic?
  • Gravel To Tempo - what makes you feel confident? how do you improve your mood after a bad day?
  • One Bad Night - are you a morning person or a night owl? daydreamer or night dreamer? 
  • Pretty Girl - most embarrassing thing you’ve done because of a pretty girl?
  • Ease My Mind - are you/have you been in a relationship with a girl?
  • Palace - vaguely discuss a memory of something that didn’t work out?
  • Sleepover - have you ever had an unrequited crush on a friend? 
  • Given It All - rant about something that makes you frustrated
  • Feeding the Fire - most aggravating thing someone has said to you regarding your sexuality?
  • Better Than Love - favorite comfort food?
  • Hit and Run - favorite summertime memory?
  • Determinate - first girl fictional character crush?
  • A Belle To Remember - favorite hayley kiyoko song and how her music has affected you?
Do not treat fellow roleplay blogs like meme hubs

Reblogging memes/prompts from other roleplayers is fine, but make sure to send them something occasionally as well even if it’s something simple.

There are tons of dedicated blogs for memes/prompts and other resources so please don’t treat fellow roleplayers like one of these kinds of blogs.