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Okay so I am just sort of sick of Gamzee getting the bad end of the stick because of recent upd8s past. Bluh I don’t want to rant but it all aggravates me because now Gamzee is the butt of the jokes and abuse Eridan’s character used to, and probably still if we’re being honest here, get.

STOP REPEATING THE THINGS GAMZEE DID. Yeah, he did bad, shoving it everyone’s faces isn’t gonna change. Instead hope for some REDEMPTION for this troll. Cuz he’s a great character and I love him and I want to SEE him get better.

bluh semi rant over, sorry about that.

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You should right a book about tumblr

From Ari Bach, the author of Valhalla:

Tumblr The Book

The year is 2006 and David Karp has a plan to take over the world. Launching tumblr in his basement, the blogging platform quickly gains popularity among bloggers everywhere. But little do they know, every post through which they scroll is part of a demonic master plan.

For you see, Karp is actually the demon prince Belphegor, risen to Earth to lead its population into hell itself. Like the pied piper his internet song captures millions. Once ensnared they begin the rollercoaster ride to hell. It seems nobody can stop the damnation- Until now.

Join The Rarest Pepe and Rage Guy as they descend into the depths of tumblr to stop the great temptation. Along the way they’ll meet such celebrity guests as Wil Wheaton and John Green, they’ll visit the most desolate reaches of porn blogs and the highest peaks of fandom tumblrs as they work their way to Karp’s palace beyond the staff blog of no response. They will fight the nazi blogs. They will face the trolls. And they will finally learn the answer to the ancient question that plagues all who tread on the site: Do you love the color of the sky?

Tumblr The Book: An adventure to the end of the internet, one reblog at a time.

Talking to Writers 101:

1) Questions are always encouraged and appreciated! We love answering questions about our fic when they are worded politely.

2) Polite requests for tagging, formatting, or posting will always be taken seriously. We don’t want to be triggering to you. That’s the last thing we want.

3) Prompts for fics, when written politely, will be filled to the best of our ability. We love knowing that you thought of us for your prompt. We hope you understand that we might not fill your prompt immediately, however. Some prompts are easier for some writers to fill then others and some prompts just won’t fit our head cannon for fics or characters. We will always try.

4) No writer will ever respond positively to demands. NOT A SINGLE AUTHOR. We might smile to your face, but demands make us stressed out, sad, angry… Even though you might use the word please, if it’s clear you don’t respect us enough to be patient or ask nicely, we won’t respect your request. End of story.

5) We LOVE hearing from you. We troll your blog after you reblog to check your tags. We smile with every ask. We LOVE hearing from you, don’t be afraid!

6) If we don’t respond, we don’t hate you. Sometimes we get your message at inconvenient times. Sometimes we don’t get your message at all. Sometimes we have bad days and can’t respond at all or don’t know what to say. It’s very unlikely that our not responding has anything to do with you. ;)

7) If you’re nice to us, we’ll be nice to you. Ask politely and never assume and you’ll be surprised how much quicker and friendlier our responses are.