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Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: @itsanniecuellar

Imagine: Hiiiii, I discovered your blog today and i really really like it I was wondering if you could make one where Steve dates a civilian and she hates the fact that he risks his life everyday but one day she gets in trouble and he risks his life to save her Something like that 😂

A/N: thank you so much! i’m glad you like my blog hehe.

Warning: None

It was completely dark in your bedroom, your arm was hanging off the bed and your face was buried inside your pillow. You could tell it was the morning but you had no desire of getting up because you wanted to stay in bed. Your phone went off about a billion times from somebody calling you, but you didn’t want to answer it because you were tired and worn out from last night. The door opens and somebody comes in and starts to gently push on you.

‘’Wake up Y/N, Buck made waffles if you want some.’’ he whispers, his voice was recognizable, it was Tony.

‘’Mmm, I’m not hungry.’’ you groan, pulling the sheets up over your head.

‘’You? Not hungry? Ha, stop lying dude, now, get up, let’s go.’’ tony grips the blanket you were underneath and rips it right off of you.

‘’Eep!’’ you squeak, as you curl up into a ball, hoping he wouldn’t notice that you were wearing steve’s shirt.

But typical Tony, he noticed.

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a lot of people i followed have either left spn for greener pastures or aren’t active anymore, and i just felt it was time to see who’s still out there, make some new friends, and fight over who gets to eat the pie.


  • please be following this radical being
  • reblog to spread the word
  • check out the members page and send me your claim + a name/nickname
    • don’t see someone you want to claim on the list? make it up! all AU versions of characters are accepted
    • tell me if you’d like to be followed back and i’ll go check out your blog!
  • track #punkfam to share selfies, creations, headcanons, shower thoughts, life updates, whatever you feel like sharing!
  • be prepared to have a new pal who will love you 5ever

anonymous asked:

Just so you know, separating your block into nsfw and sfw has made my life worse. Because previously, I could read your sex related content at work since it was just text. But now I cannot since the nsfw blog contains outright porn. This situation may not be fixable, just wanted to let you know there is a downside. I still really like your blog as a whole.

I got several messages like this and have decided that I’m going to instead run the most boring NSFW blog around by just writing text and no longer reblogging porn.

Which feels extremely weird since reblogging porn is what all the other blogs of this genre are /for/, but alright.


🌸 S H E I L A 🌸

“Sheila is the most beautiful, amazingest girl in the world you could ever meet. Sheila is as closest to perfect you can get. If you ever meet Sheila, treat her well and keep her in your life until you die; you will not regret it.”


Reblog this if you don’t care what icons your partner uses or if they use icons.

Sometimes you feel a little ridiculous using animated icons when your partner uses real life people for their face claims, and sometimes you feel like you should have and use icons even if you don’t have them because your partner does. This is so that people know that you really don’t care either way. You just want to rp with them and have fun.

To My Followers

I appreciate you so, so much.

When I think that my art will never be good, I remember all the people who like my art and reblog it with sweet tags.

When I think that I’m not pretty, I remember all the people who like and reblog my selfies.

When I think that nobody remembers me, I remember all the people who tag me in their posts.

When I think that I have a personality that drives people away, I remember every single one of you, and all the likes and reblogs and nice messages I’ve gotten. And I feel a lot better.

Every time I start feeling bad about myself, I remember there are almost 200 people on here who like me enough to follow me, and that means the world to me.

You may not think that you make a difference, or that your liking or reblogging things on tumblr matters—but you’ve already made my life better. So thank you. So, so much. I love you all.

Below the cut there are #73 gifs of Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Winter as requested.

All gifs were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own. I don’t mind if you use them in a gif hunt, but please like or reblog this first. Gifs are  250 x 140 px or 160 x 160 px

You may only edit these if you credit back to me.

Note: quality depends on video quality

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it’s so weird to have all of these life-changing experiences that you cant share 

the people you pass on the street dont know you were abused

friends may not know that you used to be treated so horribly, like an object, like a subservient person. 

you may tell them youre traumatized or that you’ve been hurt before, but those words dont convey how terrible what actually happened was. 

or they may not know that it’s still happening.

it’s just so weird to me that we have all of these horrible things inside of us, and yet we have to keep them secret most of the time to live “normally” in front of others

What The Signs Need To Focus On
  • Check Sun & Moon Sign.
  • Reblog to remind yourself.
  • Aries: Finishing things they've put off. *You've procrastinated for far too long.
  • Taurus: What they want to do in school/work/life. *You can't keep living without a clear goal.
  • Gemini: Being honest with their true selves. *Stop trying to change yourself for your friends or family.
  • Cancer: Not depending on others for their personal happiness. *Sometimes those you count on most will fail you.
  • Leo: Being okay with being alone and independent. *You don't always need someone to feel secure.
  • Virgo: Understanding not everyone thinks like them. *You don't need to convince everyone of your beliefs.
  • Libra: There are better things to concern yourself with than superficial things. *Looks and status don't define you or anybody else, so stop thinking that it does.
  • Scorpio: Starting a healthy eating/ fitness regimen. *You keep telling yourself "someday" - the time is now and the longer you wait the more time you're wasting.
  • Sagittarius: Being real and genuine. *You think you're good at fooling people, but you're not, it's completely transparent.
  • Capricorn: Doing what they enjoy. *You get so swept up in what everybody else is doing tend to lose your interests easily.
  • Aquarius: Being truly kind and compassionate. *Sometimes your selfishness and arrogance can get in the way of your relationships, try thinking of others feelings first for a change and watch your life get better.
  • Pisces: Being humble. *You tend to compare yourself with others so much that you may start building a complex that you're better than everybody else - forget that and just try to be okay with who you are at the moment.

i thought of a kin/id meme!

1. what was your kin/id’s favourite food?
2. name something your kin/id studied!
3. a favourite canon area?
4. element associated with your kin/id?
5. who have you met from your canon?
6. things in every day life that remind you of your canon?
7. favourite scents from your canon?
8. what weather did your kin/id like the most?
9. what talents/ skills did you have as your kin/id?
10. do you like how the fandom portrays your kin/id?
11. what would you have done differently in your canon?
12. what outfit did you like best in your canon?
13. in a modern setting, what would you as your kin/id wear?
14. did you have a favourite memory of your canon?
15. name a favourite person in your canon!
16. did you like life in your canon?

Why you should have the confidence of a lion

Aries: Cuz you are the life of the fuckin party
Taurus: Cuz you are the hottest like fuck!
Gemini: You fuckin inspire people with your positive ass
Cancer: You fuckin care about everyone. We need you!
Leo: You are the fuckin lion dude!
Virgo: You are the best at everything you fuckin do
Libra: Everyone knows you and you fuckin are bubbly asf
Scorpio: You are the god of sex who are you kidding! You fuckin are everything
Sagittarius: without you there would be no point in adventure! Because you are the fuckin adventure
Capricorn: the god of gods and you fuckin take care of everyone
Aquarius: you fuckin are that friend that keep us on our damn toes
Pisces: Fuckin save lives and don’t even know it! Damn you are the bomb!


Supporting living artists is vital. Our livings are made off of our craft, and there are many ways you can help the artists in your life. Like, reblog, retweet, and otherwise share their art with proper credit. Send them a message of support. Visit their shows. Last but not least, buy their merchandise and commission them for work. Art is more than an expression or a hobby, it is a profession for many of us. Use this pin as a conversation starter, let people know why it is important to support living artists within their lives. (Shout out to the model used: @violentcosmos)

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So here’s a little ask thing because I’d think it’d be fun and cool for the fandom to have more of it’s own!! feel free to reblog. The asks either relate to one of the series (specified) or both!

1) Which of the ToG characters do you relate most to?

2) Which of the ACOTAR character do you relate most to?

3) Which character in either series do you think you would dislike the most in real life?

4) Which character wouldn’t like YOU in real life?

5) Which character would you be best friends with irl/

6) Who’s your otp from acotar?

7) Otp from ToG?

8) Did you ship Rowaelin from the moment he came into the picture?

9) How quickly did you stop shipping Chaolaena? Or do you still ship ot?

10) Which character do you ship yourself most with and why?

11) Ships that annoy you and why

12) Do you ship Amren and Varian or would you rather Amren remain alone?

13) Any theories about where Amren came from and what her real form is?

14) How do you view Rhys’s actions UtM?

15) Do you want Tamlin to die? Are you pro redemption arc? How do want his arc to end?

16) Which villain out of both series do you hate the most?

17) Do you blame Elena?

18) Which villain do you want to slowly suffer and which one do you want a painful death for?

19) Tell me how you feel about moriel, elucien, and nessian.

20) Thoughts on “nameless is my price?”

21) How do you think ToG will end? 

22) Do you prefer the Celaena story arc or the Aelin arc? Or do you find that the difference between the two is simply character growth?

23) Long haired rowan or short haired rowan?

24) Which character would you most like to hook up with?

25) Which character would you most like to fall in love with?

26) How would you feel if Sam were resurrected in ToG7?

27) How do you feel about Elorcan atm? Do you forgive him and think Elide should? Or are you angry with him?

28) Thoughts on Fenrys and Connall?

29) What do you think the importance of “princess of carrion” and all the other stuff the book says to Feyre is?

30) Do you think any major characters will die in Acowar? Who?

31) Did you ship feylin in acotar or were you always side-eyeing it suspiciously?

32) How do you think Feyre will handle being in the spring court again?

33) Head canons for your otp!

34) Name a ship you hope ends like the titanic…

35) What do you think Feyre’s father is up to?

36) Do you forgive Nesta and Elain for how they treated Feyre?

37) Favorite morally grey character.

38) Favorite villain.

39) Favorite god from ToG

40) What theories do you have about the bone carver?

41) Any theories about the cauldron?

42) Favorite funny moment from ToG

43) Who is funniest character?

44) Where is Nox???

45) Are you down for Rowaelin/Feysand babies in the epilogues or would you want them to wait?

46) What is the King of Adarlan’s name?

47) Do you have any f/f or m/m ships?

48) Any part of the plot in either series that you would change?

49) How do you think the lock will be forged?

50) Who is a better male lead? Rhysand or Rowan? 


True Crime Magazine Giveaway #2 - All-Star Edition🌟🌟🌟

Thanks to the huge success of my last magazine giveaway I am doing it again, with more opportunities to win!!!

I am giving away SIX magazines in prize packs of TWO each to THREE lucky TCC members!!! 👌👌👌Good luck!


Real-Life Crimes Issue #67: Jeffrey Dahmer

Real-Life Crimes Issue #6 : Richard Ramirez


Real-Life Crimes Issue #10 : Ted Bundy

Real-Life Crimes Issue #16 : Charles Manson


Real-Life Crimes Issue #31 : Aileen Wuornos

Real-Life Crimes Issue #46 : Edmund Kemper


All you have to do is like and reblog this post, with the prize pack number you want in the tags! 🌞


- You must follow my blog
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- To make it fair for everyone, only one prize pack per person.
- You can enter as many times as you want!!!!
-This competition is for over-18’s ONLY.


- This competition is open internationally
- These magazines are in English only
- Please allow up to 8 weeks for your prize to arrive; shipping from New Zealand is expensive.
- stay tuned for more giveaways!!!!!